I am not sure whether I have reached the age to feel nostalgic as I just touched the quarter century 🙂

Yesterday evening when I heard my manager’s daughter talking to him over the phone, my mind ran two decades back.

Those days, telephones were not common, so my brother and I were very proud having one at home. Daily before getting out from the office, Dad gives us a ring to know whether he needs to shop something. Most of the days, my list will contain comics (or any book) and fried groundnuts. But Dad never got bored with buying me comics and books. Actually he has a big role in making me a book-worm. 🙂

My brother and I used to fight for picking up the telephone when it rings. We had this usual prank of making fool of each other by dialing 161.

But today, if the phone rings, three of us would look at Mom without raising our bums from the couch.

At times drastic changes in life take away a lot of our favorite matters. Until I moved out of home, it was usual to take a slow and long evening walk with Dad on Sunday after the 4pm movie.Both of us would talk about almost everything under the Sun during the walk. Since it’s Sunday evening, roads are deserted. So we walk into infinity. He would talk about his job, our family, our culture, values of education, necessity of being financially independent and NEVER to feel inferior just because I am a girl. Very rarely he used to miss Sunday walks with me.

As both my parents had job for five days, Sunday was special for us. There were times when my brother and I used to feel that it is Sunday if parents were at home during weekdays 🙂

Last week when I took a couple of days vacation, I missed the summer holidays badly. Summer holidays was filled with fun and pile of story books to read. We played cricket day and night, watched TV without missing any of our favorite shows, turned our couch into a bed as we slept on it most of the nights, ate our favorite foods without any breaks, cycled until we got tired or until we reached any dead-end while finding out some new routes, waited for the exam results to get announced so that we can celebrate, made list of new goodies to buy for the next academic year and a lot more. I don’t know whether summers changed or not, but those days’ summers were not as hot as today’. Playing in the Sun for the day never made us irritated, but today going out without sun screen and sun glasses have made life terrible. (Or was it because those days we were not worried about looks and complexion? 😀 )

Once Mom, brother and I were out for shopping and an unexpected rain made us run holding just one umbrella which Mom carries in her hand bag. All in a sudden I shouted to my brother saying “Make sure Mom is not getting drenched. If she falls sick, then we will be in trouble”. Though I blurted the truth, Mom still makes fun of me. But what I told came truly from my heart. If any of us fall sick, little it did change in our living. But when Mom fall sick, then three of us go crazy doing the household chores 😉 ;)More than being crazy, we felt that our home is dead as we can’t walk behind her telling day’s stories or to make her run behind us for doing some stupid pranks or to have a fair mediator for our fights or put us in sleep by telling stories from her college English text books.

Those times will never come back as today all are busy in their own worlds. Life certainly changed for the good, but still those memories do make a difference at times.

PS : Perhaps, because of this yearning that I still read comics, I still make Dad buy me comics plus fried groundnuts when I am home and my brother and I still play pranks with Mom even though she shouts at us “Grow Up!!!”

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Mallu..Malooos..Keralites..Malayalees..what more to say??

I’m not staying that far from Kerala.

I can land in the natural beauty in 12 hrs if by train or in 3 hrs if by flight.

But still I don’t like staying in Kerala.
At times,I ponder about the reasons to miss my domicile.I am confused whether I am missing the climate or the people,or the food or the culture.

During my college days in Trichy,on my way home in our favorite Tea Garden Express,there was no need to get up in the middle of the night to check whether the train has crossed Valayar.

You know why?A gush of cold wind will touch my feet making my whole body shiver.

When the train reaches the chilling Palghat from the terribly hot Trichy,it is like a relief we fell while getting inside an air-conditioned ATM during noon.

After reaching home,once I take a cold shower,i will feel like heaven.As the water is not hard,I will feel so light.

Then come our favorite “Puttu” (Steam cake) and “Kadala Curry”(Groundnut) with two bananas and two Kerala papad.Perfect breakfast!!

Even though I get Kerala food in Chennai,I do miss my Mom’s Puttu and Kadala Curry.

Kerala is always a dream place where we can have Kerala food,watch Malayalam movies on the release day and can hear people talking Malayalam around you.

In the end what confuses me is the “unknown” reason restraining me from settling in Kerala.

Mystery Yet to be solved!!!! 😀


As today is Saturday,after having aunty’s evening coffee,I was in no mood to cuddle with a book.Suddenly I thought of having a black forest pastry.(Yummy!!! 🙂 )

In two minutes I got out of the house and walked to the Hot Breads.December is the best month for stroll.Sun will be lazy to shine well and winds slow down their pace to caress my hair.

I was welcome by the security *Dada and I sat in the corner of the shop from where I can see the colorful and tasty pastries under the limelight.

A black forest,an apple pie and a cold coffee.I gleefully made my order.

I grabbed the latest Twinkle comics while coming back home.Saturday evening well spent.I was happy and smiled at the world.

Now coming back to the original motive of writing this post.

Imagine that I had this very thought of having a black forest pastry at 7pm when I’m in Calicut.Then the incident explained above will come under the group “impossible”.(Because girls are not supposed to go out after 6pm.I think now the curfew is from 7pm. )

Let us analyze the imagination and the complexity in making it happen on a Saturday evening in Calicut.

Scene 1 :

Time : 2pm

Post lunch,I want to have a black forest.For 1 hour,I will break my head how to get out of the house.


Scene 2:  

Time : 3.30pm

I will call up my mom to get the permission to go out to the pastry shop.She will promise me to bring two black forest pastries on her way back home from work. (She won’t understand that I want the pastry now and not after 3 hrs 😡 ) At last she will surrender for my torture.She will pass it for the level 2 approval.


Scene 3 :  

Time :  3.50pm

I will call up Dad.I will repeat the story. He will promise me to get me how many ever black forests I need but I will get those only after 10pm 😡  😡 I will nag,I will weep and I will sob.At last permission will granted but only if my brother or driver accompanies me.
Grrr…but still 😀 😀


Scene 4 :  

Time : 4.15pm

Both my brother and the driver are busy.So I have to go out alone(Happy!!). But the top management has to approve.To make my mission successful,I will go to grandmother’s room,I will make her understand the situation and what a black forest is.By this then,My verbal hard work will make me exhausted 😦 She will tell me about staring and ogling eyes,eve teasing and rape(what more???)


Scene 5 :

Time : 4.35pm

I’m all ready to get out of my home.I will open the gate to see such an unpleasant surprise.My driver brings me the black forest saying that it will be too late for me to return after going to Hot Breads 😦


Scene 6 :

Time : 5pm

I’m tired,I’m irritated.All I wanted to yell at somebody.But still I got what I wanted.So I ate the pastry without making any more complaints.

It has been 8 months that I have gone home.Now you know the reason 😀 😀