Dyslexia,Roads and I

Do you remember the movie Taare Zameen Par and the stupid disease Dyslexia?

It was Geetha miss,my maths teacher,who discovered that I am dyslexic at std 6.She found out that my mind calculations are correct which resulted in writing the correct answer in the answer sheet where as she could see an entirely different one in my rough work column.At that age,not even my parents bothered about it.So was I.

But when I reached 12th std I understood,how badly it can affect the marks.But still I scored 100 in maths in both 10th std and 12th std 😀 The terrible part was during the preparations of entrance examinations.I read 5243 from the question paper and writes 5423 in the calculation sheet.But looks like God was kind enough to get me through it without much struggle.

Leaving the academics,dyslexia come in the role of the main villain when I have to cross the roads.

Crossing the road is the toughest task for me.It will take at least ten minutes for me to cross the road by my own.It is because I can’t cross the road between the moving vehicles.So I will wait till the road is clear of vehicles.

The best background music for my road crossing is the Dance Pe Chance song from Rab Ne Bana De Jodi.

“Left leg aage aage, right leg peeche peeche,Aaja yaar lets start ve ..”

 I keep two steps forward thinking of crossing the road,then some vehicle will be nearing me.So I will step backwards.By the time I calculate the SDT(Speed,Distance and Time) and plot a graph in my mind,road must have become too crowded.

So I have no other way but to smile for my embarrassment session.Most of the time,I play this “step in front..step back’ dance which will make me a laughing-stock for the people who are waiting at the bus stop.But one good thing about surviving this session is that some “uncles” or “brothers” will feel pity watching me trying to cross the road for 10 minutes.They will cross the road from the other side,make the vehicles stop and help me in getting to the other side of the road.Though I will be burning with embarrassment,I will not forget to give a helpless smile to them. 😦 😦

At last I found out a solution for this problem.Whenever I want to cross the road I will check out whether a crowd is waiting to cross the road.Since almost all the roads are one-way in Chennai,we need to concentrate on only one side.I will stand in the middle of the crowd.As I am tiny it is easy for me to squeeze inside a crowd :)When they are crossing the road,I will also walk with them.I will not look at the vehicles that are approaching us.If I do,then again my calculations will start and I may make the vehicles in a messed up condition. 😀 😀 😀 :

My brother and Dad go crazy watching me cross the road.In this condition,how it will be if I drive a car??I do have a driving license but since my dear ones are not interested in having night mares,they just don’t allow me to drive. 😦 😦

More solutions  on crossing the roads are welcome.(Don’t tell me to use zebra crossing 😛 )

Image Courtesy : http://www.toondoo.com