Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

My usual GTalk chat with my friends are fun.At times I feel that I am back in my college.We chat endlessly discussing and gossiping ūüėõ

Last evening,it was upset when accidentally my friend talked about “her”.

I hated her as I had ample reasons for it.Though there was a time when she was my mentor and guardian in college,things just went messy later.

Last evening,my friends were surprised to know that I have still not gotten over that terrible incident.It has been  a while that I have not thought about her in my life.But a sudden mention of her name made me realize that I still hate her.

My friends thought that time must have healed the wounds in my heart as its been almost 5 years that we have seen her.I was upset and left the chat.

Later,during dinner my brother told me that if she had hurt¬†me that badly then she doesn’t deserve¬†my friendship.

Today again,I was thinking why didn’t the hatred towards her diminish at all.Like my friends said it was time to get over it.

May be because I never tried to change my attitude towards her.

But whatever it is;

Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

I think we all dislike somebody sometime.Most of them forget about it¬†as time passes.But certain deep wounds do take time to heal or at times don’t heal at all. ūüė° ūüė°

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