Thank You!

My day started with watching the video shown below.

Of course,the video touched my heart deeply but it did bring back a timeline of events which taught me how to “really” say thank you.

The first lessons of saying thank you were from my parents. Every time somebody gifts me a chocolate,they would tell me “Say Thank You” and I would say “Thank You”.I always thought it was a custom to say Thank You when somebody gives us something.After a while,when my parents started making me hand over the gifts to people,I was told to say “You are welcome” once they tell me “Thank You”.Even telling “You are welcome” was a mechanical activity.During school days,though the entire class shouts “Thank You Madam/Sir” after every class,I am sure that neither me nor my classmates were thankful about the class.The chanting of Thank You was more about the happiness and the relief which we got when the teachers left the class than the thankfulness for teaching us.But then,as we grow up,we do learn a lot of life lessons.During my teenage phase, saying Thank You was about shedding my ego.So I rarely thanked anyone.I felt so embarrassing when somebody thanked me. I would look down wondering what to reply them.I used to feel awkward by hearing the word Thank You.So, I would show a fake smile and run away from the situation.I didn’t know how to handle such situations.

Things changed when I started my college.First time away from home,new place,new language,new people and new food.Altogether I was in a messed up state.But,luckily I got a friend,Chittu, on the second day of the college.We talked for hours in a stretch and became friends in no time.Chittu and I became the relief sources for each other.My roommate and I were struggling to get along well and Chittu and her roommate were on the same boat too.Interestingly,my roommate and Chittu’s roommate became buddies.In a week,Chittu had reached the saturation point of her frustrations.Wardens were strict about the rules as they claimed that in the first year, students from same state should not be roommates.Yes,Chittu is from Kerala.Chittu was infamous for her punctuality.She was always the last one to reach the class.As we both go to the class together,I also end up reaching the class late.Daily,for 8.30 AM class,we will be the last ones to run from the mess.Then one day,we were late to the class;so we skipped our breakfast and ran to the class.To make the worse worst,she slipped and fell down on the steps of the hostel.And the shameless we are,we smiled each other and went to the mess to have breakfast.We were happy to skip the first hour of class and leisurely walked to the class.By end of the day,back pain started for her.The second week of our college had just started and nobody knew each other well.But,we still managed to borrow an electric kettle and an Iodex cream.My roommate was happy to temporarily move to Chittu’s room for few days.After three days,Chittu and I reluctantly talked to the warden and to our surprise she agreed to the idea of Chittu moving in with me and my roommate moving to Chittu’s room.After talking to the warden,I was just simply standing at the door of my room.I don’t know what happened in next five minutes.Looks like Chittu had all her suitcases packed and ready.She just ran across the corridor twice or thrice and there she is,shifted to my room.Both of us laughed like crazy people and she hugged me so tight and said Thank You.That was the first time I felt the real meaning of Thank You.The Thank You she said had all the happiness and relief which she had felt then.That was a very genuine Thank You.One Thank You that made me feel so special and that was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.Thus I started thanking people sincerely.I made it a habit to look into the other person’s eyes and thanking them with a smile.Some people respond,some just stare at me and some others show their happiness.

Trust me,this habit has made both my life and smile more beautiful.And,this is a Thank You note for Chittu which was long overdue.

So,next time don’t hesitate to thank someone.A Thank You can make wonders in life.

PS : Thank you Brags for that Facebook post.

Want Surprises in Life?Ask ME!!

I believe that boasting is not much appreciated.But,I cannot constrain myself from commenting about the lack of creativity of my near and dear ones(Z is an exception šŸ˜‰ )

It is a sad bare truth that nobody has ever surprised me.I somehow smell the fish even before they cook it.

I am yet to find out whose hereditary genes give me instantaneous creative ideas.

Since my childhood,I have hated people gifting rubbish to others.My Mom stopped taking me for gift shopping as I comment on whatever she picks up as a gift.There are some standard gift items like crockery,dinner sets,pens,wall decorators etc which spoil my moods.Whenever I dig in my personal gift trunk,it gives me a hard time to recollect who gifted me what.So many soft toys,desk decorators,photo frames(without pics šŸ˜” ) and some other junk.Of course there are valuable gifts which I keep close to my heart,but I wonder why people can’t surprise me.

As far as I remember,the first surprise gift I made was for my 3rd standard friend,Shameena.SheĀ loved golden color.She wanted the world painted in golden shades.Those days as we were too young to remember anybody’s birthdays(even our own birthdays unless Mom pulls me out of the bed early morning to go to the temple),I couldn’t plan anything.She distributed sweets in the class that day,so when I got back home from school I hadĀ this great idea.I cut out her name from a thermocol and stuck those in a chart paper.Then I applied glue on those letters and sprinkled golden glittering powder on it.Whoa!!I got her name written in golden letters(Now don’t ask me how come in such a small age I had this idea.I have no clue šŸ˜‰ ).I still have her excited and happy face in my mind as she was jumping with joy after seeing my gift.It was then I realized how much surprises can make a person happy in life.

During school days,I cannot shop gifts like how I do now.So I always made gifts.Whenever my dear ones’ special day is nearing,IĀ go panic if I am out of ideas to surprise them.PrasunĀ and I were fedĀ up of giving letters and stories to our Mom on her birthdays.I was out of ideas when there was only a day more for her birthday.The night before her birthday as the monthly felon made her sleep early,I didn’t know that was a boon for me.She didnt do the dishes,she didn’t wipe the kitchen floor and she forgot to press our school uniforms too.So Prasun and I sneaked out of the bed at 3am(she wakes up at 5am sharp without an alarm).I did the dishes,cleaned the floor and made a big mug of milk for her.Prasun managed to iron our uniforms.I pulled a new carpet on the kitchen floor to make my work look perfect.We hung the birthday banner on the kitchen door and stuck a painting which Prasun made for her.But unfortunately,we slept off in the couch.But Mom being very generous(realized it later in my life),made some noises which woke up us.We sat straight in the couch with half closed eyes and sleepy heads;Prasun fell on to my shoulders every two seconds when I heard her footsteps at the staircase.We wished her,gave kisses and ran back to sleep.My Mom still talks aboutĀ her birthday surprisesĀ to people.I wish my kids give me sweet birthday surprises šŸ˜€

College was the perfect platform for showcasing my talents in making surprises.Ideas flowed in like waterfalls when somebody’s birthday was around the corner.Though there are lots,I will narrate the best oneĀ from it.It was the first semester in our college.Six of us became great friends in no time.The birthday girl and I were roommates.Another twoĀ of the gang were in one room and the rest two in two different rooms.As it was the first birthday in our gang of friends,we were actually confused.We are having a hostelĀ life for the first time.Moreover we hardly know her but we liked her so much and we were going to be together for another four years.We managed to get a cake and candles but gifting aĀ cake was not a great idea.I stopped listening to classes as I wanted a kick-ass idea.At last I came up with a plot.We were sure that she must have not expected a surprise birthday party as the college days have just started.I made another friend in my gang to act for the day as if she was suffering from stomach ache.I made her whine about it till 11pm.We sat with her and made her sleep in the room where other two friends of my gang are roommates.We told those three that we will check with those people after one hour’s study.By the time we three got out of the room,they started the decoration work and made the cake ready.At 11.55pm the birthday girl got a call from the room saying that our friend collapsed because of severe stomach ache.Both of us ran to the first floor and rushed inside the room.The room was candle lit and decorated.She just couldn’t believe the surprise and shrieked out of joy.We hugged each other and shouted in joy.Of course,those hugs bound us together,even today.

Back home,I surprise my family members every year,especially for my parents’ wedding anniversary.Every year,I feel happy inside by seeing their surprised and happy faces.They always ask me how I managed to make plots in front of their eyes.I don’t have an answer for that question.

Now somebody please surprise me!!!

PS : Hey Z,I think it’s not a bad idea to open a gift shop of our own.

A True Friend Stabs You In The Front

Sometimes my Mom tells me,it is better that we meet some bad people in the beginning of our lives;so that later we are aware of those smiling devils.

After a span of four years I thought about the downfall times of my life when I saw my kiddoĀ friend Nikhil’s Facebook status,which read like ” A True Friend Stabs You In The Front“.

As I had a lonely weekend,I watched ‘3 Idiots’ before going to sleep.Though it is impossible to have filmy friendships in life,I was thinking why I have only a couple of friends from my college.College is a place where we get the friends for lifetime.But what went wrong in my life?Actually it was not my life which went wrong,it’s just that I met the wrong people in my life.

My school friends are still with me for more than a decade.But I am glad that the handpicked friends which I got from the college are worth than having a 100 friends.

Before coming to the college,I was not aware of lying,cheating,sweet talks and back-bitching.Back in school and at home,every relationship was transparent.If we were angry with somebody,we showed the anger.If we were upset due to somebody’s action,we always went up to that person and shouted at them.A few tears and a hug used to the solve the problems between us.Confessing and apologizing were good habits in a relationship.Due to these habits,our friendships were immortal.The fights and misunderstandings only made us feel closer to each other.

When in college,like a fool I believed everybody who talked sweetly to me.For the first time I realized that there is something called “making someone do your work”. People appreciated or encouraged others not becauseĀ  the latter are good at it,they just wanted to get their work done.Ignorance was considered as a sin unlike the quote ‘ignorance is a bliss‘. There was an unhealthy race among the students and people flattered each other rather than encouraging.There were situations when people talked good about a person and then curse them secretly.

Sweet talks were madeĀ to get things done.People lied looking to our eyes which I understood as truths.Egos were ample that apologizing and confessing were seen as timid actions.Taking revenges were fun as if they had training on it before joining the college.People broke up with their partners when they find a better pasture.People lied often and at times it was difficult to make out whether what they talked was true or not.Friendships were more of comfortable zones than relationships.

There was a time when I had a dilemma on whom to trust.The funniest part is that whomever I loved and trusted gave me the biggest blows of my life.But God was kind to give me a few souls who stood with me during the down fall time and gave me the strength to come out of the failures.During my low times,people I “loved” were eager to end me as a “failure” of the millennium.There were times when I was not even sure that I will come out of the trauma of being cheated.

Once one of “sweet” friends whom I had considered as a sibling hugged me to wish me.But instead she just whispered to me that how much she hated me after hearing about one of my achievements.Two hours before when I had announced the good news to friends,it was she who had shouted the most with joy.At that moment I felt,it would have been better if she had actually stabbed me while hugging.It would have not hurt me that bad after hearing her words.

The biggest lesson I learned from my college was not the subject which I chose but how to judge people.Today I augur well even before they show me their dirty face.

And you know what I do?I just stab them in the front and then throw them out of my life.

I feel if I had not had those bitter lessons in my college life,I would have not been assertive.I would have just stood weak wondering how to move on in life.

No wonder God tells us that everything has a purpose in life.Thank God I met them early in my life and my bunch of friends love me as if I am their soul-mate.

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Is Hating Somebody a Bad Thing?

Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

My usual GTalk chat with my friends are fun.At times I feel that I am back in my college.We chat endlessly discussing and gossiping šŸ˜›

Last evening,it was upset when accidentally my friend talked about “her”.

I hated her as I had ample reasons for it.Though there was a time when she was my mentor and guardian in college,things just went messy later.

Last evening,my friends were surprisedĀ to know that I have still not gottenĀ over that terrible incident.It has been Ā a while that I have not thought about her in my life.But a sudden mention of her name made me realize that I still hate her.

My friends thought that time must have healed the wounds in my heart as its been almost 5 years that we have seen her.I was upset and left the chat.

Later,during dinner my brother told me that if she had hurtĀ me that badly then she doesn’t deserveĀ my friendship.

Today again,I was thinking why didn’t the hatred towards her diminish at all.Like my friends said it was time to get over it.

May be because I never tried to change my attitude towards her.

But whatever it is;

Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

I think we all dislike somebody sometime.Most of them forget about itĀ as time passes.But certain deep wounds do take time to heal or at times don’t heal at all. šŸ˜” šŸ˜”

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Being at the Other Side

“We are toldĀ from childhood onwardsĀ that everything we want to do is impossible. We grow up with this idea, and as the years accumulate, so too do the layers of prejudice, fear and guilt. There comes a time when our personal calling is so deeply buried in our soul as to be invisible. But itā€™s still there”*

It is always very human to always haveĀ a tinge of pain because of the “grass is always greener at the other side”.

When I was a child,I used to think how nice it would have been if I was born in US or UK..Almost every time I used to think,how it would be if I were x or y..It was a habit for me to think about being somebody..May be that made me not realizing what I was actually having in my life..It took another 10 years for me to understand that I was born with all the comforts and freedom.My parents were the best I could ever think about..But the thought or the habit of thinking from the other side used to make me feel horrible..

Later,during my college days I came to know that it was not just with me..the whole world is as such..People just think or believe that the other person’s life is the best;not realizing that these people have a better life than others..

I remember that we friends were jealous of one the most studious girls in our batch..we used to wonder how she is managing everything..She study or don’t study,she will top the department..There were even talks during the exam night outs “Ho!How nice it would have been if I were Miss X”.But it was towards the end of the college we came to know that though she had a wealthy family,her father is not with her..She belongs to a broken family.. šŸ˜¦ That was the first strike of realization that thought I don’t top the department,at least I have my family to love me..I have my Dad to cry on when I am down..ItĀ was almost similar stories that I could know about so many others that my friends and I used to think as the “perfect ones”.There been a lot of incidents that made me think “Waah!!What a life!!!” and then make me feel terrible and happy together when I know their inside story..

May be because the mind grew up by the end of the college days that we were intelligent enough to take things sensibly..Like the story of Alchemist,we understood that we are given everything;actually more thanĀ a child need in life..

No wonder,every religious book tell us that we are souls who try to find out happiness and peace when it is within our own hands..

“So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to beĀ better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself to gold. ā€œThatā€™s what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.ā€ ā€œWell, why did you say that I donā€™t know about love?ā€ the sun asked the boy. ā€œBecause itā€™s not love to be static like the desert, nor is it love to roam the world like the wind. And itā€™s not love to see everything from a distance, like you do. Love is the force that transforms and improves the Soul of the World. When I first reached through to it, I thought the Soul of the World was perfect. But later, I could see that it was like other aspects of creation, and had its own passions and wars. It is we who nourish the Soul of the World, and the world we live in with be either better or worse, depending on whether we become better or worse. And thatā€™s where the power of love comes in. Because when we love, we always strive to become better than we are”*

Dig in your soul and find out the treasure that God has given you..Beacuse you are a better human being than anybody else in this world..Understand..Realize..and Feel the happiness.. šŸ™‚

*Source ; The Alchemist – By Paulo Coelho

Any help???

I love Chennai..i think it should be this way..I like to stay in Chennai because of my own weird reasons..

People are warm..the crowd don’t care at all about other’s matters..and after all im a stranger in this city šŸ˜‰

But there are times when we truly wish if there was somebody to give a helping hand..

Once after Byju’sĀ classes,I was waiting at Nungambakkam station for my train to tambaram..Suddenly two girls came out of the station master’s room weeping very badly..One female was cursing the other one for some strange reason..the other one was weeping over the phone calling names..

Usually I don’t used to bother much about these things..but this time I bothered..And there is a reason for it..

Lets go back in the time machine..

When I was in my 3rd year of the college,I was travelling with one of my friends from Chennai to Trichy..

We were in a hurry that day and for our bad luck,my friend lost her train ticket..Train is at 1030pm..We literally did a security check in our luggage to find out..but NO!!!

The mess was made more spicy when she told that the ticket is actually not in her name but in her cousin sister’s name;as she was suppose to travel that day..phew!!!

We checked the name list stuck on the name is there and of course her cousin sister’s name is also there..But still we got inside..we sat in the respective seats..

There come the villain of the movie..TTE..Huge build..face full of the scars of measles or chicken pox..altogether a mix of Amresh Puri and Om Puri to look like a yuck puri..with the essence of both him and his over-coat not seeing water for months..or may be years.. šŸ˜›

We both tried convincing him a lot..we told him a lot of family stories like a TV soap..nothing worked..

In the end he told us to pay Rs 500 as fine and take a new ticket worth Rs178.Haaaa..we started mining our Rs535..But that was not going to help us..He was shouting at top of his irritating voice.. šŸ˜”

We told him our PATHETIC condition..tried doing drama with tears..

Grrr..I think his heart is made of diamond(strong..strong.. šŸ˜‰ )He told my friend to get out of the train and get inside the general compartment..that too at 11pm šŸ˜¦

We were watched by the whole compartment as if some movie is going on..they comment each other..some idiots laughed at us..the crowd was having fun..But i noticed a lady whoĀ was sitting on the upper berth staring at us..

She looked like the brand ambassador of Pantaloons or Fab India as she was dressed in such an elegant manner but with so much make-up..She must be in her early fifties..Out of blue,she called me and gave me Rs 500 and told to get things settled..

OMG..OMG..we thought God himself came down to help us..WeĀ didnt even try to ask who she is or the reason for her to help..we bothered about nothing..we were so happy that somebody helped us to make the “villain”s mouth shut..

We thanked her..1001 times may be..we were nearly in tears(no drama..original one)..We came to know that even she had this same situation and was helped by a stranger..but she couldn’t repay she was just completing that debt through us..we promised her to pay her back once we reach college..Slept within seconds as we did so much of verbal and emotional hard work šŸ˜›

We had planned to take her address in the morning..but for our surprise,she had vanished by the time we woke up..

Now coming back to our current seeing those girls weeping without money,i was able to empathize them..i enquired the matter..

There were four girls travelling..two had to get down at Nungambakkam and two at Beach station..the tickets were with the other two..I didnt bother to check whether the story is true or not..i paid them Rs 400Ā and gave business card to contact me later..

when the train came I got inside without waiting for them to come back after settling the issue..But i was satisfied and happy that I was able to pay back a debt..

But still after some weeks,they paid me back..So what do you think???I accepted it or …..????