Hey not swearing 😉 😀

Dog!!!!That was the name of my dog when I was in play school and LKG..It was a cute one.. 🙂

It was born in our home..and my favorite pastime was to pamper it..It grew up faster than the time I was in LKG it had become a giant my bro was just born i had nobody else to play..So round the clock,I played with my cute dog..

It will come running when it hears the sound of my autorickshaw..I used to make it hold my water bottle while walking back to home from the gate..It will bite my socks and will keep both my shoes and socks on the shoe rack..

Best buddies..he he.. 😀

Then one day when i was back from school I couldn’t see my dog at the gate..I ran to my house and enquired to my grandma..she told me that it must have gone out..but that didn’t answer my anxiety..i checked everywhere in my house but couldn’t find it..I started crying..I fought with my grandpa when he tried to feed me milk..I didnt even bother to change my school uniform..All I wanted was to see my dog..I ran to the grandpa also ran behind me..

while I stepped on the gate to check whether it is there on the road..our gate had a design with holes(i used to have fun keeping my legs on those circles near to top of the gate and making a trip to and fro 😉 )

I asked my grandpa what the matter is..he told me to have milk and then take bath..he grabbed me forcefully from the gate..i cried..i could feel that something bad has happened..

my grandpa made me sit on the couch and explained me that terrible incident..

my poor dog had put its head inside the one of the circles on the couldn’t take its head out and it died out of suffocation..I still can’t express how sad i was at that time..i wept badly..i ran to the gate..i cried standing in front of the gate..i couldn’t even see my dog as the municipality people took to bury it..

Later that night i started having fever..temperature was so high..i didnt go to school for two days..fought with everyone for letting it die..

That was my first and last DOG!!!

Till this moment I have never dared to keep a pet..My DOG is always my pet..forever.. 🙂