At Times

“Learn from others’ mistakes too,because it is not possible for you to commit all the mistakes in one life”

Today morning while commuting,I was completely involved in the book “Barsa” written by Dr.Khadeeja Mumtaz.

It was then I realized that somebody was pulling my dupatta.I looked back to see a curious baby boy crawling on the floors of the local train.

He was attracted to the chocolates which I had left in the translucent outer pouch of my hand bag.As he was trying to stand up holding the seat and my dupatta,his mom came near us holding a baby girl.Her eyes too got locked in the chocolates and she also raised her tiny hands pointing my hand bag.

I was about to close my book planning to give the kid a handful of chocolates.Suddenly some reflex passed through my spine telling me not to give toffee to the kid.I was able to realize the reason.So I smiled at him and continued my reading.

Though I had opened my book for reading,I was only looking at the book.Through the corners of my eyes,I could see the women talking about my cold attitude towards that kid.Unlike the usual times,my ears became very sharp that I could hear the whispers in the women compartment very well.

I looked at everyone and took a deep breath.And smiled because I was sure that what I did was correct.

This incident happened a couple of years back.One of my friends was travelling in the local train to her office.She found that a beggar family was standing opposite to her.The kid was untidy but a cute baby boy of 4 years old or so.My friend had lost her baby brother in an accident.Since then she was always fond of baby boys.At times,she used to tell us that she sees her brother in all kids.

As she was carrying some chocolates with her that day,she offered it to the baby boy.He happily took it from her.

When she got down at her station,there was a huge gang of beggars following her and shouting at her to stop walking.

She was surprised to know that they were pointing at her.There was a police officer accompanying them and he came to her and asked what her intentions were.

She was standing numb not understanding the meaning of such a big drama.People started surrounding the scene.It took some minutes for her to realize the exact situation.The mom of the baby boy has complained her gang and police officer that my friend gave her kid some chocolates injected with some sleeping drug.My friend was accused of being a kidnapper.

My friend just couldn’t digest the situation but nobody was giving her a chance to talk.It was then a man came up to the police officer and told that he was a doctor and wants to check the kid.The beggar gang was against it but when the crowd protested they gave up.The doctor went the kid and pinched him out of everybody’s surprise.The kid woke up as it was not there in their plan.Rest of the situation was handled well by the crowd and the police.

My friend still believes that it was God who came in the form of doctor.Once the crowd pounced on the beggar gang,it was kinda stampede.In between that rush,she lost track of him and has never ever found him again.

If such a mistake had not happened to my friend,today even I must have offered the chocolates to the kid.But who knows whether the same situation will happen to me or not.

At times,things go wrong even when we want to do a good deed.But we can’t help it as the world outside is bad.It is not our mistake!!