A Far Away Pain

The alarm rang..6 am

Anita opened her eyes.All she could see was the pouring rain.Cold breeze seeped through the half-opened window.It made a shiver run all over her wrinkled body.

She could hear the voice of her daughter – in – law who was running behind Rahul,her 4-year-old grandson.Raj,her only son was calling out “Riya..Riya..” every two minutes..

Anita just turned her face to the window for more chilliness.Memories just took her back to such a cold morning.

Sreejith was sound asleep.But the chilliness made by the rain made him stick to her body for warmth.His strong hands made a tight hug and she smiled when it tickled.

She looked at him for a long time to enjoy his cuteness when he slept.She has always thought that he is her first baby.though he is a strict Project manager for 30 people,he is the most loving and romantic person on earth.It has been always the best he has given her;from the day they fell in love to till this second.She gave him a tight hug…Trrrr…Alarm rang..6 am..Time to start the day..

TTuck!!!The window made a harsh sound in the wind which made her wake up from the dream.

Today,there is nobody to give her a tight hug or to kiss her behind her neck while she cooks or to wipe her tears and tell her that she looks cute when she cries or to call her “Ani..Ani..Ani..”.He left her alone years back.

Now all she could do on these cold and rainy mornings is to close her door tightly to prevent from the morning mess happening at home.To think about what to do after those three leave home for school or work.To pray God to take her soon to her love,Sree..Sree..Her eyes slowly closed.

Anita slipped into sleep…

She opened her eyes to see what is happening at home.It is pitch dark.She could feel somebody lying next to her.

She just checked to see who it is..Oh God!!It is Sreejith..

‘Am I dreaming??How come he is sleeping next to me?’,She thought for a while..

His hands made a tight move on her body when cold breeze made his body shiver.She sat up with full force to know what is happening.

Yes,her cute and romantic Project Manager is sleeping like a kid next to her.His hands are holding her.It is not a dream.He has not gone anywhere.He is still there in her life.

All she experienced was a far away painful dream..a dream every woman hate to think about..a dream which nobody wants to happen..

Trrrrrrrr..6 am..

‘Time to start my day..Have to wake up Raj for school;he got class test today..‘She thought in her mind..she kissed Sree and went out of the bed room to kitchen..

Seconds just flew and she could hear a call from the toilet..“Aniiiiiiiiiiii..Ani..,where is my towel????”

‘Yes!!!He is still there in my life..’She gave a deep sigh..and smiled..:)

14 thoughts on “A Far Away Pain

  1. Excellent Theme Bhavia… All of us can definitely identify with this line…

    “All she experienced was a far away painful dream..a dream every woman hate to think about..a dream which nobody wants to happen..”

  2. Hi Bhavia.. put ur writing skills into more purpose.. there’s a proverb saying
    “Make ur passion ur profession. Else make ur profession ur passion”…
    I think u don’t have to consider the ‘else’ part at all coz i see a good writer in u who can change the thinking of ppl thro ur writings.. so, maybe in the future(say 10 yrs) i want to see u not as an IT professional but as one whose books are in hand to read.
    (eg) Chetan Bhagat kind of… but i want u to craete ur own identityand be known as Bhavia distinctly and not be compared with others.. Its only a suggestion.. u are the best to decide abt ur life.. so all the best for the future ahead..

  3. A dream ! Was this a creation born out of you, experiencing a dream or is it someone else’s ? i too ended up with an article once experiencing such a dream.. 🙂 you know it 😉

    Beautifully written…

    1. Most of the things what I have written in the post is what I had dreamt.As we don’t remember our dreams completely,I had to cook up a plot to write it as a story

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