A Lesson for a Lifetime

 I was late for my flight to Delhi. My upcoming movie’s “Pooja”* is at today 5pm.If I miss this flight then, I am going to miss the function too.

I gave an irritated look to the driver. As if he got my thought, the driver turned back told me to be patient and that dialogue made me more impatient. I was feeling restless. I was irritated about so many other matters. If I am late to get the boarding pass, then the window seat is gone.Also, there will be always someone or the other who gets excited or surprised to see me on the flight or sitting next to me…Some “make-up” faced girls make my travel horrible asking a 101 questions and then trying to seduce me showing their flesh. Anyway my peace of mind is gone. My window seat too.

The moment I reached Airport, I ran inside flagging my ticket to the security and then rushed to the Jet Airways desk. Like I expected there were no window seats. Boarding bus is gone and my name is getting announced. A not so beautiful air hostess was searching for me. She took me inside the flight. At the Business Class I got a two seater.Thank God!! Also the girl in the next seat is a plain-looking girl busy with her laptop. I could hear my name whispered by some people. While I was keeping my bag in the drawer, I got smiles from a bunch of strangers. But what can I do??I have no other way other than to smile them back. After all I am a successful actor because of these people. I smiled back, though it was a fake one.

There is another type of people. They got too much of ego that they won’t bother to look at me at all. They will try to sit as if they have never seen me in their lives. But to be very truthful, I love sitting with those kind people. At least, I don’t want to answer any questions. The girl sitting next to me is of that kind I guess. Though she must have heard my name in a louder voice than a whisper, she didn’t even bother to look around searching for me.Huh!!I sat next to her. The flight took off. She is busy chatting with somebody in GTalk and simultaneously licking a chocolate. She is not even that great looking girl but still shows an attitude. I stared at her thinking this in my mind. She didn’t even look at me.

 During the snacks time, she saw me and gave a smile. I was thinking whether to smile at her or not. Usually girls jump on me asking questions and talking nonstop about my looks and movies; also asking me to sign on their T-shirts or even their body. And here, the way she acknowledged was with a plain smile. Not even surprised or excited. She talked with me for the first time asking me to get one more chocolate from the Air Hostess. I gave her a rude stare but I did give her a chocolate.

 While having snacks, she asked,”Hey!!Aman,How are you doing?” She asked me as if she knew me for years. I replied, “I am doing well“.

She: “I am Diya…Diya Chandran…I work as a Software Engineer at Google”.

She offered me a handshake.

Me : “Hello“. We had a handshake…

Then again, she started chatting in GTalk having snacks simultaneously. I just peeped to see her laptop to see who is that great guy. Next second I felt embarrassed for sneaking into somebody else’s privacy. I saw the “Muaaaahhaa Baby” popping in her chat box. I just looked at the other side to make sure that she has not seen my cheap activity.

She gave a look and smiled at me.

She: “Hey Aman, Look here… this is my guy…Krishna…I call him Krish...”

I looked at the laptop back ground to see their pic.They looked great together. Also she looks very beautiful when being with him. For a fraction of second I felt jealous of Krishna

Me: “Oh!!Nice…You guys look great together

She: “Thank you. I am going to spend my weekend with him. What are you up to at Delhi?

Me: “I have a Pooja function for my upcoming movie

She: “Nice!!

The minimized chat box blinked showing Knish’s new chat. She turned the laptop towards her and then again started chatting. I was feeling irritated as I was not getting the usual attention. At last I thought of initiating a talk with her.

Me: “It is alright with me you being surprised or excited seeing me. You don’t have to hide your feelings. I have seen many girls shouting with excitement after me leaving the seat. But I love seeing that excitement. It is actually you fans’ love and excitements that help me act more and grow in the movie industry.” I told as if I was a philosopher.

She: “For that who told you that I am excited seeing you. I am happy and excited because I am going to meet Krish in another 1 hour. I think you are mistaken...”

I was shocked by such a reply. I frowned. She closed the laptop lid and turned to me.

She: “I know there are girls who go head over heels by seeing you. Even I am happy to see you. But I like to see you as another professional. I like to see you as another guy. I like to see the movie industry as another profession area than thinking that you guys are heavenly creatures. It is the common man’s problem that they think that you guys are the same as the character they watch in the movie. Common man love the character played by you…not you…You may be somebody entirely different in your life. Acting is just another profession.

Me: “But you see, this profession actually changes the life of a person. It will take you to another dimension of life. Nothing in this world will give you that.

She: “But you will have to sacrifice a lot of things in your life in the name of fame. It costs you terribly

Me: “What?????

She: “It is not always great to be pried. Today I am going for a date. Nobody other than Krish and I; now you too; know about the date. But when you go for a date, there will a so many other eyes to see what you are doing. You spend most of your good times with some other actresses than with your wife. You can never have a long walk with your girl/wife in the beach at night. You can never go to a dhaba and have the parotta and paneer.If you have a fight with your girl/wife, next day there will be articles printed about it. But if Krish and I fight, that is between us; a hug or a kiss can solve the fight. But in your case, you will have to keep up your ego in public which will get things worse. Also you can never tell your true opinion about anything or anyone in public or not even in your friends circle. If you do so, then there will be another questioning session which will make you either apologize in the public or will make you withdraw your statement. In short, for the fame and money you earn, you sacrifice a lot more things than you think. You guys are famous because your faces are seen by the people. Suppose for every program we software engineers write, if our names and photos are attached, we would have been more famous than you. I work in Google and if my photo is shown every time you open the website, then I would have been a more famous personality than you are.

I was thunderstruck by hearing this. I swallowed the last drop of saliva in my throat. I opened the small bottle to sip some water.

She: “What happened to you? Are you alright??

Me: “I am fine..

She again opened the laptop and started chatting. I could see her cheeks becoming pink as she was blusing.Yes!!She is happier than me. She is going to have a good time with her guy. Here I can’t even fall in love with peace of mind. The people are more worried about my marriage than me or my parents.

For the first time in my life, I thought “How nice it would have been if actors were considered as just another human beings? How great it would have been if we were given our privacy? See, she is having all the small happiness in her life. I am just worried about how to keep up the image I am having in the industry. Yes!!She is right. People love the character I play in the movies…Not me…If the character I play in the next movie becomes a flop, then the fame also goes down. This same people will pull me down in my career. I was actually against the decision of the movie committee during the fight between two actors but I had no way to tell it out or act according to my wishes, because I know the repercussions that will be happening in life. In short, I am a prisoner in my world…a rich and famous prisoner…my whole life is going to be pried. Nothing could be done now.”

“But there is something that I could do now. To try to change the way it is…to break the beak of my arrogance and the proud feeling that I had in my mind..To be a good person…”

I looked at her. She is still blushing and having a chat with her guy. The announcement about the flight landing gave her face a wide smiley look. I could see the true happiness and love in her eyes. The wanting in her eyes for him made me jealous because girls just love me for my looks and the character which I played in various movies. She was busy keeping her laptop inside the bag that some “make-up” faced girls came to me for the autograph…They told me that they were in Economy class and came here by hearing about the news that I travelling today. But again I gave a fake smile.

“Yes!!Yes!!I reached…” She was talking with Krish over the phone..

She: “Bye Aman.Nice meeting you. Have a great time..Good Luck with your new movie”..

 Me: “Thanks..Bye Diya..Do tell Krish my regards…”

She: “Sure..Bye…”She just went out hurriedly.

Of course there is somebody out there waiting for her with loads of love. There is somebody waiting for me too…My cab driver..Phew!!I took out my bag and went out.

 I felt like following her, just to see her for some more time. She just ran to one guy…Krish…They just had a tight hug and he lifted her little during their hug. His face had the happiness of a lifetime.

I felt down, little depressed thinking that such an incident is never going to happen in my life. It happens for me only in movies, and that too it will stay for just seconds. It will get over the moment Director says “CUT!!” I gave a deep sigh and whispered…

Thank you Diya…Thank you for giving this painful lesson

I got a pat on my right shoulder…I turned back to see my “guy”…the cab driver..

I again looked back to see her once more…but she had disappeared..Have fun Diya…May May God bless you both..  

5 thoughts on “A Lesson for a Lifetime

  1. LOL ! I suppose this is not out of a true incident. is it? Personally did you wanna tell this to any actor or the so called cine artists as a whole? Maybe this article was born out of your love towards the cine industry and the concerns you had for the artists… anyways that was a clear cut message ! 🙂

  2. Once I was flying to Delhi and I heard from one of the passengers that actor *********** is travelling with us in the business.So I imagined,if he was sitting next to me,how the conversation would have been 🙂

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