A Cut, A Pain and A Life – Prasad’s Account.

This post came as a big surprise.I felt so happy to know that somebody liked one of my short stories so much that he wrote another story which tells the same story from another angle.
Thank you Prasanna for writing this.

Prasanna's Ramblings

I hated to stand in front of these people. Damn these parties. This is too personal to talk before a group of people. But I have been in the audience for quite a number of times and I know what to talk. Rathi was sitting there all nervous. I know she sweats a lot when she is nervous. The tissue in her hand should be wet now.

This has been 40 years. I wouldn’t say 40 long years because I savored each and every moment of it. Life with Rathi is the best thing that had happened. Together we never worried about the destination but we just wanted our journey together to be sweet. As you can assume, she is the patient person you can ever see, putting up with me and my kids. I would like to hear from her more than me talking. I just love to listen…

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