I need Feminism Because


I see a society which treats girls and boys differently
I see boys advised not to cry
I see the corporate world which proclaims gender equality at work, refuses to promote women,especially married women and women back after pregnancy
I see  families which boast about forward thinking and modern living,expect the daughter to guard the family’s honor.
I see women including educated and independent (?) still forced to seek permissions to men 
I see women suffering because of other women
I see men refusing blatantly to respect women coworkers
I see men expected to bear a family’s financial burden
I see girls expected to be nice,patient and polite
I see boys expected to be sporty,short-tempered and arrogant
I see colors attached to the genders
I see boy babies are still the preferred ones
I see families lamenting an unmarried girl as a headache
I see a world blaming the girl/woman when she is molested/raped/harassed/assaulted
I see a world teasing rape victims
I see a boy with lots of girls as a friends called a playboy and a girl with lots of boys as friends as a slut
I see a society which sees men who fight for women’s rights as lesser men
I see a society which sees women who fight for women’s rights are laughed at and teased
I see a world discouraging girls from pursuing higher studies just because they are at marriageable age
I would be getting nasty comments on this post after publishing


Image courtesy : http://feministai.com

22 thoughts on “I need Feminism Because

  1. The world is full of crashing bores with stereotypes.
    People live without thinking why and what for they do this and that.
    They see no other way of life.
    Good, there are still a few people who fight against this.

  2. I agree with most here, but I am not very comfortable with feminism because feminism is being mistaken for extremism. My take will come up in a post soon

  3. We talk about going green. a handful do something about it. There is always hope even if it is a minority. Respect women – be a MAN!

  4. Good observation.I will send you a beatiful peom related to this subject,written by
    Rajitha Ravi,published in ‘Grandhalokam’ magazine.

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