Unexpected Incarnations

I grew up hearing stories of incarnations from the Hindu mythology.They were like the Bollywood heroes who came to rescue the innocent souls from the felons.May be those stories are told to kids to build faith in God.

Being a premature baby,I have made my parents run to the doctors often.Those days Mom’s office was closer to home that she could come home for lunch.So when I am sick,she kinda shuttled between office and home.One day when she was about to lock me up and leave to office,she realized that there was something wrong with me.My eyes rolled up making me helpless to look straight.My neck strained as if I was looking up to the sky.She tried to bring my neck back in normal position but my eyes and neck were still attracted to the sky.She took me and ran to the gate to get an auto rickshaw.As my neck was still reluctant to heed my brain’s commands,it was difficult for her to make me walk on the road.She cried badly and made me walk.Suddenly a jeep came and stopped next to us.They took us to the hospital.My problem was due to the medicine Stemetil.Then I came to know that I’m allergic to the medicines for vomiting.The interesting part is my Mom still don’t know who they were.She remembers like they helped her by lifting me to the casualty and paid the hospital bill too.

When my parents were trying hard to build their dream home,they went short of Rs.10,000 due to an unexpected surgery in the family.But the piece of land which they had selected had too many competitors.18 years back Rs.10,000 was a big amount for us.On the verge of giving up the plot and the dreams of having a house they seemed to lose the life in them.But two days before the registrations ,one of our family friends gave the cash to my Dad.He got to know about the shortage of cash through someone and helped my Dad.Later we came to know that he had to exchange his wife’s jewellery for giving us the cash.Today my parents live in their dream home situated next to a river bank which has a vast courtyard and lots of coconut trees.

Earlier this year when my brother was hospitalized due pneumonia,I felt immensely down.To add the pain there were no flights to Calicut as I got Mom’s call only by 7pm.I rushed to the railway station but the last train to Calicut had already gone by then.When I checked at the railway enquiry,a man told me to stay till the 1130pm train and promised me to help me in getting a reservation ticket.Even though he was a railway officer I was in a dilemma whether to trust him or not.Thinking of Prasun I couldn’t hold back my tears.By the time the train came I was tired of crying and I had forgotten to have my dinner too.I got inside the sleeper class compartment expecting to get a berth to sleep.The man which I had met at the enquiry suddenly asked me for my ticket.I gave him the ticket and he vanished.Next moment I cursed myself for being a fool under tensed situations.I gave my ticket to some stranger and I don’t know where he has gone.Tension was building towers in my mind and I went in search for him.The train had already started and I was inside it without a ticket.After wandering through the compartments I came back to the seat where I had kept my bag.To my surprise he was sitting there with my ticket converted to a reservation ticket.Next day morning he woke me up early so that I don’t miss my connection train.I wonder what I would’ve done if he had not helped me.

Going late to office became a habit only because of the advantage of having empty metro trains.One morning I felt like going early to office.Like I expected,I got squeezed like the sugar canes in the juice machine.Upon reaching the second station I had to step down for giving way for people to get down.While getting back to the foot board I got enough place to keep my legs.While nearing to Mambalam station I lost the grip and I fell down to the platform when people inside the train tried to make a move to get down.I remember rolling on the floor a dozen times.I went numb and I was in a shock.People surrounded me and shouted at top of their voice and some sweethearts took a picture of mine using cellphones.I didn’t know what to do and I realized that my legs have damaged badly.Suddenly a middle-aged woman helped me in getting up and cleared the way for me.She took me to the hospital.She dropped me back home and then to my surprise she was my new neighbor who had moved in the day before the incident.

Now aren’t these people incarnations of the Almighty?No wonder I still believe that God is inside you and me,and not locked inside a particular place.

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You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of – Jim John

Today morning while getting ready for office,I was watching a Malayalam movie named “Sandharbham” starring Mammootty and Saritha.The story is about a guy who was a pervert during his early twenties but became a good man after getting married to Saritha.Under certain circumstances he got caught by the police and that incident will turn his life upside down..

I couldn’t watch the movie completely as I was getting late to office..but the scenes in the movie just made me ponder over so many things..

Circumstances..that is one thing which makes a human good or bad,makes life good or bad,makes the path we take good or bad,makes a man change….

But,it is these circumstances;good or bad,that make changes in our life;again good or bad..Without a change how terrible and tiresome our live would have been..we need changes in our life..it is the good changes that make us feel happy and it is the bad changes that make us strong..

But the problems happen when we become selfish during the good changes and become helpless during bad times..

We hear from elders during childhood that great men have overcome the bad circumstances and have handled the good circumstances well..that is the reason they are great people..As usual I always used to let it go through the other ear without heeding..

But when changes played their drama in my life i realised the meaning of those words..I realised how difficult it is not to be selfish during good times and how terrible and hard to keep the drowning life back to place..

There is one thing that I learned during all these years of life..that bad times will make you a strong person,once you overcome those years of hardship then you are the commander of the life..the control will be in your hands;at least a bit..

After years,when you look back about the difficult times in life,we will laugh with tears,we will give a deep sigh of satisfaction and pride thinking about the courage we showed to make our life straight..

For whomever having a bad time in their life

Never give up at any point of time.There is a light at the end of this hardship.If you give up now then you will miss the treasure of your life..may it is the biggest happiness that is waiting for you..Be strong..make your mind strong,take it as a challenge with God and show him how you succeeded in taking back your good times of life..

Coming back to movie,I don’t know what happened to Mammooty in the movie.. 

 But in our life,always be optimistic.Always think that there are another set of population having more problems and bad times than us in their lives..Remember this..

We feel that our problems are the most severe ones when we are ignorant about other’s problems.

So thank God for giving a chance in your life for knowing that pain in life..And if you overcome it,then you are the hero of the world,hero of your life too..

There is nobody in this world without problems or worries..Be strong and believe in yourself.Thank God and all the helping hands made you come from that deep sh*t.



It is your life and you are the master of it..Live the life to the fullest 🙂

Good luck!!

Any help???

I love Chennai..i think it should be this way..I like to stay in Chennai because of my own weird reasons..

People are warm..the crowd don’t care at all about other’s matters..and after all im a stranger in this city 😉

But there are times when we truly wish if there was somebody to give a helping hand..

Once after Byju’s classes,I was waiting at Nungambakkam station for my train to tambaram..Suddenly two girls came out of the station master’s room weeping very badly..One female was cursing the other one for some strange reason..the other one was weeping over the phone calling names..

Usually I don’t used to bother much about these things..but this time I bothered..And there is a reason for it..

Lets go back in the time machine..

When I was in my 3rd year of the college,I was travelling with one of my friends from Chennai to Trichy..

We were in a hurry that day and for our bad luck,my friend lost her train ticket..Train is at 1030pm..We literally did a security check in our luggage to find out..but NO!!!

The mess was made more spicy when she told that the ticket is actually not in her name but in her cousin sister’s name;as she was suppose to travel that day..phew!!!

We checked the name list stuck on the coach..my name is there and of course her cousin sister’s name is also there..But still we got inside..we sat in the respective seats..

There come the villain of the movie..TTE..Huge build..face full of the scars of measles or chicken pox..altogether a mix of Amresh Puri and Om Puri to look like a yuck puri..with the essence of both him and his over-coat not seeing water for months..or may be years.. 😛

We both tried convincing him a lot..we told him a lot of family stories like a TV soap..nothing worked..

In the end he told us to pay Rs 500 as fine and take a new ticket worth Rs178.Haaaa..we started mining our wallets..got Rs535..But that was not going to help us..He was shouting at top of his irritating voice.. 😡

We told him our PATHETIC condition..tried doing drama with tears..

Grrr..I think his heart is made of diamond(strong..strong.. 😉 )He told my friend to get out of the train and get inside the general compartment..that too at 11pm 😦

We were watched by the whole compartment as if some movie is going on..they comment each other..some idiots laughed at us..the crowd was having fun..But i noticed a lady who was sitting on the upper berth staring at us..

She looked like the brand ambassador of Pantaloons or Fab India as she was dressed in such an elegant manner but with so much make-up..She must be in her early fifties..Out of blue,she called me and gave me Rs 500 and told to get things settled..

OMG..OMG..we thought God himself came down to help us..We didnt even try to ask who she is or the reason for her to help..we bothered about nothing..we were so happy that somebody helped us to make the “villain”s mouth shut..

We thanked her..1001 times may be..we were nearly in tears(no drama..original one)..We came to know that even she had this same situation and was helped by a stranger..but she couldn’t repay her..so she was just completing that debt through us..we promised her to pay her back once we reach college..Slept within seconds as we did so much of verbal and emotional hard work 😛

We had planned to take her address in the morning..but for our surprise,she had vanished by the time we woke up..

Now coming back to our current story..by seeing those girls weeping without money,i was able to empathize them..i enquired the matter..

There were four girls travelling..two had to get down at Nungambakkam and two at Beach station..the tickets were with the other two..I didnt bother to check whether the story is true or not..i paid them Rs 400 and gave business card to contact me later..

when the train came I got inside without waiting for them to come back after settling the issue..But i was satisfied and happy that I was able to pay back a debt..

But still after some weeks,they paid me back..So what do you think???I accepted it or …..????