It’s a Chicken Week

Celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanti by watching TV whole day is a boring way of celebrating it and TV is not worth watching during weekdays. The only exciting thought was that next day is Friday.So,last Friday I came back home with full of joy and romance only to see a blister on my stomach.

I screamed!!

I understood what it is and rushed to the Doctor and he confirmed it.

Chicken Pox!!

I got it from my Brother who got it from his colleague who in turn got it from his roommate who got it from his girlfriend. That’s the history in short.

So, I cried;I cried for varied reasons:weekend plans were spoiled,Armaan Malik was in town,our favorite kid’s birthday party and a Thalassery wedding was on our weekend schedule.Going for a Thalasserry wedding is a happier affair than going to Barbeque Nation for lunch after skipping breakfast.It was quite some days that I have photographed my friend’s kid.And,as days pass by, I’m becoming a hard-core fan of Armaan Malik.All my plans just flew into the trash and they smirked at me.

Like the online media says:What the Doctor told me before I left the clinic made me happier,stronger,and better.

He said,”Stay in your room.Do not get out at any cost.You can infect this entire street“.


I felt like the villain in the superhero movies.I loved my new evil power.I felt like running from one end of the street to the other spreading the virus.I immediately made a list of people whom I should infect.I searched online for ways to courier virus.I also searched whether there are any superpowers that I will possess due to the viral infection.

But,the lazy woman I am,and also thinking about the FedEx charges,I decided to keep the virus within myself.

So,I went back home and broke the news to the Man of the House who was busy playing FIFA.All he heard was Chicken.So,he told me that it’s a good idea to order Chicken Pepper Barbecue for the dinner.

Next one hour had all the perfect scenes for making a video of a dethroned Princess. (Do we have dethroned Princesses??)

The bedroom looked empty in no time.Plates, mugs, and spoons were engraved with my name,families were informed,and our maid was called upon to take care of me. 

She came home with a bag full of Neem leaves.She kept one bunch on a corner of the bed and another under my bed.She dipped me in water boiled with neem leaves and all of sudden, I felt like a model posing for the advertisement of Margo soap. The best thing was my clothing-Now, I walk around in Hawaiian fashion wearing Sarong dresses.The only things missing for a perfect photo are my Man and my sunglasses. It’s time for another beach vacation.

Past four days have been amazingly terrible and life just can’t be wonderfully worse.

Actually, I feel like an alien on a fruit diet trying to get back to its human shape.

Isn’t that an interesting movie thread?

After sleeping throughout the day,it is dark outside and my party begins with tasteless foods and fruits.

Counting chicken days now!!

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