In search of “some” innocence

These days I am disturbed when I read through the leading Malayalam newspapers. Under the pages tagged as “Naattu Varthamanam” which means “Local News”, I can see news only about rape, abuse and murder.

The shocking news was about the murder of a 4-year old girl by a 10-year-old neighbor boy. It was unbelievable that he had molested her many times and the last time when the girl cried after the rape, he suffocated her to death.


While we were kids, parents taught us not to harm even an ant. There were times when we run back to Mom and cry after watching an accident or seeing somebody hurt. Today the feelings of empathy have vanished in kids. My colleague was telling her neighboring kid announced that he will kill his Mom if she doesn’t buy him a particular bicycle. Do you know in which class he study? 3rd standard!!

15 years back, I was 10 years old. I didn’t even know what sex was. There was so much innocence inside us then. Everybody in the class was our friends regardless of gender. Those days silly fights, childish jealousy and warm friendships were silly, childish and warm. A hidden flavor of “SEX” never came in between those innocent friendships. The friendships were healthy. But today things have changed. I think 7-year-old kids know more about sex than the elders.

Last week I read about the dark side of a 5th standard boy. He had come to stay in his uncle’s house. He “used” his uncle’s 1-year-old baby girl for his pleasures. The parents wondered why the baby cried non-stop without any reason. The doctor found out the truth only when the girl developed rashes at her private areas. Imagine the plight of that mother who took care of her brother’s son like her own son. He was just 9 years old.

We cannot blame the kids as they grow up watching the elders. Now we can see grandfathers having pleasure in pampering the neighbor’s kid, fathers selling their daughters, mothers forcing their daughters into prostitution, uncles taking nieces granted for their fantasies, classmates acting as lover boys and teachers teaching the first lessons of sex.

PS: Looks like now we should hunt for something/someone to symbolize innocence. Kids are no more innocent.