Necessity is not the Mother of Invention

It has been a cliche that my friends and family have kept low expectations of me during weekends. Through the years, it has been imprinted in their minds that I am in hibernation during weekends and disturbing me with phone calls will invite situations.

During childhood, the upbringing and the environment forced me to believe that laziness is a sin. Be it at school or home or social gatherings, lazy people were always considered a burden to the World. The numerous sayings in English and Malayalam degraded laziness and made it into the list of childhood nightmares. There was so much societal pressure to make sure that nobody calls me lazy.

So, there is a story which was popular both at school and home.

Once upon a time there lived a man in a far away village.He was hardworking and he owned a donkey,a lazy donkey. The man was unhappy with the donkey. Daily, he took the donkey to the market and tied sacks of salt on it. Carrying sacks of salt across the river was a terrible job for the donkey. One day, while crossing the river, the donkey fell down into the river. After getting up, it realized that the sacks weighed lighter. Upon reaching back home, the donkey felt good. So, next day the donkey purposely fell down into the river and got back home again feeling good. Now, let’s stop the story here before the man teaches the donkey a lesson. Lessons are boring!

Yes! the society narrates this story and makes us feel that laziness is a dreadful deed.

But, do you know the flip side?

It kills the creativity that is born out of laziness. Nobody has taught us that the donkey was clever enough to find a solution to his burden.He found a way to be happy in his life.

Let’s think this way : We were lazy to walk long distances, so we invented vehicles;we were lazy to wait for hours to cook a bowl of rice, so we invented cooking utilities;we were lazy to do our jobs,so we became filmmakers, photographers, and writers; we were lazy to call a person,so we invented texting, and the list continues.

Now look for moments when you had done something creative,something different,something simpler, and something happier. Now, think deep. Didn’t you do it because you were lazy to do something else?

It took two decades for me to realize the power of laziness.

Remember the quote from Mr. Bill Gates?

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

He makes sense because I have noticed that I have always found a simpler solution to beat a problem/challenge/situations/deadlines.

I am sure all lazy people will show thumbs up to this.

So, let me conclude this way. It is not necessity who is the Mother of invention,

Laziness is the Mother of Invention.

PS : I was lazy to think about a topic to write, so I decided to write about laziness.

Man of the House : If laziness is the Mother of invention, then who is the Father?

Me : Boredom!

And the Award goes to …

… the pride of Kerala, the Super Star …

It was in my Class 3 that I first won a prize for a competition. It was first prize for Malayalam elocution as part of the school’s annual cultural festival. The speech was about how reading habits will help us grow as a better individual. My Father had taken his train commute time to write the contents for me. If my memory is correct, it was my Grand Parents who listened to my rehearsal sessions and commented on my performance. Those days, society wasn’t obsessed with the performance of their kids. So, it was not a big deal at home about me performing in the competition.

Winning the competition did make an impact in my life. Today, if I am a passionate public speaker, this brass trophy was the starting point. I am thankful to the judges who made me the winner of the competition. So, if a small prize could make a shimmering spark in my childhood and gave me the confidence to grow as a mature speaker, I believe that prizes/awards are important for budding talents.

The Malayalam film awards have been disappointing me for quite a few years. The recent award function by a TV channel was never different from the past years. Malayalam industry can always boast about the immense talent pool which it possesses; also, the new talents too. But, the new talents are rarely recognized expect in the viral Facebook posts. The award functions make sure that the big giants of the industry get an award irrespective of their performance in the previous year. Yes, of course, I admit their past glory but how lame it is to award someone who had only duds last year. I am wondering how the stars feel in front of others when they are called upon for awards by belittling the upcoming talents and going blind on other brilliant performances. This is like giving away Best Cricketer Award every year to Sachin Tendulkar as he was the greatest batsman of the millennium.

How come Perariyathavar was ignored when Suraj Venjaramoodu won a National Award for his performance in the movie? There could have been a mention of the different treatment and style shown by the Aadu team. Aadu bombed at the box office and went on to become a torrent hit. Not recognizing the talents of Anend C Chandran, the 24-year old cinematographer of Premam movie is a sin. His brilliant frames have a huge part in the envious success of the movie. Premam enthusiasts can go back and check the bokeh effects Anend had done for the scenes of George and Malar; they are heart-shaped bokeh. The comedy timing and performance of Biju Menon in various movies are making those movies huge hits. Already, Malayalam cinema has the burden of the guilt of not honoring Jagathy Sreekumar when he ruled the lighter moments of Malayalam cinema. Oraalpokkam and Ain were not even mentioned. It was a shock that they ignored Pathemari for any awards despite brilliant performances by almost everyone in the movie.

If we continue watering the grown up trees ignoring the tender ones, awards might lose the purpose. Last year’s Malayalam Movie State Awards was an embarrassing slap on the audience’s faces. When rest of the World looks upon Malayalam movie industry for its talent, creativity and making, it is high time we should rethink about our awards.

Once Upon A Time I Believed That …

… I was that little girl in the floral frock in my parents’ wedding picture

… Paneer is plucked from trees

… My Grand Parents were old during their childhood

… My Parents were siblings

… Doctors are old men

… There were more than 1001 Gods in the world

… If we jump from a flight,we can sit on clouds

… Nitish Baradwaj is my boyfriend

… There were so many Moons and Suns

… There was a world of dead people under the Earth 


… India is the only good country in the World

… I will marry Mammootty

… Dreams come true the next day

… Only religions existed and there are no subdivisions to them

… My Mom bought me from a shop

… I have  dark skin because my Mom wasn’t bathing me properly

… “My” God is watching me from the sky

… I will become blind if I lied to Parents or teachers

… Gods fought each other in the sky

… I will become taller if I drink Complan;Urgh!

A Metal Trunk

People say that our love for Mother is/should be unconditional.But,I do have certain reasons to love my Mother more.The beauty of Kerala is only in my heart and somehow I like to love the place by sitting at somewhere else,which means I come to Kerala very rarely.When I am on vacation,the days are spent like a queen by sleeping whole day and watching movies at night.I somehow get attached to my bed that ,at times ,I don’t even leave my bed room.So during one of such lazy vacations,I decided to help my Mother in cleaning the house.We changed the drapes,cleaned the terrace and planted some new vegetable seeds.

Do you want to see something special?”,my Mother asked me.I thought this is her yet another way of making me work.Twenty minutes back she had asked me whether I want to see some earthworms and made me dig the soil for a 100 meter stretch.Then five minutes back she had asked me whether I want to see her wedding saree and made me help her in folding her sarees.

No,Amma“,I replied.

One last thing for the day,then you can rest and I will make pazhampori for you“.I hate such situations.She knows that I will do anything to have pazhampori.”One last time,OK?“,I said.

I brought the ladder and climbed up to the attic.There was a big and dusty metal trunk.I glared at her for making me touch this dusty thing.We slowly placed it on the floor and I sneezed hard.She opened the trunk and I again sneezed.After sneezing for the third time,when I opened my eyes I saw a trunk full of memories.I saw a trunk full of things which took me back to my childhood.

The metal trunk had my old answer sheets,the diary in which I had written alphabets for the first time,my school ribbons which I had tied on my braids,the jewelry which I had made,my dance costumes,some of my favorite jewelleries,my friendship bands,my birthday gifts and cards,some stupid love letters which I had received,letters from my friends,my notebooks,my first diary,my slam book and many more.


That’s when I decided,one of the best gifts I can ever give to my kids is a trunk full of memories.When I was a kid or a teen,I never thought that one day I will see my notebooks and become emotional.Some birthday cards from my friends drowned my in a flood of memories.Suddenly I felt those things so close to my heart.

A note to the parents of my generation,don’t throw away things related to your kids because after few decades,those things will be more precious than Gold.


Blood is thicker than Water..

How many of our habits of our childhood will stay with us as we grow? Five? Two? One? Zero?

As far as I can remember, my parents used to buy lots of books for me. My parents have been ardent readers and eventually I turned into a book-worm.

I am happy that at least one of my childhood habits is still there in me.

Yesterday (12/29/2009), while reading the national daily, The Hindu, I read a story in the YOUNG WORLD. The story is about a girl jealous of her kid brother. It’s her birthday and he is stealing the show. In the end, her kid brother made her the happiest person on her birthday.

After reading, I felt like it was my story. Two decades back, when my brother was born, I lost all the enthusiasm that I had before his birth. Before he was born, it was my favorite pastime to heed hard by pressing my small face on my Mom’s tummy to check whether he was making any sounds. I loved those soft kicks he made to make us know that, like us, he was eager to us too. I will tell the bunch of guests visiting my Mom that I was going to have a kid brother. (I still wonder how I decided by myself that it would be a baby boy). My parents were little tensed seeing my stubborn wish to have a brother.

But once he made entry into my family, he became my “villain”. Everybody was behind him.

“so cute”..”, “so chubby”… These were some of the frequent dialogues which would ring in my ear round the clock. Nobody cared about me. Everyone who came home was eager to cuddle and kiss him. My eclipsed face showed others how unhappy I was. To make matters worse, the guests teased me saying I was jealous of my brother. And I was hurt.

I noticed that he was getting toys which were not there for me. Everyone at home cared only about him. At last I declared him as my “villain” of life.

But, I don’t know how things changed. I started liking his company once he started laughing and giggling. His smile was so cute. Yes!!! he was very cute. I was blind with my jealousy that I couldn’t make out how cute he was.








Once during summer vacation,when five of cousin sisters were at home;my mom was shouting us for not taking the snacks.

One of the guests who had come that evening had brought some cookies.My mom told my brother to offer a piece to me saying “give a bite to your sister..”Then my naughty cousin sisters played a prank by telling him that they were his sisters.They tried their best to get the cookie from him.But he turned his face every time they told him that they were his sisters.In the end of the struggle,he called me “ole” for the first time – a shortened version of my pet name.

I was the happiest person on earth that day and I cried out of joy.

Once my cousin sisters were home for spending their summer holidays. My mom was shouting us for not having the evening snacks.

One of the guests who had come that evening had brought some cookies and cakes. My mom told my brother to offer a piece to me saying “give a bite to your sister”. Then, my naughty cousin sisters played a prank by telling him that they were his sisters. They tried their best to get the cookie from him. But, he turned his face every time they asked him for the cookie. In the end of the struggle, he called me “ole” for the first time – a shortened version of my pet name.

I was the happiest person on earth that day and I cried out of joy.

From that moment to the present, how far did life take us. From a younger brother to an elder brother, from a brother to a best friend, from a companion to a guardian.

There were times when I travelled home every weekend so that I can spend a day with him. There were times when I used to count the seconds to wish him first on his birthday. There was a time when my life was a mess and he was there beside me.

I know that even if my life turns upside down or if the world deceives me, I can always escape to him. I know that he will be there at the other end to hug me tight and make sure that everything is fine. I know that he will be there forever changing his roles and responsibility as time passes.

Do you know why?



Blood is THICKER than water 🙂


Hey not swearing 😉 😀

Dog!!!!That was the name of my dog when I was in play school and LKG..It was a cute one.. 🙂

It was born in our home..and my favorite pastime was to pamper it..It grew up faster than the time I was in LKG it had become a giant my bro was just born i had nobody else to play..So round the clock,I played with my cute dog..

It will come running when it hears the sound of my autorickshaw..I used to make it hold my water bottle while walking back to home from the gate..It will bite my socks and will keep both my shoes and socks on the shoe rack..

Best buddies..he he.. 😀

Then one day when i was back from school I couldn’t see my dog at the gate..I ran to my house and enquired to my grandma..she told me that it must have gone out..but that didn’t answer my anxiety..i checked everywhere in my house but couldn’t find it..I started crying..I fought with my grandpa when he tried to feed me milk..I didnt even bother to change my school uniform..All I wanted was to see my dog..I ran to the grandpa also ran behind me..

while I stepped on the gate to check whether it is there on the road..our gate had a design with holes(i used to have fun keeping my legs on those circles near to top of the gate and making a trip to and fro 😉 )

I asked my grandpa what the matter is..he told me to have milk and then take bath..he grabbed me forcefully from the gate..i cried..i could feel that something bad has happened..

my grandpa made me sit on the couch and explained me that terrible incident..

my poor dog had put its head inside the one of the circles on the couldn’t take its head out and it died out of suffocation..I still can’t express how sad i was at that time..i wept badly..i ran to the gate..i cried standing in front of the gate..i couldn’t even see my dog as the municipality people took to bury it..

Later that night i started having fever..temperature was so high..i didnt go to school for two days..fought with everyone for letting it die..

That was my first and last DOG!!!

Till this moment I have never dared to keep a pet..My DOG is always my pet..forever.. 🙂