To-do List

I woke up thinking about my to-do list for the day.Without opening my eyes,I patted the bed to check whether my wife is still asleep.

She has already started her daily chores.Even at the age of 55,unlike me she is very young and energetic.There is nothing much to do today.After all if we retire from the job and if we have a well settled family,to-do list will only contain disturbing an evening of an old friend or pulling the wife for an evening.My Mom taught me to make a to-do list  when I was a kid and 60 years of living made me stuck to my to-do lists.During the early days of my marriage my wife,Savithri,used to tease me asking whether love-making is there in the list for the day.She knew well to create a romantic mood between us.

Suddenly a shrieking sound made me jump out of the bed.But fortunately I didn’t jump out of the bed.I was still lying on it.My daughter came running into the bedroom crying at the top of her voice.She called out for me as if I died.Though I love my daughter,as she married the one against my wishes I always had an ego towards her.But why is she lying on my pot belly and crying?

Oh God!!did she get a divorce?If thats the case then my romantic privacy with wife is gone.Why can’t children give some space to their parents during retired life?Phew!!

Suddenly I noticed that my wife is lying down on the floor.Oh my God!!What happened to her?She normally does this act when I scold her but last night we enjoyed like couples enjoying honeymoon.She was too good last night and we slept after having a wonderful lusty love-making session.

Savithri…What happened?”,I called out taking off my daughter’s hands clutching over my body.

Why is she not responding?Let me sit next to her and kiss her behind the neck.She will wake up having goose bumps.

Savithri…tell me what happened?“,why is my daughter crying out like a mad female?See this is the punishment you get when you hurt the Dad and marry somebody else.

So Anu…What is the problem with you?Why are you crying out loud?

Huh!!!my egoist daughter she can’t even answer my question.No wonder her husband kicked her out.

Savithri…Get up my dear…Savithri..Why are you angry with me?Did I hurt you?”

Why did you keep the door wide open this way?Just because the dawn has broken doesn’t mean that you have to keep the doors wide open and then lie down inside the bedroom and cry.”

Savithri…you better get up and tell your daughter to keep quiet.

The flash light of the car made me blind for ten seconds.Looks like daughter had a terrible fight with my supposedly son-in-law.He must be really angry.No wonder he did such a rash driving enough to make the court-yard dusty.


It is not my son-in-law but my legal kid;my own son.But isn’t he a busy man?what is he doing here at 7am?

Before I could ask him anything,my daughter came running and fell on him and hugged him tight.

I am happy,after all they are my kids.The bonding between them is so strong that their love for each other never ceased.About the fight,Anu must have informed Vivek before informing anybody else in this world.So let me strike out the two tasks in the to-do list for the day.It is always a pleasure to spend a lazy day with the wife and the kids.

Mom is not getting up,please come fast Vivek…

God!!what happened to my Savithri?I ran back to the bedroom.She was still lying there on the floor.


Vivek made her get up and made her lean back on his shoulders.

He is gone!!He is gone!!Your Dad is gone!!Love of my life is gone!!!

Savithri…what the hell are you talking?Can’t you see me?

Only then I moved a glance to my bed.There is somebody lying down there.Now those three are lying over that man and crying out loud.

Isn’t that myself who is lying down there?That means I am DEAD!!?

No!!that is not possible.

Savithri…I am alive..look at me..Anu… kids..look at me..I am still alive.

But nobody is heeding me.That means I am not ALIVE.I am the one who is dead.

Now why should a dead man need a to-do list?Now all I need to do is to go to bed and lie down there forever.

I went back to bed and lay down but they never realized it.

2 thoughts on “To-do List”

  1. @Bhavia – Read through all the posts in your blog today. Awesome writing!! Especially this is too brilliant. Happy to find the blog of yours.

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