Change of Order

Karthik sat on the couch without uttering a word.There has been a chaos inside the house for more than an hour.His Mother fainted after hysterically running around the house once the news broke in the form of a registered mail.His Father said nothing and he has been laying down on the sofa since the earth hour in the house.The mail which the postman had delivered in the afternoon is yet to open because their telephone rang simultaneously to convey the contents of the mail.The maid stood next to Karthik and he went inside the bed room to check on his Mother.She is conscious now,so he sat next to her.

Now what are we going to do?“,Mother asked amidst her tears.

I don’t know“,Karthik replied without looking at her face.

Somebody’s curse.I am sure

He didn’t reply her and she didn’t expect one too.He went out of the room.

There weren’t any pronounced miseries in their life.The family was the typical upper middle class family.Parents worked in Government offices and the son worked in US of A.The picture was so perfect that the Mother had a habit of burning chillies to ward off the evil eye.

When Karthik came back home for a vacation,the dining table looked like a table in the model recruitment agency.There were more than two dozens of photographs of girls waiting to be his bride.His parents were already trying hard to catch up with the trends that they asked him whether he has an affair and they were ready to nod for it too.This made Karthik regret a bit thinking why he didn’t invest some efforts in finding a girl by himself.So finally in two days he did manage to meet five girls and by the end of the second day he showed green flag to Divya.

There were two reasons for selecting Divya : One,she didn’t jump up and down when he told her that he will be taking her to US and two,she didn’t purposely talk anything to impress him.

When he left to US of A,he had his engagement ring on his finger.Next six months,he worked his ass off so that he has long vacation for the wedding and honeymoon.And there he landed a week before the wedding to get himself groomed and there laid a registered post in front of him grinning at him.

His phone rang.

Yes,what you heard is correct.The wedding is called off.Yes…Yes..Thanks…Bye.

He wondered how come the news spread so fast within hours.

He called up Madhu whose engagement is next week.Looks like even he knows the news.For a second Karthik felt that in front of the power of BSNL telephones ,the power of social media is nothing.

Madhu,there is one advice for you“.

Don’t worry,I will be using contraceptive for sure“,Madhu joked from the other end.

No,it is not that.For God’s sake don’t register your marriage before the wedding.Getting a spouse VISA is not very difficult.Missing the wife for a couple of weeks is better than getting inside a wreathe of mess.”

Don’t tell me that you had registered your marriage“,Madhu couldn’t help not to scream.

Yes,I had.I wanted to take her with me so we registered and started to process VISA.And now,I don’t even know what to do.“.

You are right.I am getting divorced even before getting married.

Karthik felt that his head became heavier as seconds passed.The telephone call said that the mail has the handwritten apology from Divya with her reasons for calling off the wedding. Karthik didn’t open the mail.He walked to the kitchen and dumped the envelope in the black garbage bag.The drumstick from the lunch’s sambar got stuck to the envelope and the other waste changed the color of the envelope within minutes.

He went back to his bed and next morning when he woke up,his head was too heavy that he couldn’t get up from his bed.Later that day when his Mother made bed for him,the pillow still smelled tears.

6 thoughts on “Change of Order

  1. Dont know what to say. I am not familiar with the VISA things. But it should be hard for people who get dumped like this.

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