The calling bell shrieked and Saahil knew that it was Maya outside the door, and she was irritated. His guess didn’t go wrong when he saw sting faced Maya standing and venting out her frustrations by pressing the switch of calling bell .She looked at his face and stormed to the kitchen. Saahil laughed and closed the door. He sat on the couch hugging the cushion and asked jokingly her, “So what is the new gossip at the kitty party?“.

She came out of the kitchen holding a tumbler and stared at him.”Yes, you laugh. Only I know how I feel when hear such things”, she said and dropped the tumbler in the kitchen sink. The noise made Saahil get up from the couch. He hugged her from behind and kissed on her shoulders. She continued, “Do you know Krishnan is taking Rithika to some island in Malaysia to celebrate their wedding anniversary? Also, she told us that he is planning to surprise her with a diamond ring. Looks like she saw the bill from jewelry store in his pocket.

What??!!??“,Saahil responded.

Why? What happened?” she asked curiously.

May be the Malaysia trip is true but the diamond ring is not for her.


Listen, it isn’t a good idea to mix what men talk at the pub and what women talk at kitty party.

Maya hugged Saahil and said, “Thank you” and kissed him deeply on his cheeks.

He wiped her saliva from his cheeks and asked her “Why are you thanking me?

She shouted from the bathroom, “because I can sleep well tonight“.

Saahil stood outside the bathroom and sighed.


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