She looked beautiful and her face glowed in the turmeric she has applied before her bath. The yellow tint made her face look fairer. She chewed a chocolate and saliva slowly flowed from the sides of her mouth in light brown color. She didn’t make an attempt to wipe it off, instead she looked outside through the window of the share auto. Her nose pin shined like a small diamond when the sun rays fell on it. The reflected light made patterns on the roof of the auto. People noticed her and she became a short time celebrity though she didn’t realize it. Her fingers were long and fragile and they were tightly held to a yellow cloth bag. The orange sari on her added her beauty but the sari was worn carelessly.


The auto driver shouted at top of his voice.

Suddenly she woke up from her day-dream and said that she wants to get down there. She took time to get up, her fingers took more than 30 seconds to hold the bag, she fell on one of the passengers when the auto moved a bit to give way to a bike, the auto driver shouted at her for wasting the time, and the passengers murmured for making them late to office. She struggled to manage her bag and sari. Somebody opened the door for her to get down. She got down and searched in her cloth bag to find the money. It took a considerable amount of time for her to realize that she has forgotten her purse at home. Her eyes told us that she doesn’t have money. Somebody who was very eager to reach office said that he would bear her share. The driver’s wrath fell straight on her face and her wrinkled face stood expressionless. Her cheeks puffed with sadness and her Glaucoma affected eyes flooded with tears. The auto driver didn’t wait to listen to her apologies and he sped the auto away.

When I looked back, I saw myself in an orange sari, with a slightly arched back and a yellow bag hanging from my broom like hands.


PS : The way we treat old people is pathetic. Once, an auto driver took an old lady all the way to Mount Road when she actually wanted to get down at Velachery. We had to shout and fight with the driver for not taking money from her. We collected some money among ourselves and put her in another auto and sent her to Velachery. All the charm, energy and stable mind won’t be there in our old age unless we are lucky enough for them. We are not spared from not undergoing through old age phase of life. So why are they treated badly? Remember that even they had a wonderful and energetic youth some years back.