Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

My usual GTalk chat with my friends are fun.At times I feel that I am back in my college.We chat endlessly discussing and gossiping 😛

Last evening,it was upset when accidentally my friend talked about “her”.

I hated her as I had ample reasons for it.Though there was a time when she was my mentor and guardian in college,things just went messy later.

Last evening,my friends were surprised to know that I have still not gotten over that terrible incident.It has been  a while that I have not thought about her in my life.But a sudden mention of her name made me realize that I still hate her.

My friends thought that time must have healed the wounds in my heart as its been almost 5 years that we have seen her.I was upset and left the chat.

Later,during dinner my brother told me that if she had hurt me that badly then she doesn’t deserve my friendship.

Today again,I was thinking why didn’t the hatred towards her diminish at all.Like my friends said it was time to get over it.

May be because I never tried to change my attitude towards her.

But whatever it is;

Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

I think we all dislike somebody sometime.Most of them forget about it as time passes.But certain deep wounds do take time to heal or at times don’t heal at all. 😡 😡

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It’s a GIRL thing

At last we visited Zaira house to spend some time with her little princess.While helping her out in the kitchen,I saw a small and cute jar set.Perfectly made for the modern tiny kitchen shelves.I was excited to see such a nice jar set which she had specially made someone to send from Dubai.

When I talked about this to Prasun,he had a Duh!! look.Only then I realised that It’s a girl thing!!!! 🙂 🙂

On our way back home I was thinking,how differently a man and a woman have fascinations.

Among my women friends circle,it is usual that we make phone calls each other to tell our excitements.We can become happy for anything and everything.

This could be anything from a salwar design to a grey hair on another woman.

It is fun to try recipes and then call up everyone and talk about it.Sometimes even MMS helps as we take pics of ourselves after getting the hair or nails done.It is like a barter system.If something worked out well for us,we exchange it each other.

I have seen guys trying to control their laughs when we discuss seriously about how badly we need one particular designed bed sheet which we saw in an Ad.

I have heard a lot that women gossip.But I think men also do so.But whatever we talk,we enjoy it.We feel happy to tell our friends circle about the new arrangement we did at home,or a new nail color we tried on or a new recipe or even about a new shampoo.But if we ask the opinion about it to guys,it will constrain to a single word reply… “Nice”.(Even that’s happiness for us 😉 )It is not just about fun but the support we get during our down times from women friends circle is wordless.I remember how well Raji alone made me sane when I shattered early this year.Though there is a saying that women friends are gang of egoists,I feel it as dumb and baseless.After my family,it is always these friendships which make me going.I pester Raji when I go crazy,text Nidaa to discuss about what I read and saw online,ping Priya when I am bored and sleepy at office and call up Zaira when I exhaust end of the day.

Though we cry or get tensed for matters which are silly for guys,I have felt that a woman friend understands it better.It is not that you guys don’t understand it but what to do…it’s a girl thing,we can empathize it when you guys sympathize on us. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ladies Special – Part 1

After completing a year in my job (successfully 😉 ),I was getting bored with office and the project.So with so much of hard work i got out of the office in MEPZ (Madras Export Processing Zone ) to another branch in Chennai next to spencer 😉 😉

Since I was so much in love with Tambaram,I had no intentions of shifting from there.Instead,I planned to travel daily in the Chennai Suburban train.So as a pre-requisite I got a season ticket for 3 months. 😀

So there started a new version of my life..

The Ladies Special is at 8:30 AM starting from Tambaram to Chennai Beach.As it is the starting station and also as it is the ladies only train,i can get inside any compartment and there will be ample seats..But i will walk up to the first bogie and take a seat there so that i can climb the stairs before the crowd crushing me when the train reaches Chennai Egmore 😛

On the very first day,according to the plan i started reading a novel the moment the train started..But once when the train was crowded,i just didn’t feel like turning to the next page of my novel..Instead i noticed a gang of ladies(Aunties) having conversations making sure to be the attraction of the day..

On the coming days, i came to know a lot about this gang..

They are of 7 members..All of them became friends during their train journey..Three of them will board the train from Chromepet and the rest from Pallavaram..

Mrs.Savithri Mahalingam* is the gang leader.She is working in LIC office at mount road.She is the one who make sure that the day’s attendance is correct or not.She is married to Lt.Col.Kandasamy Mahalingam* and having a happy married life for 35 years;i.e. till last year.This year she is un happy as her only son Rahul got married.Her favorite past time is to find out the faults in her beautiful daughter-in-law..

Savithri Aunty is always supported by Mrs.RajaAmmal Mariyappan* as she has two beautiful girls to fight with.. ;)Also our Mariyappan uncle owns a shop in Pallavaram and according to Ammal,he is worst businessman on earth..Oh forgot to mention..Mrs.Mariyappan is working as a clerk in Loyola College.

Savithri Aunty’s and Ammal Aunty’s main concern is about the youngest member in the gang.She is Ms.Kalaiselvi Ponnusamy*.She is working as sales girl in the very famous Saravana Stores.The rest of the gang are working hard to get Selvi married.

Then we have singing beauty Mrs.Rajalakshmi Iyer who is working in SBI(Its hearing the Iyer Sir married her falling for her singing..that’s another story 😉 )

Now the Charlie’s Angels of the gang are Mrs.Kavitha Sridharan who is an accountant in Barclay’s Finance,Mrs.Srikala Ramesh who is a senior software engineer at Mahindra Tech and Mrs.Nalini Chandrasekharan who is the Principal of R.S.S.K School at Kodambakkam..All three are mallus..All three are breaking their heads to get their daughters married..So they are always busy searching for the most eligible son-in-law.

So here start my journey the special “Ladies Only” train with the aunty gang…. 😉

*All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.