He who is always scared

This is a guest post by Kannan Nambiar,the co-founder and CEO of Payd. A loving brother,a feminist at heart and a handsome dude.You can follow in him in Twitter at here and in Facebook at here.I’m glad that he asked me to publish his thoughts.


There are two kinds of people in this world. Gooders and Sinners. Sinners are always scared.

When you steal a colored chalk piece from your neighbor’s bag, at school, you’re scared. You’re scared when you first enact the theft in your own mind – you’re scared you might get caught, you’re scared of all the things that can possibly (and probably) go wrong. But you steal it. Then you worry that someone might have caught the actual theft. So far, it’s simple. But have you ever wondered why you are still scared when you reach home from the successful theft?

Fear is one of the most mysterious things in this world. It is mysterious in the way it manifests, and in the way that it settles in. Sinners are always scared. In the bus today, the guy sitting next to me misbehaved to the girl sitting in front of him. Everyone was asleep (or so he wished) and was awaken by the girl’s shout. When everyone was awake, she slapped him real hard. Real hard. This post is not about the pathetic details of what had happened, but about the girl.

Unlike most of us, she understood the power gooders have over sinners. Sinners are always scared. Gooders carry a spark in their hearts that gives them strength beyond a sinner’s understanding. When you find yourself in the presence of a sinner, (taking the liberty of assuming you are a gooder) you step up and use that strength. They will be destroyed. For many people on the bus, it was a clash of ego. The “gandhians” would argue that what the girl had was retribution and nothing to do with justice. What those narrow-sighted idiots fail to see is the number of girls that this “girl in the red tee” just saved from this bastard.

When I looked her in the eye, beneath all that fury, I saw strength. I wish every gooder knew they had the same strength. This strength, and the good that keeps the strength alive, alone, I lay my beliefs on. No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it. One gooder might be all it takes to bring a revolution.

10 thoughts on “He who is always scared

  1. Awesome response. Having that strength is wonderful. More people don’t use it because sometimes these guys hit back with knives, guns, or whatnot. We’ve heard so many stories of that happening. But perhaps we only hear a few that spiral out of control. Maybe most of the time this works wonderfully.

    1. You’re right, Bhagwad. It is equally important to be practical and not let the anger take over you. Note how the “girl in the red tee” did not slap him until everyone was awake.

  2. Most of the sinners get scared with a simple Booo. They do not have the courage. But yes, it is a different story with they are in a group and drunk on power.

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