Some Overheard Facts about Indian Mothers-In-Law

Today during the lunch I overheard yet another rant about a Mother-in-law.So I thought why don’t I put all that I have seen,heard and told about Mothers-in-law starting from my Grandmothers to the Mother-in-law of my neighbor.

Category 1 : Her daughter is not working but her daughter-in-law is working

1)If  DIL buys a saree,then DIL should buy one for her sister-in-law too.
2)DIL should not make SIL do the household works because she is unemployed and feels inferior
3)DIL should give money to SIL because SIL is unemployed
4)SIL often visiting the house is not a mistake but DIL visiting her house is a big mistake
5)SIL can take anything from the house including DIL’s things

Category 2: She doesn’t have any daughters but have two or more daughters-in-law

1)Both the DIL are not allowed to talked to each other because that might give chances to plan some conspiracy against MIL
2)She has a special liking towards the DIL who has a baby boy
3)If both the DIL have daughters,then she will take the horoscope of the grand daughters to every known astrologer to see whether the girls will have a brother
4)Both the DIL are made to hate each other
5)She has a special liking towards the DIL who brought more dowry/gold and during a fight,this point is raised

Category 3 : She has only one son


1)She doesn’t like her son gifting anything to DIL without buying gifts for her
2)Daily,by the time the son gets back from office,she is ready with a list of complaints about DIL
3)Her son should not support the DIL
4)DIL should give her entire salary to the MIL and then MIL will decide how DIL should spend the money
5)Her son should not stay at DIL’s house because he might be manipulated

Category 4 : She has a daughter and a daughter-in-law and both are working

1)She likes to believe that her daughter’s job is better than DIL’s job
2)If both daughter and DIL are in the house with their babies,the DIL is expected to leave her baby unattended and do the household work
3)There is something fishy about DIL’s job
4)Her son-in-law’s family is better than DIL’s family
5)There is no problem in her daughter staying in the house for many ever days but DIL should not go and stay in her house for more than two days

Category 5 : She has a daughter and a daughter-in-law and both are not working

1)Her daughter can take rest,watch TV and sleep in the afternoon but DIL is not allowed
2)Her daughter is more beautiful,more obedient and more loving than the DIL
3)Her son should not buy anything to DIL unless he buys it for her sister too
4)She and her daughter are more entitled to her son’s salary than the DIL
5)DIL’s parents didn’t raise her well
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