Hello,My Dear Wrong Number

Samson sat up on his mattress and looked at his roommate. Ajmal has been walking from one end of the room to the other end for past ten minutes.

Are you walking to compensate for your evening walk?

Ajmal turned his head towards Samson and said nothing. He continued walking clutching his fists. Samson got up and stood in front of Ajmal blocking his way and asked, “What the **** are you doing?”

Ajmal again looked at Samson and continued walking. Samson sighed and went back to his bed. He pulled his bed sheet over him. Ajmal is tensed.He walks inside the room like a maniac only when he is too tensed. Nothing unusual has happened in office today except that the office beauty Pinky Sharma was absent, and we were slightly down. There wasn’t that emotional boost to work today. Then in the bus, both of us got to sit next to college girls.Huh, in fact the day was almost perfect.But, why is he tensed?

“Oh no!!”

Samson pulled off his bed sheet and jumped out of the bed and ran to Ajmal.

“You went for the Dinner?”


“Vivek Kevin?”

Ajmal looked at Samson and said,”Yes”

Samson rolled on the bed holding his stomach and laughed.But, got up after a minute and asked,”Oops! But this case is serious. You actually liked the girl; also the family liked each other.”

“Err, that’s the problem“, Ajmal sat on the bed and fell flat on it.

Where did you meet her?”



“Then, what!! The same Vivek Kevin problem”

“Tell me, what happened?”

“You have no clue how much I had to talk to her Father to get a permission to meet her for dinner. I wanted to meet her before I meet her with my family”

“Grr…Tell me what happened”, Samson sat irritated.

“I had booked a table for two and reached fifteen minutes early.I sat waiting for her and she was bloody thirty minutes late.”

…”Aah, she came late. It happened right after I said Hello to her.I said Hello Pinky”

“What the!!! Again”, Samson burst out in laughter and continued, “I thought you had problems only with Vivek that you always ended up calling him Kevin and with Prasad that you call him Prakash.Oh yes, then with Sandhya,you call her Shanthi”

“No! I can’t help it. My tongue slips all the time.”

“So, now what are you going to tell your parents? Do one thing, call your parents and find out whether the girl’s parents have informed any news”

“Good idea”


“No, Bro, there was one more problem”


“The bill came around Rs.2500 and that restaurant’s card machine wasn’t working”

“WT*, Then?”

“Then what? She paid the bill”

Samson died laughing hard.

“Shut up, you ************”, Ajmal threw a tumbler on Samson’s face.

Phone rang. Ajmal ran to the table and picked up his cell phone.

“Hey,Samson…Pinky is calling”

“What??!!??Why is she calling you?”

“I don’t know”

Didn’t I tell you that day that she has a soft corner for you?”

“Insha Allah, if she has a crush on me, then I will celebrate. No! Wait, then what about Shehnaz?”

“Who cares? Now pick up the call before she cuts it”

Ajmal cleared his voice and said, “Hello Pinky, what a pleasant surprise!”

Samson showed action to Ajmal encouraging him to ask Pinky why she was on leave today.

“Hello”, Pinky replied.

“Yes, Pinky”



The call disconnected after 30 seconds and Ajmal stood like a statue. The phone fell down.

“What happened?”,Samson asked excitedly.

“Pinky and Shehnaz are roommates”, said Ajmal and sat on the floor.


“It was Shehnaz who called from Pinky’s phone”

Ajmal continued walking from one end of the room to the other and Samson covered his face with the bed sheet and said in the mind, “Oh,God! Thank you, Now Pinky is mine”.