The “Others”

As you must have already guessed,the content of the article is about “Others”..

Now you must be wondering who this “others” are..”Others” could be anyone..Anyone from your parents and friends to a stranger who is walking on the road..

Before getting into the real issue, I would like to cite some scenarios..

1)A very beautiful girl is truly in love with someone who is not handsome and who is dark too..She has not told him about her love and she doesn’t want to marry someone else too..But all she bothers is “What will others think??”

2)A middle class family man is thinking about buying a car.But according to his standards,he could buy only a Nano or a Maruthi Zen for a second hand.But he is reluctant..He has been discarding all the pressures from his kids and wife..He is think twice about buying small cars because he is worried “What will others think?”.

3)Daughter of a business person is getting married to a poor guy(poor according to her dad’s standards 😛 )The groom promised the business person that he will keep her daughter safe and happy.Even the daughter assured the business person that she will be happy in her life..But the business person is thinking about ways to somehow break the marriage because he doesn’t want other people talking about it..Again what that make him awake all the night is “What will others think?”

4)She was working with one of the prestigious companies..But recession made her lose the job..She didn’t tell any of her friends after taking up a small job,thinking that “What we will others think about her???”

Let me ask you something??Why are we worried about this “OTHERS”?

When we are born,we are alone..To be very truthful we are always alone throughout our life..From the start of our life till your last breath,you are always alone..

As a kid,you may fall while playing..Then you are are in pain.Its YOU..

At school,according to the way YOU do,you will get good or bad experiences..Good memories and good friends will cherish your life..bad moments and broken friendships will hurt you..Its you who is happy or hurt..

During college days,you work hard,you study well,you prepare well which will make you land in a good job..Its is YOUR hard work..

After getting a job,all the hours that you burn in the office will give you the good name you are seeking for or a promotion which will deserve you..Its YOU who will burn your time and energy..

The same scenarios will follow the rest of the life too..

It’s always YOU..

Now,you may ask..then for what parents,siblings and friends are..

Can our parents or siblings or friends study in school instead of you going to school?

Can they completely take out the pain you undergo during bad times??

Suppose you are suffering from blood cancer..Is it possible for any of them to come and take your suffering instead of you??


You are always ALONE throughout your life..

Parents,siblings and good friends..They will help you to soothe things in life..They will help you to walk more confidently and comfortably during your bad times..

So,all we have to care about is the ones who help us in our life..

Coming back to the main issue..If the truth is this,then why are people afraid of others??who are they to control your life?

Why should my beautiful friend worry about talking about her love,when she is in love with somebody who will take care of her??Why should the family man kill the happiness of his kids and wife when he could buy a small car??Why is the business person trying to make his daughter’s life upside down even when he knows that she will be happy???Why is my friend not proud when there a millions without a job and she managed to get a small one during recession??

why do we burn the happiness in our life for “others”??why are we scared of them???Do these so-called “others” help you at any point of time??Will these “others” make your life comfortable??

When these “others” do NOTHING for you,why should you bother about them??Also even after this much importance and bothering you give them in life,are they actually going to discuss about your life and condition???In this busy world who is having time to bother about you when,they have a 1001 things to do??

Relax guys!!!Live for yourself..Do what you love..Love all that you do..You have only one happy and be satisfied at the dusk of your life that you have lived a LIFE for you and your dear ones and not for “OTHERS”.. 🙂


A related piece

In Chennai,while traveling in share auto you will have to shout at top of your voice before your stop coming to make the driver stop the auto..I have a friend who will never shout out the place..she will either find any of the passengers to shout for her or when she is lucky enough there must be somebody else already shouted for her place or she will get down at the next stop..

Reason from her : ‘What will other people think about my voice??It is not sweet”..

(I am not sure that there are actually such jobless people in this world to bother whether her voice is sweet like singers Chitra or Shreya Ghosal 😛 😛 😛 )