The To-Do List

I woke up thinking about my to-do list for the day.Without opening my eyes,I stretched my hand to check whether my wife is still asleep.

She had already started her daily chores.Even at the age of 55,unlike me, she is young and energetic.There is nothing much to do today. After retirement, the to-do list contains disturbing the evening of an old friend or pulling the wife for an evening walk or watching a newly released movie.My Mom taught me to make a to-do list  when I was a kid and 60 years of living made me hook to my to-do lists.During the early days of my marriage my wife,Savithri,teased me asking whether love-making is there in the list for the day.She knew how to flame up the romance between us.

Suddenly a shrieking sound made me jump out of the bed.But, fortunately I didn’t jump out of the bed.I was still lying on it.My daughter came running into the bedroom.She was crying at the top of her voice.Though I love my daughter,as she married against my wishes I always had an ego towards her.But, why is she lying on my pot belly and crying?

What happened?”, I asked.

Suddenly I noticed that my wife is lying down on the floor.Oh my God!

Savithri…What happened?”,I screamed taking off my daughter’s hands clutching over my body.

Savithri…tell me what happened?

Anu…What is the problem with you?Why are you crying out loud?

Savithri…Get up my dear…Savithri..Why are you angry?Did I hurt you?”

It’s the usual cold war.She can’t even lift her face and look at me.But,still,why is my daughter crying.I looked at both of them and they both refused to talk to me.

Savithri…you better get up and tell your daughter to keep quiet.

A car honked in front of the house. I looked at both of them and they had no plans to get up. So, I went to the front door to see that it’s already open.

Savithri..why is the door open?”


My son! What is he doing here at 7am?

Before I could ask him anything,my daughter came running and hugged him tight.Those two went inside without looking at me.

I stood confused but, I was happy.Anu and Vivek have been close since their childhood.It’s a pride to see them back each other even after having their families.

So, let me strike out the two tasks in the to-do list for the day.It is always a pleasure to spend a lazy day with the wife and the kids.

Mom is not getting up,please come fast Vivek…

God!!what happened to Savithri?I ran back to the bedroom.She was still lying there on the floor.


Vivek made her get up and made her lean back on his shoulders.

He is gone!!He is gone!!Your Dad is gone!!Love of my life is gone!!!

Savithri…Can’t you see me?

Only then I glanced at my bed.There was somebody lying down there and Savithri hugged him tight.

Isn’t that myself who is lying down there?That means I am DEAD!!?

No!!that is not possible.

Savithri…I am alive..look at me..Anu… kids..look at me..I am still alive.

They didn’t hear me.

I’m dead!

Now why should a dead man need a to-do list?Now all I need to do is to lie down forever.

I went back to bed and lied down but they never realized it.

2 thoughts on “The To-Do List

  1. @Bhavia – Read through all the posts in your blog today. Awesome writing!! Especially this is too brilliant. Happy to find the blog of yours.

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