I don’t know why I’m scared

Last night I read an article about the new “trends” in eve teasing that is happening very often in Chennai lately.

You can read the article here.

So after reading this article,I was just thinking deeply about this issue.Though guys are around me at home,at office,at meetings,at restaurants,at shopping malls etc and we have fun and we help each other in troubles,it is true that at times I feel scared..

The streets will be crowded with IT people folks late night,but I have always felt little odd walking on the streets after late night meetings.I used to boast to my parents to make them feel better by saying”Don’t worry Mom,after all it is a metro and too many people around me..I will be fine“.But even while telling this to my mom,back of my mind I am still not confident and courageous..I don’t know why. 😦 😦

At times,if I couldn’t get inside the women compartment in the local train,I feel very uncomfortable till I get out of it.It is not that anybody will attack me or tease me but it is some unknown fear deep inside my mind.But the moment I get down at the next station and get inside the ladies coupé,it is so much of relief for me.If you ask me the reason behind it,I have absolutely nothing to state.It is just a fear that makes me walk fast,a shiver that runs down through my spine when I get a false look,an extra heart beat when somebody makes a bad comment or a tensed mind when I feel insecure.

I have no clue why do guys do this.I have always asked my close guys friends the reason behind it and I always end up getting either a weird smile or a vague and stupid answer.

The guys I see around me are good and who respect women and their feelings.They are always ready to help and understand our problems and difficulties.So I have always liked them being around me.I feel safe and secured.

But there may be/there are bad guys whom I have not seen yet and I hope I don’t them see them at all in my life.