A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Part 2

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A picture is worth a thousand words

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I understood what they meant..hurray!!
Applause for the one who wrote this..pathetic!!
What more?
I may not come out alive after getting a facial from here 😛
Find out one word with correct spelling.. 😦
What a brand marketing!!
Not Traffic signal..Tragic signal
Restaurant Constitution?
boys and girls for Salsa?? 😀
Our policy - Nobody should survive here
And fuel by father-in-law??
No comments
Yeah I see the progress in the background
superb IDEA
You are RIGHT baby 🙂
A new word for Oxford Dictionary?
Wonderful..water with h2o
Somebody please kill me!!

My favorite Salim Kumar.. :D

It is after getting into the college that I started loving movies,especially Malayalam movies. 🙂

I tried so hard to recollect that in which movie I watched Salim Kumar for the first time.But he is my all time favorite..i just can’t stop laughing for his dialogues. 😀 😀

His dialogue delivery is the best.He has a unique style of dragging the delivery a bit according to the scenes.


Some my favorite scenes are

movie : Thenkashi Pattanam

The cow scene..

Dileep : What are you drinking?(nee enthada kudikkunnathu?)

Salim : oh that’s barley water..(oh ithiri barley vellam)

Dileep : Then why does it smell like brandy?(pinne enthada athinu brandiyude manam?)

Salim : huh!! That’s what i told you.it’s bar water 😀 (huh!! athelle paranjathu barile vellam aanennu 😀 )

Movie : Meesha Madhavan

Salim : Madhavan Nair,there is a case filed against you.. (Madhavan Nair,ningalkedhire oru case file cheythirikkunnu..)

No reaction from Dileep

Salim : What happened?don’t you believe that im a lwayer???See I’m having coat with me..(enthu patti? njan vakeel aanennu viswasam varunnille???nokku coat okke undu..)

Dileep : hmm..ya coat is there..(hmm..coat okke undu..pakshe..)

Salim : Listen..Yes your honour..I object your honour..(kelkoo..Yes your honour..I object your honour..)

Dileep walks away..

Salim : Ayyoo..I just don’t have that look of a lawyer..thats all..Im very intelligent..(Ayyo..enne kandal oru look illa ennollu..enikku bayankara budhiya..Madhavan Nair..Nilkoo.. 😀 😀 )

Let him make us laugh forever..Salimetta..you rock!!! 🙂

PS : Nobody could have done the song Palavattam from Coffee@MG Road better than him..