Tusi Great Ho!!!

I was lazy last night.Curled up inside the quilt before 10pm.I didn’t find anything interesting in the TV but still like majority of the people I changed the channels from 1 to 100.

Suddenly it happened.

POWER went off!!!

Two seconds back,I was happy,I had a smiling face and I was literally in the heaven of laziness.I shouted at myself and lighted the candles.

I started getting irritated.I took the quilt off me and sat on the couch.Phew!!I started sweating.

I tried looking at the candles to divert my irritation.Those candles were costly ones.The candle was fixed inside a glass chamber making the chamber half full.Bottom half of the chamber was filled with a gel which made artistic waves when mixed with the melted wax.

But I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of my cute candles as the mosquito queen ordered her fellows to do a free of cost rock concert at the door of my ears. 😦 😡 😡 😡

I heard the neighbors opening their doors to get some fresh air.The house owner was shouting at the electrician.We had a small family get together at the corridor with everybody complaining about the power problem.The people from the flat opposite to the road must have felt like a candle rally happening in my apartment.

After complaining for ten minutes,we got bored.We got back to our nut shells.I walked inside my house covering the bed rooms and kitchen around ten times,but my irritation only increased.

Then I tried playing songs.But mosquitos played a better songs.

It was 11.45pm.

I was getting terrible headache.I was angry,irritated and exhausted.I beat the cushions on the couch.

It was 11.50pm.

Nothing great happened.

It was 11.55pm.

Expected the electrician to do some miracle.I could hear my house owner shouting at him.So I realized that it is going to be a LONG night.

At last 12.00am.


Power came.

I thanked Benjamin Franklin for discovering electricity.I thanked all the other big heads who invented and discovered many things for us.

Before going to bed,I prayed.

ELECTRICITY…..Tusi Great Ho!!! 🙂 🙂 😉 😀