Some moments

Moments of my happiness,disappointment,guilty and embarrassment 😉


==>You are broke at the month end..You and your friends crib about just having 100 bucks in their own accounts..

You don’t even have cash to have a pizza..

Unknowingly you check your jeans pocket to see a neatly washed and wrinkled 100 bucks 🙂 🙂 🙂



==>At school,teacher is asking don’t know the answer..your neighbour also has no clue about the answer..

In another 1 minute,according to rotation you have to answer..

you are sweating..

your neighbor cooked up something about the answer..

In another 5 seconds you will have to stand up to answer..

Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..Bell Rang!!! (Escaped :P)




==>You are happy and excited since two get ready for the most awaited run around the house doing packing..

Seconds before getting inside the car,Dad gets a call for an emergency meeting..and you weep 😦  😦

==>You get out of the office early..You see the train reaching the station..You run through sub-way to reach station by pushing and telling sorry to a 101 people..The moment you finish running the stair case,you see a moving train..(Grrr..I want to kill somebody!!!:-| )


==>You see a woman and a baby girl begging in the train..You feel bad about the kid..When they both reach your seat you feel like giving them some coins,but the feeling inside you that those coins are not going to help the baby will make you do nothing..

==>You and friends are having lots of fun teasing and making fun of each other.. You become a little more “caring” about a friend and tease her more..End of the day you see her SAD 😦 😦


==>Somebody will tell you that you are wrong..You pick up a fight with her and argue that you are not wrong..After a tiring session of arguments,you come to know that she was RIGHT..

==>You talk too much about a person..of course not good things..You explain her with situations and in the end…

you come to know that he is her BOY FRIEND 😐 (Escape!!!!!!!!!!!)

Being at the Other Side

“We are told from childhood onwards that everything we want to do is impossible. We grow up with this idea, and as the years accumulate, so too do the layers of prejudice, fear and guilt. There comes a time when our personal calling is so deeply buried in our soul as to be invisible. But it’s still there”*

It is always very human to always have a tinge of pain because of the “grass is always greener at the other side”.

When I was a child,I used to think how nice it would have been if I was born in US or UK..Almost every time I used to think,how it would be if I were x or y..It was a habit for me to think about being somebody..May be that made me not realizing what I was actually having in my life..It took another 10 years for me to understand that I was born with all the comforts and freedom.My parents were the best I could ever think about..But the thought or the habit of thinking from the other side used to make me feel horrible..

Later,during my college days I came to know that it was not just with me..the whole world is as such..People just think or believe that the other person’s life is the best;not realizing that these people have a better life than others..

I remember that we friends were jealous of one the most studious girls in our batch..we used to wonder how she is managing everything..She study or don’t study,she will top the department..There were even talks during the exam night outs “Ho!How nice it would have been if I were Miss X”.But it was towards the end of the college we came to know that though she had a wealthy family,her father is not with her..She belongs to a broken family.. 😦 That was the first strike of realization that thought I don’t top the department,at least I have my family to love me..I have my Dad to cry on when I am down..It was almost similar stories that I could know about so many others that my friends and I used to think as the “perfect ones”.There been a lot of incidents that made me think “Waah!!What a life!!!” and then make me feel terrible and happy together when I know their inside story..

May be because the mind grew up by the end of the college days that we were intelligent enough to take things sensibly..Like the story of Alchemist,we understood that we are given everything;actually more than a child need in life..

No wonder,every religious book tell us that we are souls who try to find out happiness and peace when it is within our own hands..

“So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself to gold. “That’s what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” “Well, why did you say that I don’t know about love?” the sun asked the boy. “Because it’s not love to be static like the desert, nor is it love to roam the world like the wind. And it’s not love to see everything from a distance, like you do. Love is the force that transforms and improves the Soul of the World. When I first reached through to it, I thought the Soul of the World was perfect. But later, I could see that it was like other aspects of creation, and had its own passions and wars. It is we who nourish the Soul of the World, and the world we live in with be either better or worse, depending on whether we become better or worse. And that’s where the power of love comes in. Because when we love, we always strive to become better than we are”*

Dig in your soul and find out the treasure that God has given you..Beacuse you are a better human being than anybody else in this world..Understand..Realize..and Feel the happiness.. 🙂

*Source ; The Alchemist – By Paulo Coelho

Life Mathematics

A couple of days ago I was thinking about time that is making changes in our lives..Things in our lives are changing according to the time..looks,behavior,culture,beliefs,life style and much more..So I was thinking about how much more time do i have on this planet..{I know I am not that old to think about this reason but this thought made me think about a lot of unfinished matters and made me do crazy calculations at the middle of the night to find out how much time will I have of my own for rest of the life..

Suppose that I live up to the age of 70 years..Also imagine I will be doing more or less the same job that I am doing now till the age of 60.

My working hours : 10 hours at office+ 1 hour for commuting + 1 hour for getting ready and cooking = 12 hrs

My sleeping hours : 8-9 hours

Misc (cleaning,shopping,watching TV) : 2-3 hours

So by taking the lower limit,on a working day I get 2-3 hours a day of my own..

During weekends,

My working hours : 1 hours for getting ready for going out and 2 hours for cooking = 3 hrs

My sleeping hours : 9-10 hours

Misc (cleaning,shopping,watching TV) : 5-6 hrs with a more importance for cleaning and shopping

So by taking the upper limit,on weekends I get 10(5 hours on saturday and sunday) hours a day of my own..Out of 10 hours 5-6 hours go for my reading and writing..So remaining 4-5 hours..

Conclusion :

Weekdays : 2-3 hours

Weekends : 4 – 5 hours

I have 324120 hours to live till the age of 60.

In a week

I work for ((12+2)*5) + ((3+5)*2)  = 86 hours and I get free time for (2*5) + (4*2) = 18 hours

Till the age of 60,I have 324120 hours to live..

Out of this,I work for

86*52 weeks in a year = 4484 hours

4484 * 37 years to live = 165908 hours

My free time in a year = 936 hours

936 * 37 years to live = 34632 hours

That means,if in this way I work till the age of 60, 

My working time : 51.18% of my life time

My time for my passion and interests and friends : 10.68 %

And the rest  38.14% of my life time I SLEEP..

In short ,


NB : We have only one life,use it INTELLIGENTLY and EFFECTIENTLY.During the dusk of your life,you should never feel that you didn’t live a life for you..I am going to change from today..what about you??? :)Start calculating Guys!!!


You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of – Jim John

Today morning while getting ready for office,I was watching a Malayalam movie named “Sandharbham” starring Mammootty and Saritha.The story is about a guy who was a pervert during his early twenties but became a good man after getting married to Saritha.Under certain circumstances he got caught by the police and that incident will turn his life upside down..

I couldn’t watch the movie completely as I was getting late to office..but the scenes in the movie just made me ponder over so many things..

Circumstances..that is one thing which makes a human good or bad,makes life good or bad,makes the path we take good or bad,makes a man change….

But,it is these circumstances;good or bad,that make changes in our life;again good or bad..Without a change how terrible and tiresome our live would have been..we need changes in our is the good changes that make us feel happy and it is the bad changes that make us strong..

But the problems happen when we become selfish during the good changes and become helpless during bad times..

We hear from elders during childhood that great men have overcome the bad circumstances and have handled the good circumstances well..that is the reason they are great people..As usual I always used to let it go through the other ear without heeding..

But when changes played their drama in my life i realised the meaning of those words..I realised how difficult it is not to be selfish during good times and how terrible and hard to keep the drowning life back to place..

There is one thing that I learned during all these years of life..that bad times will make you a strong person,once you overcome those years of hardship then you are the commander of the life..the control will be in your hands;at least a bit..

After years,when you look back about the difficult times in life,we will laugh with tears,we will give a deep sigh of satisfaction and pride thinking about the courage we showed to make our life straight..

For whomever having a bad time in their life

Never give up at any point of time.There is a light at the end of this hardship.If you give up now then you will miss the treasure of your life..may it is the biggest happiness that is waiting for you..Be strong..make your mind strong,take it as a challenge with God and show him how you succeeded in taking back your good times of life..

Coming back to movie,I don’t know what happened to Mammooty in the movie.. 

 But in our life,always be optimistic.Always think that there are another set of population having more problems and bad times than us in their lives..Remember this..

We feel that our problems are the most severe ones when we are ignorant about other’s problems.

So thank God for giving a chance in your life for knowing that pain in life..And if you overcome it,then you are the hero of the world,hero of your life too..

There is nobody in this world without problems or worries..Be strong and believe in yourself.Thank God and all the helping hands made you come from that deep sh*t.



It is your life and you are the master of it..Live the life to the fullest 🙂

Good luck!!