Inner Idol

He winked at me and I blushed. His hands held me tight and I kissed on his hairy arms. His warmth made me crazy for his love and I looked deep into his eyes. His smile made me head over heels yesterday. When he talked I forgot my surroundings, when he smiled I forgot time and when he touched me I forgot myself. I liked looking at his broad shoulders and was amazed at his seductive looks when he wears sweat shirts. His long nose looked cute. Although it has been only 24 hours since I met him, I felt like we had spent a lifetime in such a short time.

Madam”, the cab driver woke me up from my dreams and said, “we have reached, Madam“.I felt sad and with sleepy eyes and with a heart full of love and fascination, I walked up the stairs of my apartment.

Missing him for a day was unbearable for me that I flung my shoes in the air, dropped my bag on the floor and jumped on to my bed. My iPad smiled at me so I unplugged it. I unlocked it and touched on YouTube icon. My craving to see him made me type faster, so I typed his name and clicked the search button.

The title of the third search result was his interview which had happened that day morning. I played the video and smiled like a fool waiting to watch him talk and express his views. Not even thirty seconds passed after he opening his mouth and I almost puked.The idol that I worshiped for more than 24 hours burned into ashes and I sat on the bed making a fool out of myself. After watching him talk, I didn’t feel anything good about him and all that I thought about him evaporated as the seconds passed by.

These film stars, I tell you, huh.Let us not talk about them. I feel better now.


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