Life Mathematics

A couple of days ago I was thinking about time that is making changes in our lives..Things in our lives are changing according to the time..looks,behavior,culture,beliefs,life style and much more..So I was thinking about how much more time do i have on this planet..{I know I am not that old to think about this reason but this thought made me think about a lot of unfinished matters and made me do crazy calculations at the middle of the night to find out how much time will I have of my own for rest of the life..

Suppose that I live up to the age of 70 years..Also imagine I will be doing more or less the same job that I am doing now till the age of 60.

My working hours : 10 hours at office+ 1 hour for commuting + 1 hour for getting ready and cooking = 12 hrs

My sleeping hours : 8-9 hours

Misc (cleaning,shopping,watching TV) : 2-3 hours

So by taking the lower limit,on a working day I get 2-3 hours a day of my own..

During weekends,

My working hours : 1 hours for getting ready for going out and 2 hours for cooking = 3 hrs

My sleeping hours : 9-10 hours

Misc (cleaning,shopping,watching TV) : 5-6 hrs with a more importance for cleaning and shopping

So by taking the upper limit,on weekends I get 10(5 hours on saturday and sunday) hours a day of my own..Out of 10 hours 5-6 hours go for my reading and writing..So remaining 4-5 hours..

Conclusion :

Weekdays : 2-3 hours

Weekends : 4 – 5 hours

I have 324120 hours to live till the age of 60.

In a week

I work for ((12+2)*5) + ((3+5)*2)  = 86 hours and I get free time for (2*5) + (4*2) = 18 hours

Till the age of 60,I have 324120 hours to live..

Out of this,I work for

86*52 weeks in a year = 4484 hours

4484 * 37 years to live = 165908 hours

My free time in a year = 936 hours

936 * 37 years to live = 34632 hours

That means,if in this way I work till the age of 60, 

My working time : 51.18% of my life time

My time for my passion and interests and friends : 10.68 %

And the rest  38.14% of my life time I SLEEP..

In short ,


NB : We have only one life,use it INTELLIGENTLY and EFFECTIENTLY.During the dusk of your life,you should never feel that you didn’t live a life for you..I am going to change from today..what about you??? :)Start calculating Guys!!!

How INSANE are you??

“The insanity inside me made me do this..”

I have heard throughout my life that it’s always INSANITY that make people do creative and extra ordinary things in life..But it has been always a silly and funny thought for me until I came across the peak of insanity.

One interesting matter about this insanity period is that we will never realise that we are insane instead we feel that we are more sane and rest of the world is much more insane..Our feeling about us will be as high as Himalayas and we will be extra confidence in almost everything we do.. 😀 😛

The problem arises when we are out of the kingdom of insanity..To be very truthful,being sane really kills me as we are aware of the environment and the happenings around us.

Insanity creeped into my life one week back..The symptom started by staying awake all night;that too saturday night,to finish of my writing..After completing a chapter of my writing at 5am I was as fresh as dew..Since I was seeing 5am after a long gap in my life,I thought of strolling for a while..After walking for a Km with the company of street dogs and cats,I was tired.caught an auto rickshaw back to home..

After reaching home,I was left with two choices..either to hit the bed or to watch TV.Ofcourse I watched for next 4 hours not knowing what programs I was watching..Rather than having breakfast I had a brunch so that cooking time is saved for watching a movie..Rest of the day I watched 7 movies and 2 cricket matches taking no breaks  except for going to loo..The last movie was a Bangla one..I had no clue what they were talking about but one thing I realized was that I had the patience to watch something for 3 hours which I don’t understand at all.. 😛 😛 Time is again 5am..

Again I was left with two choices..But I again went for the second one..After the Bangla movie I switched to the Sports Channel to watch the IPL Highlights..But there comes 9am..Time to go to office..

Break from insanity as sanity helps me in maintaining the “good-girl’ status.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Night back to home..after watching IPL live and the highlights for next 4 hours,I was hungry..But I did something very innovative..I cooked “Pakoda” at 3am..I believe I am the first person to cook Pakoda nad eat it at this early in the morning..But again comes 5am..

I started for my 1km walk with my body guards from the animal planet..ooooh again 9am..Office..Break from insanity..

This night electricity board of Chennai broke my heart..NO Tv..NO Dinner..that made me think of sleeping..I was missing my dreaming abilities..But the karaoke by the mosquitoes association disturbed me so much that I had to beat myself on account of punishing them..1 am..2am..3 am..What to do now??

I cleaned my house..cleaned the kitchen..washed utensils..washed myself and started to office..Haaaaaaaa today I reached office before even before the security came in..Break from insanity and writing this blog ..he he.. 🙂

Now what to do tonight??Sleep or some other forms of insanity??? 🙂 🙂 🙂