15 Malayalam Movies which I want the World to Watch (Suspense Thrillers)

**Spoilers all over**

15)Detective (2007)

The cult director Jeethu Joseph stepped into Malayalam film industry with this fantastic low – budget movie. Suresh Gopi plays double role in this movie – as a politician and as a detective.The story revolves around the murder of the “politician” Suresh Gopi’s wife.If you are yet to watch this movie,don’t waste time;watch it right now.The suspense is so freaking awesome that you would scream out of astonishment.

14)New Delhi (1987)

This movie took Mammootty to unbelievable heights of stardom.A well planned revenge story written by Dennis Joseph.The script shows how brilliantly a revenge could be planned.The movie is about a journalist-cartoonist played by Mammootty who gets falsely accused of fake charges.It is all about sadistic revenge.

13)Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu (1990)

This mystery thriller written by the genius P.Padmarajan tells the story of a Police Superintendent and a spiritual leader.The plot is not that great but I loved the way the suspense is uncovered;something which I couldn’t even remotely think of.The movie is worth watching for Padmarajan’s writing and the twist in the end.

12)Pathram (1999)

Pathram means Newspaper and this movie talks about the politics and the inside stories of the newspaper world. Manju Warrier portrays a bold role showcasing her acting brilliance.N.F Varghese is an exceptional villain.The movie is famous for its kick ass dialogs written by Ranji Panicker.There is fire in every dialog of the movie especially in the dialogues of N. F. Varghese. When I watch this movie now,I realize what an amazing actor he was.

11)Kannur Deluxe (1969)

SIgh!If you feel that what you saw in Vidya Balan’s Kahaani is great,then you are mistaken.Four decades back,our very own Sheela had done it in style.Hardcore Malayalam movie lovers should not miss this piece of gem.The movie is available on YouTube.Have fun!

10)Oru CBI Diary Kurippu (1988) 

The first in the series of four movies.The character, CBI investigator Sethurama Iyer, played by Mammootty became a cult and a big success.The background score by Shyam is still considered as a classic one.The movie is about the investigation of a murder of which had made it look like a suicide.Try watching the second one in the series which is Jagratha.I love its climax.

9)Yavanika (1982)

This movie is considered as a world-class mystery thriller of Malayalam.The millennials might find it slightly ordinary but I have heard from the previous generation that this movie was a blockbuster like a wildfire.The acting of Bharath Gopy is the main highlight.The story is about Gopy, a talented tabla player in a drama troupe, goes missing and how the mystery around it is revealed.

8)Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary (1995)

A crime story with lots of drama but still a good watch.What I have always loved about crime thrillers is the way the suspense is unraveled.This movie is no different from the treatment of the traditional crime thrillers but the last five minutes is a treat.

7)The Truth (1998)

Somehow Mammootty has a special charm in doing characters in thriller movies.This movie is about the murder of the Kerala Chief Minister and the investigation around it.The movie is a one-man show from Mammootty. The last fifteen minutes of the movie will make you bite the nails. Mammootty’s mannerisms were great and yes,the dialogues too.

6)Shutter (2012)

My blood pressure went haywire while watching this movie.Such a simple but bold plot from the début venture of Joy Mathew.The movie has the name Shutter because it is about how one sees the world through a shutter.The plot is about a wealthy Gulf-returned man who gets locked inside a shop room with a prostitute for a night.The movie has lots of instances which shows the stark and raw intentions of people around us.Hats off to Sajitha Madathil for her remarkable performance as the prostitute.

5)Mumbai Police (2013)

There are times when  we feel that Malayalam movies are far better than Hollywood movies in story and execution.Mumbai Police is one such movie. Prithviraj Sukumaran at his best.After Vasthavam,this is his second best performance.The story revolves around Assistant Commissioner of Police played by Prithviraj meeting with an accident and losing his memory right after finding the culprit of another case.The case was about the investigation of the murder of his friend and colleague who is also an ACP. Outstanding suspense and matchless acting from Prithviraj.

4)Munnariyippu (2014)

Munnariyippu will make you think in so many levels.Yes,it is not a movie which will spoon feed you every detail about the protagonist,instead once the movie is over you can think/discuss to find out them.The screenwriter Unni.R has sprinkled clues all over the movie and of course,he shows his class in his writing.The dialogues are fresh enough to make you ponder over them.People who have read his masterpiece Leela would know about his abilities to weave the heights of insanityy(sanity).Aparna Gopinath deserves an applause.
Director Venu shows the advantages of being a cinematographer that the frames are simple.Loved the climax shot;wondering how much thought process must have done to have such a vision.
Last but not the least,Mammookka reminds us once more that he is one of the greatest actors we have.There is no introduction scene/BGM for him and there are very few dialogues for him in the movie.but,that one smile in the end makes the movie the best.

3)Drishyam (2013)

Let’s conveniently forget the plagiarism.Just watch the movie and you will never be disappointed.This movie will stay as one of the biggest hits in Malayalam.

2)Manichitrathazhu (1993)

Shobhana…Shobhana…Shobhana..Like the directors of the movie,even I wonder what this movie would be without her.Though the movie was remade into every other possible languages,it just increased the value of this movie.With a tinge of humor and drama,this horror movie is a classic one.This movie is at number two only because of its glitches in the script.But yes,we can watch this movie any day and still get shivers during the revelation scene of Shobhana.

1)Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha (2009)

Mammootty…Mammootty…Mammootty;yes,this movie portrays him in three different roles.The movie is based on a best-selling Malayalam novel of the same name by T. P. Rajeevan, which said the true story of the first recorded murder case in Kerala.The plot is about the mystery around the death of a young woman Manikyam.The story takes us into three generations of Kerala,the birth of communism and the accumulated power of the rich during pre-Independence era.I loved the bold script of and direction of Ranjith and the exceptional acting of Mammootty as Murikkum Kunnathu Ahmed Haji.

Now,what are you waiting for?Go,do a movie marathon.

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61 thoughts on “15 Malayalam Movies which I want the World to Watch (Suspense Thrillers)

  1. Hey stranger how are thee ….

    And the disclaimer or the alert in the start does not effect me as I would hardly understand what the movie is about as such..

    Good to see a post here..

    Take care and god bless

  2. Where have you been madame? Okay, I will watch some of these movies if I find subtitles I understand. But you need to wave out to me and say a big hello! 😛 ❤

  3. Hi Bhavya , i am not a malyali but my dad and his brothers grew up in trivendrum so i listened to their conversation, i am happy to see your recomendations here.
    I would appreciate it if you put dates for the moovies release as that kind of give us some more to look forward to,
    Thank you

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  5. hi….am @ ua blog 4 d 1st tym…!!! just searching for some thrillers that i havnt seen…!! But i dont think paleri manikyam is a thriller…..!! its a classic one…!!! if you havent seen memories,classmates please do watch them…coz if you watch these you will add them for sure…!!!!

  6. Bavia, your comments and observations meticulous and so true! if I have to select one, it would be always Mumbai Police which I think is the best thriller ever produced in Malayalam and as you said it is better than some best Hollywood thrillers! your entire list is right but I think you missed another best movie of Padmarajan and one of the best thriller ever in Malayalam i.e. oru kariyila kattu pole and surprisingly it casted both Mammotty and Mohanlal in pivotal roles!it is a real classic and a must watch. Also KG George’s” Oru Kanni Koodi” also should be in the list. It is a disturbing thriller and pl watch if you have not yet.Amazing thriller!

    If you need to put “kannoor deluxe”, then that one of the first suspense thriller in Malayalam i.e.. Cochin Express( I think 1964 movie) wd have been a better choice. Still cant forget the villain, bald headed Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair!

    Anyway , all r not going to agree with even the best list as opinion and taste always differ. anyway thanks for a good job.

  7. My favourite investigative thrillers are the above movies.But the other best movies are Kanathaya penkutti,Positive, Master’s, Memories,Kariyilla kattu pole,Sethuramayar CBI,Jagratha,Nerariyan CBI,Utharam,Mukham,Adayalam,Nadiya Kollapetta Rathri

  8. I have already watched most of the Malyalam psychological thrillers…was searching Quora and IMDB…but nothing helpful…but your list looks good :)…going to watch Munnariyippu…Memories and Grandmaster are also good..maybe not exceptional

  9. So does this list include only those from the suspense thriller genre ? Even so you forgot a few…what about mukham, kariyilakkattu pole, thazhvaram ?

  10. newdelhi,oru abhibhashakante case diary and pathram are not suspense thrillers movies.they are just thrillers only.watch kanathaya penkutty,nadia kollapetta rathri,oral mathram..etc if u want to see suspense or twist.

  11. Is there a portal/website to watch malayalam movies with english subtitles please? I love watching exceptional movies of any genre, particularly, suspense/mystery/thrillers, but language adaptation is little tough, please email link(s) to jagodes12@gmail.com. Appreciate your listings, Bhavya, and Thanks for your time and help!

  12. Thanks for the list of ‘the best’ movies.watched most of them except kannur deluxe and shutter…memories and Nadia kollapetta rathri are the movies that are equally thrilling.but somehow they didn’t come up in your list. I m from andhra.even though we don’t have much exposure towards Malayalam films,I myself am a big fan of Malayalam movies.you people shows what is the art of film making.

  13. I do have the “The Truth” malayalam version with me, is it possible someone to provide the Eng sub or the stream/download link of Tamil version (Unmai) pls?

  14. where do i get english subtitles for most of the movies ? except Drishyam and Mumbai Police and Shutter for which I got !

  15. Hello friends… Please can anyone provide the subtitles for yavanika… unable to watch it.. Please help.

  16. Found this website a year after you published…a and hey i think you ought get get Oscar for such a good selection and for short review

      1. Could you post top horror malayalam movies… movies which challenge The Conjuring? Then thro’Hillary Clinton, I’ll make sure your name is listed for Oscar 😉

      2. Oh? If tht little is good, then would love to watch tht as well. Btw, I can see that some people here are in search for the thriller films you mentioned. I’ve found few movie downloads in high quality print in torrent. Can I share it here?

  17. Does any of these films dubbed in telugu? I am from AP and want to watch telugu version. Please post the telugu titles if you know. Thanks

  18. hey bhavia where can i find kannur deluxe …… past 3 years am searching fir that movie ..if u have the CD can u please upload it on you tube ….

    1. Few years back, it was there on YouTube and recently it had come on TV.
      Yes, I am getting quite a few queries on Kannur Deluxe. Let’s wait and see whether somebody will again upload it online from their personal collection.

    1. The detective movie is dubbed in Hindi as ” Mera kartavya”…U can search in YouTube it’s available there…
      Sir do u have “the truth” movie English subtitles…if u have then plzzz provide me in my mail-kr701072@gmail.com

  19. Please provide me “the truth” movie English subtitles…I’m not getting anywhere…I want to watch that movie…

  20. Please provide me “the truth” movie English subtitles…I’m not getting it anywhere…I want to watch that movie…

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