Worries of an Indian Boy – Question No.1

The first question which I had asked in the survey was

“Do you think Indian men have the freedom to do things according to their wishes? Yes or no and why?

From the 115 responses,this is what I found out.

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Below are top five responses.

Freedom to do things… what things do I have freedom to do? Indian
men have freedom to vote for either a genocidal leader or a spineless
leader but not an honest leaders. Indian men have the freedom to follow
impertinent laws or bribe government employee but can’t use commonsense
to fix a problem. Indian men have the freedom to watch porn or watch
gyrating wet women in masala songs but not discuss sex as a social
issue. Indian men have the freedom to have sex with whores or virgins
but not with women. Indian men have the freedom to marry girls who are
either in their own caste or religion but not because he is in love.
Indian men, we have all the freedoms we can want but none that we need. – Name withheld

Yes and No. It all depends on their mother. There is a point of time an average middle class has to go to work to support his family. When the entire family burden lies on him, he loses his freedom indirectly.
A trip, a night out, a long leave everything becomes a distant dream because of the pursuit of money. And then after he gets married, his wishes are done and dusted. Though kids are a by-product of his lust, it becomes his responsibility to provide for them and to chase money to keep them happy. Life span of typical responsible Indian male is 35-40. After that he doesn’t live for his own. – Bragadeesh Prasanna

I bet you will get 90% of the answers to this question as no, from men and yes, from women. Comparing with women, yes, men do have more freedom to do whatever they can. But if men are asked, they say no, because they say a man’s future is not only for his good, but his family’s good as well. So what he should be in his future primarily depend on what his family wish him to be. Personally, boys/men in India DO have the freedom to do whatever they want. – Kizhakkepurakkal Ashwin

No. they never had and they have lesser freedom of choice as compared to women. Modernity has given women the choice to become caretakers at home or become providers. Men do not have the option. – Amit Deshpande

In terms of career we have a bit more time than the ladies to figure out what we want to do. Also I would like to think that the options are a bit more diverse for the men. But the pressures of having to prove oneself as capable of being a bread winner and being successful according to some standards set by the society is there. e.g:I can take up music as a hobby. But if I take it up as a profession the question arises as to how I will feed a family. – Name withheld

*I hope I haven’t messed up with the names and permissions granted.If yes,please let me know immediately.

6 thoughts on “Worries of an Indian Boy – Question No.1

  1. I totally second Bragadeesh Prasanna’s comment. I realize am in the same phase at this point in life and wondering how far will I have to continue to feel and sense the freedom that you are mentioning here !

  2. Sorry, I could not participate. 😦
    I think the answer to this will vary from family to family. A man brought up in a conservative family and having responsibilities tied to his back will have an outlook different from someone who has been given a freedom to choose his own path. Largely, the answer for this question for Indian men would be – No.

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