She ran as fast as she could. The pain burned her body and soul. She wanted to look back, but fear stopped her. She saw a fleck of light at the end of the road. She could hear the noise of the metal wheels. She ran faster. The darkness ahead of her way comforted her but she still yearned to reach the light at the fag end of her road of hope. The metal wheels shrieked and suddenly a bright light made her blind. The night refused to end.

Her soul respired, her body knitted and her heart ached. Her blurry eyes saw his teary eyes. She could see his smile between the smelly tears. The salty kiss made her realize that she was alive because he was her destination, he was the gospel truth of her existence and he was her man.

Their love wiped the slate clean and when she looked out of the window the Sun was already up and shining in their life.


Types of Love ;)

Dedicated to some confused souls 😛

Crush – an intense but usually short-lived infatuation

This happens almost daily during school days and may or may not during high school days too.Also it is possible to have MULTIPLE crushes at a time. lol!!! 😀 Short lived means from fraction of seconds to a couple of days.This will die the moment you come to know the other is having a boy/girl friend or your heart gets CRUSHED by somebody else 😉 😉

Fascination – powerful attraction; charm

You will fall for any of the good qualities of the other person.99% of people fall for the beauty/handsomeness of the girl/boy.But this fascination takes its martyrdom when you find someone more fascinating. 😀 After all,who doesn’t like a change?? 😛

Devotion – earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc

This is a stupid feeling.You always devote a person because of some reason.This feeling mainly happens towards the celebrities,movie stars,sports persons and at times to people around you who are well talented.The problem with type of love is its tragic end.The devotion towards the other person will have a closing ceremony when they lose their value in the market.It could be a scandal for the celebrities,a flop for a film star or a down time for a sports person.This love happens according to the newest entries in the market. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Acquisitive – tending or seeking to acquire and own, often greedily

A very dangerous love.I am not sure whether this feeling could be called love or not.If somebody has an acquisitive love towards you,then they will make you live,look,talk,behave according to their wish.They will see you as a possession and in their mind God has created you only for them.In the present,these kind relationships are rare and short lived.Phew!!!

Love –

Level 1 – a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person

You feel good at heart.You will be happy throughout day and night.You will sing,you will dance.You may feel that all the love songs in the world were written for you.

But problems happen when the people are not compatible to each other.So this love have a slow death.It just vanishes by time. 😦

Level 2 – a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection

The feeling will be deep and strong but not enough to withstand other priorities in our life.This level 2 feeling will make you feel sad inside when you lose the loved ones.But most of the times,this personal attachment just will remain as a sweet memory in your heart and you just move on in your life.

Level 3 – a relationship that makes you feel granted in life

You will have no doubts in what to do with your love once you reach this level.The relationship must have reached such a matured level that the feelings for each other is strong that will give you the strength to make this your love of your life.But to reach this level,it is difficult.Most of the people give up at level 1 or level 2 because they don’t want to face the cruel side society and the life.So people who are at level 3 are well aware of their love life.Hats Off!!!

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