Worries of an Indian Boy – Question No.3

Continued from here,the third question asked in the survey was

do you think it is easy for Indian men to marry the woman of their choice?

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Top eight responses are below

Majority of people in India still believe in caste system. Exogamous marriages are still taboo for majority of India. Usually the focus of the cyber space is only on the urban middle class, that is why this question arises in the first place. If we look at India as  a whole it’s clear that love marriages outside one’s caste are rare. The answer is NO – Aravind Vivekanandan 

This is more than a yes or no question as it depends on

a. Whether the man looks at marriage as a mandate in his life

b. Whether the man has the potential to pick a woman to spend his life with, forever

c. Whether the man has the patience and clarity in explaining his parents his stance or run out of his family construct and live his own way. – Charan Saravana 

No – first of all “that woman” has to agree then her parents have to agree or if not that woman has to be brave enough to resist parents wish and stick to marrying us without changing mind and listening to her parents choice and this is independent of the pressures and fights in convincing the man’s family and justifying the choice to everyone around who keep asking “but why? why?” – Name Withheld

It is a bit easy when it is compared to Indian women. But still, there are lot of obstacles faced by both men and women in this particular issue. The parents think that their right to chose the partner for their son/daughter is robbed and it is not easy for both men and women. The emotional blackmail, the suicide threats and things like that are same. But since most of the men do not react openly to this and drain their reaction in smoking or drinking, these threats becomes void. Men have a support system called friends, while the parents block that for the girl while forcing them for marriage – Bragadeesh Prasanna

It all depend on the individual. You are free to live your life the way you feel, if you let society oppress you they will. If you fight back and do things you like basically be a jerk to society. they will try harder to please you. The bigger problem in India is its difficult to find a woman you want to be. You can’t “know” a person for a while to decide to marry them. – Name Withheld

Imagine shopping in a supermarket with your parents and relatives. You may look at any product you want and may convince your parents and relatives to some extent about your liking for a certain product. But ultimately it is a group decision. You as a customer may get a few advantages but not much.
Sorry to compare women to products. I meant no disrespect. And most arranged marriages are a result of mutual discussions but with regard to choices men may have a greater say because they are usually the “initiators” – Name Withheld

no, it is not! Because the families have beliefs about the family in which the son should marry.
These beliefs are mostly different to the person which the son loves – Joe Di

No, it is hard for the most part is first finding a women. Yes a women
not a girl.
Next she must share your personal, social and human values.
Next she must feel the same way about you.
Next comes caste bigotry
After that religious bigotry
Later comes social status bigotry
… lets just say bigotry.
Easier way is, I read women are for sale for wifely services for as
low as 70,000 maybe putting an emi on it will be a good idea. – Name withheld

*I hope I haven’t messed up with the names and permissions granted.If yes,please let me know immediately.

3 thoughts on “Worries of an Indian Boy – Question No.3

  1. If we leave aside a tiny percentage of Indian men living in cities, the answer is No. It will take centuries and the death of a whole generation before we shun arranged marriages completely.

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