Not Everybody Can Surprise Me

Ahem! I was so proud when I wrote the post, Want Surprises in Life?Ask ME!!, two years back.But, my friends took a great effort to surprise me with something which I hadn’t thought even in my wild dreams.

Yes,I am getting a year older this week and few of friends blew my mind with a gift.happy_surprise_by_pachoncku-d3avj2r

There was a custom of celebrating birthdays in a particular Facebook group I am in and then when people got busier,the custom slowly died.So when my friends invited me over to a mall,I wasn’t expecting anything though I had a slight doubt about it.But,when I considered the lectures,the blaming and the harassment they had poured on me over the phone the day before the meeting,my doubt vanished in the air.

And there I reach and see an empty table and the minute doubt that was inside my head disappeared.But, when they gave me a brown-paper cover, I used my Sherlock brain and guessed the gift.Wow! brilliant me — a greeting card signed by my friends.Two seconds later I realized that I am a shame to Sherlock and there are chances that Benedict might disown me by seeing my observation skills.

But before seeing the gift,don’t you want to know the culprits who almost made me cry out of happiness?

Thank you my sweetheart Meow,my loving Prasanna and my awesomatic Gils. Muaaah! and thank you Aaroo for turning up and making it a bigger surprise.

Now for the gift


For the password,please solve this anagram – That Big Id Fry

Want Surprises in Life?Ask ME!!

I believe that boasting is not much appreciated.But,I cannot constrain myself from commenting about the lack of creativity of my near and dear ones(Z is an exception 😉 )

It is a sad bare truth that nobody has ever surprised me.I somehow smell the fish even before they cook it.

I am yet to find out whose hereditary genes give me instantaneous creative ideas.

Since my childhood,I have hated people gifting rubbish to others.My Mom stopped taking me for gift shopping as I comment on whatever she picks up as a gift.There are some standard gift items like crockery,dinner sets,pens,wall decorators etc which spoil my moods.Whenever I dig in my personal gift trunk,it gives me a hard time to recollect who gifted me what.So many soft toys,desk decorators,photo frames(without pics 😡 ) and some other junk.Of course there are valuable gifts which I keep close to my heart,but I wonder why people can’t surprise me.

As far as I remember,the first surprise gift I made was for my 3rd standard friend,Shameena.She loved golden color.She wanted the world painted in golden shades.Those days as we were too young to remember anybody’s birthdays(even our own birthdays unless Mom pulls me out of the bed early morning to go to the temple),I couldn’t plan anything.She distributed sweets in the class that day,so when I got back home from school I had this great idea.I cut out her name from a thermocol and stuck those in a chart paper.Then I applied glue on those letters and sprinkled golden glittering powder on it.Whoa!!I got her name written in golden letters(Now don’t ask me how come in such a small age I had this idea.I have no clue 😉 ).I still have her excited and happy face in my mind as she was jumping with joy after seeing my gift.It was then I realized how much surprises can make a person happy in life.

During school days,I cannot shop gifts like how I do now.So I always made gifts.Whenever my dear ones’ special day is nearing,I go panic if I am out of ideas to surprise them.Prasun and I were fed up of giving letters and stories to our Mom on her birthdays.I was out of ideas when there was only a day more for her birthday.The night before her birthday as the monthly felon made her sleep early,I didn’t know that was a boon for me.She didnt do the dishes,she didn’t wipe the kitchen floor and she forgot to press our school uniforms too.So Prasun and I sneaked out of the bed at 3am(she wakes up at 5am sharp without an alarm).I did the dishes,cleaned the floor and made a big mug of milk for her.Prasun managed to iron our uniforms.I pulled a new carpet on the kitchen floor to make my work look perfect.We hung the birthday banner on the kitchen door and stuck a painting which Prasun made for her.But unfortunately,we slept off in the couch.But Mom being very generous(realized it later in my life),made some noises which woke up us.We sat straight in the couch with half closed eyes and sleepy heads;Prasun fell on to my shoulders every two seconds when I heard her footsteps at the staircase.We wished her,gave kisses and ran back to sleep.My Mom still talks about her birthday surprises to people.I wish my kids give me sweet birthday surprises 😀

College was the perfect platform for showcasing my talents in making surprises.Ideas flowed in like waterfalls when somebody’s birthday was around the corner.Though there are lots,I will narrate the best one from it.It was the first semester in our college.Six of us became great friends in no time.The birthday girl and I were roommates.Another two of the gang were in one room and the rest two in two different rooms.As it was the first birthday in our gang of friends,we were actually confused.We are having a hostel life for the first time.Moreover we hardly know her but we liked her so much and we were going to be together for another four years.We managed to get a cake and candles but gifting a cake was not a great idea.I stopped listening to classes as I wanted a kick-ass idea.At last I came up with a plot.We were sure that she must have not expected a surprise birthday party as the college days have just started.I made another friend in my gang to act for the day as if she was suffering from stomach ache.I made her whine about it till 11pm.We sat with her and made her sleep in the room where other two friends of my gang are roommates.We told those three that we will check with those people after one hour’s study.By the time we three got out of the room,they started the decoration work and made the cake ready.At 11.55pm the birthday girl got a call from the room saying that our friend collapsed because of severe stomach ache.Both of us ran to the first floor and rushed inside the room.The room was candle lit and decorated.She just couldn’t believe the surprise and shrieked out of joy.We hugged each other and shouted in joy.Of course,those hugs bound us together,even today.

Back home,I surprise my family members every year,especially for my parents’ wedding anniversary.Every year,I feel happy inside by seeing their surprised and happy faces.They always ask me how I managed to make plots in front of their eyes.I don’t have an answer for that question.

Now somebody please surprise me!!!

PS : Hey Z,I think it’s not a bad idea to open a gift shop of our own.

Happy B’Day,my blog

On this special day,I thank Raji for inspiring me and for bringing me to the Blogging World.The support from Snoopy and Raji was immense that when I started off my blog,only those two were there to read my blog and comment on the posts.Later support from my parents and my uncle was really encouraging.

Role of Indiblogger in making me a better blogger is beyond I can thank them.

So at the end of 1 year I have in my bucket,

Thank you all for your valuable comments and criticisms 🙂