I wish there were no religion

Disclaimer : As an Indian,I have the right to speak my opinions in public considering that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments or morals.

Last night when I was about to leave for the day from my office.

One of my senior friends pinged asking me.

Friend : Why don’t you write your view on religion?

Me : I don’t believe in religion!!

While commuting,I was pondering over this topic.

I don’t believe in religion because I feel that it is an unwanted item in my bag.I have never felt anything great about any religion or the customs they follow or the rituals they practice.

I consider religion as light as food habits.I have noticed that people have weird food habits.Some eat only Non-Veg,some eat only Veg but eggs too,some don’t consume any animals products at all etc.Even in a family,nobody forces food habits.Same way religion is a habit.A habit which we have practised from our childhood.

Religion do have some good sides like these high nutrition foods.After all its an individual’s choice whether to eat healthy food or not.Why can’t the world see religion that way?Consider religion as something personal and not a social matter.Religion is a set of beliefs about the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency, or human beings’ relation to that which they regard as holy, sacred, spiritual, or divine.It differs from person to person that how respect this universal truth.

Rather than fighting for religion reasons,lets concentrate on the social issues having no solutions yet.Poverty,education,child labor,crimes against women,dowry deaths etc.

I understand that religion has become so much deep-rooted in the society,that it is difficult to transform in a fast pace.But I am happy to see thousands of young people who share my same thoughts and views.

At least to the current generation and the next generation,let’s teach them about the good values in life and not about the countless communities and Gods.Or is it difficult to live in this world without the tag of a religion or without worshipping one of the thousand Gods?

It is time that the world should learn that God is not their employee on wages who do jobs according to their prayers and offerings.(Thank you DG for such a wonderful sentence,I’m borrowing it)

Before the world go blind with their religious views,lets work on cultivating healthy religious practices and thoughts.

From what I have inferred,religion come as a villain mainly during two circumstances.

Marriage and Education

People being very educated or forward thinking don’t help much,when religion comes to the marriage of their kids.all The values they have and earned or all the national integrity speeches they had given in the past are cleverly forgotten.According to the rules (I don’t know which B******D made it) of society,religion is intertwined with the social status too.That’s why parents go against for inter-religion or inter-community marriages.Apart from this,the religious communities support this rule making things complicated.So if at all an inter-religion marriage happens,then that family is out of that religious community.(I still have no clue why there is a rule that way)Not only that,these religious priests do take “revenge” if someone go against the community rules,unless that person is rich.Here is an example.

One of my Mom’s colleagues decided to get married even after being in two different religions.Both the families were alright with it so they didn’t force the bride to convert to their religion.It was a happy family life until the guy’s father passed away.The religious community head made a big fuss before the last rituals of the guy’s father saying that unless the bride gets converted,the priest will not preside the rituals.The guy was helpless.All his views about national integrity and freedom of rights went in air in front of the crying Mom and sisters.At last he made his wife converted to his religion get his father’s last rituals done.

But it is unlikely that the same situation will happen if the guy is a celebrity or a rich man.Preist forgets God and the so-called religious values in front of money.

It is the same way with education too.Admissions in colleges and schools support religion and they end up preaching  it as a community service.When a kid is good in studies,why should religion be a benchmark?

Above are just two of the examples on the bad side of religion.

When something is bad and has caused many problems in the world,WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BELIEVE IN IT??

I wish there were no RELIGION,World would have been a better place to live and die.

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God & I


Male Gods,Female Gods and Real God(s)

I was reading about the scandal of Nithyananda couple of minutes back.After reading the article,I realized that even I also studied in a “God’s school”.

It was then I realized that even I studied in this so called charitable God’s school.

My school was a pure business venture of our God.Here are some highlights.

  • Our school fee was higher than the other private schools in the town.
  • We were not allowed to buy notebooks from outside.The notebooks distributed in our school costs Rs.30 where ordinary notebooks cost Rs.5-Rs.15 in shops.The speciality of the notebook was that our God’s photo was printed on both sides of the notebook.I remember one of our teachers scolding a kid for using ordinary notebooks.
  • Teachers are devotees of our school God.So they preach most of the time.Many of the male teachers join the school as ‘Brahmacharis‘ and then come to school one fine morning with their family.
  • Male teachers molest physically matured girls by giving tuitions or spiritual advices.Most of these teachers and peons are still retained in the school as they are great devotees of the ‘God’.One such issue happened in my batch and school management trasferred that b*****d teacher to another school.(to molest more?)
  • There was/is a magazine published from the God’s head office.School management make students sell the old magazines during the God’s visit to the school as the school premises will be crowded with devotees.Students are divided in such way that they cover the entire area of the ‘God Coming’ celebration.They are given proper target on how much old magazines should be sold in a day.Couple of days before the God’s visit,management even give classes to students(5th std – 10th std) on how to pick feasible customers.Some smart students are given magazine subscription forms so that during the selling of magazines,devotees can subscribe as well.
  • Half of the brahamacharis (both male and female) joining there,drop out and get married in another couple of months.If asked they have reason ready to spit it out,’God told us to marry’.WTH!!!
  • 95% of hard core devotees belong to the upper class of the society.They visit the school or Ashram during the ‘God Coming’ celebration and throw cash in the name of charity,get themselves photographed by cleaning some utensils or table and then escape.
  • I have visited God’s private room at the ashram next to our school.It is a wonderful lounge with all the 5 – star facilities.
  • When the God comes to visit us,the water God drinks comes from a purifier with some high technology.
  • The foreign devotees carry a counter machine in their hands.Not just foreign people,some of our teachers too.The use of the counter is to know how many times they called the God’s name.Phew!!
  • The God comes in an air-conditioned caravan(10 years back) with escorts.
  • Jewellery section is the most wonderful one.It ranges from finger rings and pendants  with God’s picture on it,wrist band or chain out of Rudraksha that with/without gold/silver in between.People are ready to buy if the board says these jewels are specially blessed by the ‘God’. 😛
  • No film songs were allowed during the cultural festival for dance or music events.Instead God’s bhajan’s should be used.
  • When we get high quality branded cloth from Bombay Dyeing or Raymond,school people will force students to buy some devotee gave away uniform cloth that too for a higher rate.
  • Magazine subscription is a must as long we are in the school.
  • Family and school inject an impression in the kid’s mind that ‘God’ is everything even above the family.Once one of my friends told me that ‘God’ is important for her than her parents and I shouted at her asking whether the ‘God’ will take vacation from office and sit with her when she is sick.

Now is this God or a business tycoon??

Then where is the real God??

God & I

This post is the after effect of commenting on Zaira‘s post.

Like every kid I was scared of God during my childhood.I was afraid whether he/she will blow my head if I break a promise or he/she will make me blind if I lie.Then after risking some of the above mentioned situations,I understood that God is not that jobless to pry on me.

It was during my teens,I made friendship with God.I could talk about anything and everything under the sun to him/her.Though I was the epitome of arrogance and ego,I was a simple girl in front of the God.I will make sure that before I tell him/her everything before I sleep.I used to tell how happy I was after topping the class,how jealous I was when I see somebody smarter than me.I used to crib and pester God when I am sad,I even used to bribe God to make things come in my way.

It was in my 9th std,I read somewhere these lines.

“God help people who help themselves”

It was this line which changed my life altogether.I stopped fighting with God for not making my wish happen even after offering him/her so much.I realized that unless I put in the effort to help myself,things are not going to come under my control.

I changed.I changed my perception.I changed my false beliefs.I changed my habits.I changed for the good.

I started feeling that life is under my control.Things are coming in the way I wanted.

I am not religious so I don’t believe in religion,I do pray but I don’t have a habit of going to temples or lighting lamp at home.But I believe in God.For me God doesn’t have religion, country,empire,palace,servants,shape,size,gender,color,complexion,family,gene,wealth…

For me God is a strength inside and around me.At times my family is my God,at times my brother is my God,some other times just another person who saves me from hitting a vehicle in traffic is my God,when I am sick doctor is my God …

For me God is within me,within you and around us..