It did Exist Somewhere Out There

Post lunch I ran to attend a meeting and nearly skidded at the door. After sitting on one of the round chairs placed around the round table for a round table conference, I curiously listened to rest of the team.

Suddenly my cheeks were diagonally twisted, my face went weird and I was into a war. I could see my boss glancing me at times, my best friend showed me her worried face and my nosy friend did her best to control her laugh.But,I couldn’t help not stopping my efforts with my face. The occasional bulges which appeared on the sides of my face were making people in the meeting deviating from listening to the show my boss was running. I was out of control of my body that I made all possible twists, bulges and expressions on my face.

My best friend kicked on my leg to stop doing nonsense inside conference room. I was getting tired of the war game I was playing that my face and mouth started aching badly. But I was adamant to win the game so I continued the game under the glaring eyes of my boss.

Finally after fifty five minutes, I sighed and laughed to myself. When I was about to give a shrieking cry of joy, my friend pinched me. Rest of the meeting I sat looking at the face of my boss as if I just woke up from sleep and have no clue about what was going on till then and expecting him to repeat his talk which was a sandwiched between inedible corporate and technical  jargons.

After the meeting, I was sure that the boss will be dying to have a private chat with me about the stupid drama that ran for an hour. Like I expected, the moment I logged into my machine, the office communicator blinked with extra brightness and frequency. So I walked into the glass chamber to meet my boss.

During the meeting, what were you doing with your face?, he asked.

I cannot tell you because it is very weird. I’m Sorry, I said making my face look very innocent.

You are not going back to your seat unless you tell me what was wrong with you then, He did a half the world trip sitting in his chair and played with the pen.

I was…I was just…, I mumbled.

Will you please tell me what it is, Bhavia!!! , he showed his irritation.

The chicken fry in the cafeteria was really good today and I ate a lot. There was a thread of chicken which got stuck somewhere in the gaps of my teeth and I was just trying to remove it with my tongue.

He laughed. He laughed as if I were a clown. He laughed as if somebody tickled him. He laughed as if I told the humor behind the world being weird. He just laughed and again laughed.

You may go now.” he opened his laptop lid and continued with his business.

I showed him my relieved face and turned back to leave.

His voice startled me as my concentration was on carefully closing the glass door without any noise.

Prepare the minutes of meeting for today’s meeting. I need the document by end of the day.” he immersed in the laptop screen.

After closing the door, I stood there and thought what had happened and talked in the meeting other than some facial exercises and hitting, dabbing and patting my teeth with my tongue.

An alarm rang inside my head and I ran to my best friend calling out “Help me!!!”


Some moments

Moments of my happiness,disappointment,guilty and embarrassment 😉


==>You are broke at the month end..You and your friends crib about just having 100 bucks in their own accounts..

You don’t even have cash to have a pizza..

Unknowingly you check your jeans pocket to see a neatly washed and wrinkled 100 bucks 🙂 🙂 🙂



==>At school,teacher is asking don’t know the answer..your neighbour also has no clue about the answer..

In another 1 minute,according to rotation you have to answer..

you are sweating..

your neighbor cooked up something about the answer..

In another 5 seconds you will have to stand up to answer..

Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..Bell Rang!!! (Escaped :P)




==>You are happy and excited since two get ready for the most awaited run around the house doing packing..

Seconds before getting inside the car,Dad gets a call for an emergency meeting..and you weep 😦  😦

==>You get out of the office early..You see the train reaching the station..You run through sub-way to reach station by pushing and telling sorry to a 101 people..The moment you finish running the stair case,you see a moving train..(Grrr..I want to kill somebody!!!:-| )


==>You see a woman and a baby girl begging in the train..You feel bad about the kid..When they both reach your seat you feel like giving them some coins,but the feeling inside you that those coins are not going to help the baby will make you do nothing..

==>You and friends are having lots of fun teasing and making fun of each other.. You become a little more “caring” about a friend and tease her more..End of the day you see her SAD 😦 😦


==>Somebody will tell you that you are wrong..You pick up a fight with her and argue that you are not wrong..After a tiring session of arguments,you come to know that she was RIGHT..

==>You talk too much about a person..of course not good things..You explain her with situations and in the end…

you come to know that he is her BOY FRIEND 😐 (Escape!!!!!!!!!!!)

How INSANE are you??

“The insanity inside me made me do this..”

I have heard throughout my life that it’s always INSANITY that make people do creative and extra ordinary things in life..But it has been always a silly and funny thought for me until I came across the peak of insanity.

One interesting matter about this insanity period is that we will never realise that we are insane instead we feel that we are more sane and rest of the world is much more insane..Our feeling about us will be as high as Himalayas and we will be extra confidence in almost everything we do.. 😀 😛

The problem arises when we are out of the kingdom of insanity..To be very truthful,being sane really kills me as we are aware of the environment and the happenings around us.

Insanity creeped into my life one week back..The symptom started by staying awake all night;that too saturday night,to finish of my writing..After completing a chapter of my writing at 5am I was as fresh as dew..Since I was seeing 5am after a long gap in my life,I thought of strolling for a while..After walking for a Km with the company of street dogs and cats,I was tired.caught an auto rickshaw back to home..

After reaching home,I was left with two choices..either to hit the bed or to watch TV.Ofcourse I watched for next 4 hours not knowing what programs I was watching..Rather than having breakfast I had a brunch so that cooking time is saved for watching a movie..Rest of the day I watched 7 movies and 2 cricket matches taking no breaks  except for going to loo..The last movie was a Bangla one..I had no clue what they were talking about but one thing I realized was that I had the patience to watch something for 3 hours which I don’t understand at all.. 😛 😛 Time is again 5am..

Again I was left with two choices..But I again went for the second one..After the Bangla movie I switched to the Sports Channel to watch the IPL Highlights..But there comes 9am..Time to go to office..

Break from insanity as sanity helps me in maintaining the “good-girl’ status.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Night back to home..after watching IPL live and the highlights for next 4 hours,I was hungry..But I did something very innovative..I cooked “Pakoda” at 3am..I believe I am the first person to cook Pakoda nad eat it at this early in the morning..But again comes 5am..

I started for my 1km walk with my body guards from the animal planet..ooooh again 9am..Office..Break from insanity..

This night electricity board of Chennai broke my heart..NO Tv..NO Dinner..that made me think of sleeping..I was missing my dreaming abilities..But the karaoke by the mosquitoes association disturbed me so much that I had to beat myself on account of punishing them..1 am..2am..3 am..What to do now??

I cleaned my house..cleaned the kitchen..washed utensils..washed myself and started to office..Haaaaaaaa today I reached office before even before the security came in..Break from insanity and writing this blog ..he he.. 🙂

Now what to do tonight??Sleep or some other forms of insanity??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sunday Nights & Monday Blues

Monday Blues!!

It is like a melancholy breeze that pats us from Sunday morning, then turns into a merciless hurricane by the end of the day and strangles us on Monday morning making us feel sick in the stomach.

Everybody must have fallen into the trenches of Monday blues at least once in their life.

During school days, Sunday nights were more terrible than Monday mornings. From nowhere, a strange pain always patted my heart while making my school bag ready with the Monday’s timetable. This pain often gave me weird ideas for not going to the school the next day. Though prayers and offerings, for the infamous viral attacks, were made before sleeping ,those days God was busy listening to the prayers of others 😦

On Sunday nights , I used to give my best shot to love my school. (Though I loved my school, it was hard to do so on Sunday nights ;))

Transmission of my prayers to God for stomach ache and fever happened for every five minutes; also for heavy rains with thunder if it’s rainy season.

There is a strange fact that I have noticed about the consequences of my ‘sincere’ prayers. During the rainy season, it rained cats and dogs at the night.This gave me peaceful nights thinking that the next day Kerala Government will declare a holiday due to the heavy rains. But the next morning when I wake up cheerfully, I could see the Mother Nature happier than me being bright and sunny.Now I am left with no choice other than bothering God with the usual set of prayers and then slunk to the bathroom with towel and toothbrush.

Today when I look back to those days, I blush thinking about the situations when I used to complain about the ‘Monday-Special’ sickness. Even after knowing my pranks, my parents never made complaints. But they did complain when I self-proclaimed to be a matured woman. They told me how difficult it was to control the snickering laugh when I tried to put on my innocent face and squeezed my stomach with illusionary pain. Parents revealed how they avoided not laughing at me. I hurriedly searched for a hideout when my Mom declared that very often,after listening to my whining, she used to run to my Dad and then cachinnate till she had a stomach ache.

Even after years, I still get a pain in my heart on Sunday nights, but at least I stopped bothering God because now there is nobody to whom I can show my drama. 😛

So here comes, another series of Monday Blues… 🙂

Job Collars!!

The origin of the words “white-collar jobs” and “blue-collar jobs” are this way..

Disclaimer : The post below is not intended to show any of the jobs superior or inferior.

Now coming to the topic..As majority of my family belongs to the “White Collar” jobs,since my childhood I always had this unknown and strange disliking towards the “Blue Collar” population..My view about them was they were too bad in studies and that made them taking up this job..Those days I even had disliking towards students who don’t study well in class..I always used to wonder what is there to study after all..It is something quite easy and simple..

(Then it took years for me to know the feelings of a student who doesn’t study well 😦 )

The above mentioned reasons were very sensible and logical then..This made an attitude in me which made me arrogant to them..

I remember,I had to take so much of effort to smile at them,same while talking to them too..The fact that these people have flunked at school keep pestering me that the disliking towards them got plotted as an exponential graph..

Then as years flew,I realised the truth behind them..I realised that most of the people gave up studies because of worse circumstances in their lives..

Then the sympathy towards them made me plot a graph of disliking to a straight line somewhere near to the origin of the graph.. 🙂

Later when I started to work,I became very nice,polite and compassionate towards them..I would listen to the stories of “cleaning akkas”(women who clean rest room) when I get time,I would tell them not to discourage their kids from studying etc..

I used to tell my friends circle about these conversations empathizing them,but they always used to give me discouraging “support” and killing “advises”;to which i always used to counter them..

I was advised by one of my dear ones that most of these people take advantage of our sympathy.

Then here comes the worst I could expect from them..

There was a “cleaning akka” in my project area..In our usual chit-chat she always used to mention about the her five daughters and her husband who was a tailor..Since she was staying somewhere near to my house,it was usual to meet up with her family..She was very considerate to me that once she even brought me a mug of hot water to my seat when I was coughing my soul out..

Very impressive!!!

After one week,It was Diwali(the festival of lights 🙂 )..

When I met her in the rest room,she was so excited to see me as if she was waiting all the while there for my arrival..All in a sudden she asked me about the plans for Diwali..I told her that I don’t celebrate Diwali.

suddenly that happened….

She cried..I was clueless..I have not uttered a word other than the answer of the question she asked.. 😮 😮

Then she started off saying how much she wished to celebrate Diwali in a “great” way..So this year if I could help her by lending Rs.5000,she could fulfil her dream..


I blinked.

I could hear like an echo she telling me that all she is earning is Rs.4000 and if I could lend her then she will repay pay me in a year..

Anger was flowing inside my body with the speed of a jet..I could feel the that I’m biting my teeth very hard..I was sweating a bit..

I’m angry not because she asked me for money but she asked for an amount more than her salary.. 

That was it..THE END..

I told her NO!!!! and walked away..

After getting back in the seat i realized what my friends were actually telling me..Then I plotted a know how it will be right??? 😡