It did Exist Somewhere Out There

Post lunch I ran to attend a meeting and nearly skidded at the door. After sitting on one of the round chairs placed around the round table for a round table conference, I curiously listened to rest of the team.

Suddenly my cheeks were diagonally twisted, my face went weird and I was into a war. I could see my boss glancing me at times, my best friend showed me her worried face and my nosy friend did her best to control her laugh.But,I couldn’t help not stopping my efforts with my face. The occasional bulges which appeared on the sides of my face were making people in the meeting deviating from listening to the show my boss was running. I was out of control of my body that I made all possible twists, bulges and expressions on my face.

My best friend kicked on my leg to stop doing nonsense inside conference room. I was getting tired of the war game I was playing that my face and mouth started aching badly. But I was adamant to win the game so I continued the game under the glaring eyes of my boss.

Finally after fifty five minutes, I sighed and laughed to myself. When I was about to give a shrieking cry of joy, my friend pinched me. Rest of the meeting I sat looking at the face of my boss as if I just woke up from sleep and have no clue about what was going on till then and expecting him to repeat his talk which was a sandwiched between inedible corporate and technical  jargons.

After the meeting, I was sure that the boss will be dying to have a private chat with me about the stupid drama that ran for an hour. Like I expected, the moment I logged into my machine, the office communicator blinked with extra brightness and frequency. So I walked into the glass chamber to meet my boss.

During the meeting, what were you doing with your face?, he asked.

I cannot tell you because it is very weird. I’m Sorry, I said making my face look very innocent.

You are not going back to your seat unless you tell me what was wrong with you then, He did a half the world trip sitting in his chair and played with the pen.

I was…I was just…, I mumbled.

Will you please tell me what it is, Bhavia!!! , he showed his irritation.

The chicken fry in the cafeteria was really good today and I ate a lot. There was a thread of chicken which got stuck somewhere in the gaps of my teeth and I was just trying to remove it with my tongue.

He laughed. He laughed as if I were a clown. He laughed as if somebody tickled him. He laughed as if I told the humor behind the world being weird. He just laughed and again laughed.

You may go now.” he opened his laptop lid and continued with his business.

I showed him my relieved face and turned back to leave.

His voice startled me as my concentration was on carefully closing the glass door without any noise.

Prepare the minutes of meeting for today’s meeting. I need the document by end of the day.” he immersed in the laptop screen.

After closing the door, I stood there and thought what had happened and talked in the meeting other than some facial exercises and hitting, dabbing and patting my teeth with my tongue.

An alarm rang inside my head and I ran to my best friend calling out “Help me!!!”