Once upon a time in my life

I started noticing and disliking guests after my brother was born. So many people come home, make my Mother cook, burp and go away. Every time guests come home, they would have a typical question to ask me, the four-year old then. Though I don’t know why they ask me such a question but somehow their questions were always answered. In the beginning my parents or grandparents would tell me the answer and I would repeat them. Then as I grew up I started answering the questions but my answers didn’t impress the guests.

The very often asked question was what I want to become when I grow up.

In Kerala, during early 90s, kids went to school in auto rickshaws and jeeps. jeepThe concept of school bus was implemented only in Kendra Vidyalaya. After going to school in auto rickshaw for three years, during my rest  of three years in Tirur I went to school in a jeep. The name of the driver name is Rashid and the name of the cleaner boy who closes the back door of the jeep and sits on the edge of the door isn’t in my memory. As I was the last one to get into the jeep, I get to sit next to the driver. It was a fun ride to make Rashid Ikka* race the jeep and get ahead of rest of the vehicles. We would shout “faster”, “faster” to encourage him. So the biggest dream was to become a jeep driver like Rashid Ikka. I promised my brother that I will take him to school when I become a jeep driver. The guests who came to my house weren’t impressed when I excitedly told them my ambition.Instead,they made fun of me telling that there aren’t any girl drivers who drove jeeps. I hated them even more. One day morning, when I got inside the jeep, the driver wasn’t Rashid Ikka. He told me to sit with the other girls behind the jeep. And I was disheartened and lost interest in becoming a jeep driver.Otherwise,who knows I would have come to your houses early morning in a jeep to pick up your kids.

12948435-astronaut-girl-over-sun-and-stars-backgroundSunday walks with my Father were an unbroken habit of my life until he got really busy and I got too bored of his talks. Every Sunday, the Father-daughter time that we had is worth making into a book. Unlike my Mother, my Father is a bad story-teller. But one day he told me an interesting story and that went on to become a noose for himself. He told me the story of Neil Armstong. Then I flooded him with doubts. How did Armstrong stand on the moon because the moon is in crescent shape? Did he fall from the moon because the moon is so thin? I liked Armstrong’s moon travel costume. One day I declared to my parents that I am going to Moon soon. As they were very kind to me, they appreciated my decision. As a 6 year old girl, I was proud of myself. My Father bought me posters of Moon and some books which explained Armstrong’s journey to the Moon. Like the Gru of the movie Despicable Me, I also dreamt about wearing a space costume and landing on the moon though the concept of oxygen and gravitational force didn’t make sense to me at all then. Later, I asked the doubt of the year which went like this. I’m flying from Earth to Moon in a spaceship. Earth and Moon are standing in the air. The concept of vacuüm wasn’t discovered in my life, so the Earth and the Moon stood in the air. Do you know what is below the Earth? I asked my Mother. She explained me about Space and planets and told me that below Earth, it is the Space. So if my spaceship falls off, then I will fall. Then where will I fall and land? You will not land on any surface but you will be floating, she replied. She did her best to teach me gravitational force and its concept but I was so adamant to find where I will land once I fall from the spaceship. My Parents gave upon me and I also gave up on my adventurous trip to the Moon. If only I had taken going to the Moon seriously, I would have become the first Indian (the first Mallu too) woman to land on the Moon. The history indeed lost a chance to keep my name on its leaflets.

We built our house, I mean my Parents built our house in 1996 and there was a discussion happening at home to choose a name for the house. Though a 5th STD girl’s opinion is not a big deal, but my Parents did ask my brother and I to tell us our choice of names.”Sachin!!” I screamed.”Sourav!!” my brother screamed. Then both of us started beating each other and rolling on the carpet. We kept shouting Sachin and Sourav the midst of the fight. For both of us, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were not mere cricket players. They were more important people than our family and friends. We prayed for Indian cricket team more than we prayed for ourselves. We knew every other information about Sachin and Sourav.girl_playing_cricket_CoolClips_vc038236

The 1996 cricket World Cup happened after we moved into our newly built house. If Indian team is not playing well, my brother and I would run to the Puja room. We cried badly when the Indian team lost matches. Whomever asked me about my biggest dream in life, the answer was very confident and clear – to be a Cricketer. I nagged my Mother to enroll me in the Calicut Sports Academy. Once I even went to fast as a protest for not enrolling me for cricket. The 1996 world cup semi-final was a great blow to me. Those days, though I read about bribe in the Newspapers, I really didn’t understand the meaning of it. Day and night the only thought was to take revenge against Sri Lanka as they were the ones who beat us in the semi-fnals. There was a recurrent dream which I will never forget. The semi-final match is going on. The Sri Lankan team challenged India that if one randomly chosen person could score so and so runs in an over, then India will win. The floodlight fell on me and the camera shot me closely. Sachin poured his blessings over me and I played for an over and made India win the semi-final. Today when I look back I can’t believe that I truly had such a dream.

The dreams and ambitions changed a lot more times in the course of the time.But, one thing makes me sad. Those days, when somebody asks me what I want to become in life, at every phase I had a clear answer. Today if somebody asks me the same question, then I have to think hard for an answer. Damn, we all grew up.


*Ikka – as Tirur is a Muslim populated area, the word Ikka is suffixed with the men’s name to address him as elder brother



Cricket Mania

24th Feb 2010 will be a golden day in the history of cricket..The Indian master blaster Sachin Tendulkar became the FIRST man in the world to hit a double ton 🙂 🙂 HATS OFF!!!

Last night,the world was talking about him..Only he could take India towards him even from the country’s Budget discussion..

Watching all these,I was just floating back in the timeline..some 15 years back..When my brother and I were crazy over cricket..we were crazy over the cricket players too that we worshipped them.We played cricket daily after school,and playing cricket becomes an addiction during summer holidays.

I remember,during summer holidays,we get up early and go out for play even before having breakfast.Then we’ll come back by 9am for breakfast and then again run back to the ground with water bottles.We dont used to return from the ground unless we go blind because of hunger.Those days playing cricket was a passion and moreover an addiction..We used to fight with Mom for playing another five more minutes when it would have been already getting dark.. 🙂 🙂

After getting back home,again we play cricket.We had a cricket board game on which one team can set up a field on the board as there will be small toys as fielders and the opponent team can pick a card from the pile to know the runs or the wicket.

Once a session of board game is over then we will go to bedroom for another session of the game.We had a small plastic hand fan and a plastic ball.The batsman will stand on the bed and the bowler on the floor.If the ball hits on the opposite wall without pitching anywhere then its a six otherwise a boundry.Rest of the rules as it is.

By the time we finish off 3 or 4 sessions of this match(bedroom matches are for 5 overs),it will be time or dinner.How can we leave cricket after dinner???So we had this hobby which we named as “Cricket Diary”.I was a die had fan of Sachin and my brother was a fan of Ganguly.So our work was to cut out the pics of these two from the newspapers,magazines.What more to say almost every other book we see.It was a competition between us on who will collect the more pictures..If I remember correctly,I had three cricket diaries full of Sachin’s photos and it counted around 900+

We invented a game called “one-pitch-out”.During rainy days we used to play in the balcony or verandah.So the rules for the game go like this.The batsman will hit the ball and the bowler should catch it only after pitching it once and he is out.If the bowler drops the catch then,1 run.No sixes and boundaries.If the batsman hits the ball without making it pitch anywhere then he is out.If you guys think that this is a silly form of the game,then i challenge you to hit a century this way.

During the 1996,World Cup,we were all set to watch it.We arranged the couch and the TV in such a way that we could watch,study,eat and sleep there itself.Whenever its a Day-Night match the next day,we will find out reasons to take leave.Since we were mutual supportive and parents were busy with their office work,it was always easy to make excuses to sit at home to watch the match.

It was during this time,like a curse Power-Cut got implemented in Kerala.There wont be power for half an hour and that half an hour,we will be like fishes out of the water.All tensed thinking what must have happened.We will try to listen to the radio for the updates.Sometimes the power wont come at all.Then the only thing to do is to go to the Pooja room(Prayer Room) to pray God that India should win.Wept more than the players when India lost to Sri Lanka at Kolkata in the Semi-finals..What a days!!!

As years passed by,everything changed,the number of matches played by us decreased drastically.Prayers for exams and studies took over the prayers for India.Record books and text books replaced our cricket diaries.Watching matches became a waste of time.

But still..even today,that passion for cricket is there in us..like every Indian..

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