A to Z Challenge

Writing twenty-six posts is an exhausting task and that is why I didn’t take up the A – Z Challenge widely happening in blogosphere. This post is a hood to hide my laziness to write separate posts.


anklet_9406 (1)

This is an ornament which I love a lot and end up not wearing it. The silver thread which adorns a girl’s ankle is a beautiful frame. May be it is all about what I feel about my legs that I avoided them since my late teens. I love listening to the tinkling of them when my Mom walks around in the house and sometimes I even decipher her mood from the rhythm of the tinkling.



People close to give me looks when I get excited like a kid every time I hear the word beach. Beach has been always my weakness that I never get bored with walking in the beach. The waves, the wind, the way my hair go out of control, the way waves come behind me to soak me, the feeling of solitude and romance in watching a sunrise in the beach make me way too attached to beaches.



I am not talking about the Zodiac sign Cancer but this is about the disease Cancer. Though there is no history of Cancer in my family, my intuition tells me that down the lane in my life, cancer would eat my life and I would lose my beautiful hair. I am purposely writing this so that years later, if I am down with Cancer I would know that even my intuitions are right.



There is a poem in Malayalam which says “Velicham Dukhamanunni,Thamasallo Sukhapradham” which translates to “Light is sadness, Darkness is better”. Darkness has its own beauty and charm. The amount of solitude that darkness gives to life is incomparable with the brightness of life.



There are times when I like to talk things exaggerated;it is fun.The memes wouldn’t be this hilarious if they were not exaggerated.In a nut shell,exaggerate if you want to get noticed.



Fear holds me back from doing, thinking and seeing a lot of things which I actually want to do, think and see in life. Now are you asking me what I’m feared of?Then,there is a long list waiting for you which I am not planning to let out.But,I do think that fear is the biggest obstacle which makes people reluctant from doing things they love and at the same time, fear is the biggest boon which makes you refrain from doing things which are wrong.



The relationship between Kerala women and gold are much stronger and deeper than the love women have for their men.(Un)Fortunately, gold has always failed to impress me despite it enjoying the limelight from rest of the Malayalee women. If women go crazy about the yellow tint, then it is the same yellow tint which makes me dislike this expensive metal.So, if you want to impress me, do it with a Diamond.


Spyglass on a Map

I love History. I love my family’s History. I love my state’s History. I love my country’s History. If I had enough money to travel around, I would be glad to go in search of the roots of my ancestors. I would like to know how good or bad people they were, I would like to know how they lived, how they loved, how they earned, how they disintegrated and how they died.



I am amazed at the profound, powerful and mysterious beauty of this feeling. I remember reading an article about Infidelity by Dr.Vijay Nagaswami and he says “Infidelity is not an accident“.

Jug Head


I’m a jug head though I don’t admit it very easily. I make people drop their jaws by making blunders in life. Let me not explain more about this for a safe side but you can still get a sneak peek here.



I have not flown a kite in my life. The book, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini taught me a lot of facts about kites and flying kites. The book made me to yearn to fly like a kite with a broken thread, to fly among the clouds enjoying the breeze and then to slowly fall down on the floor once tired.



A close friend advised me not to tell lies and I asked him why. He told me that I don’t know how to lie to people and it was just an illusion inside me that people believed me when I lied to them. The ability to lie is an innate quality I guess that I have seen people talented enough to make lies sound better than the truth.



Blame it on my Mother who injected the beautiful feeling of Motherhood. She always searches for words to make me understand how she felt every time I kicked the walls of womb. Last year, when I made an announcement “I want to become pregnant” ,my friends freaked out. They asked me for the reason and I replied them ” I want to wear the maternity tiered dress Vidya Balan wears in the movie Kahaani“. And they sighed.



“Nights are beautiful and days are dull” is my theory. Except my craziness about sunrise, I love everything related to nights such as dinner, moonlight, late night walks, darkness and night life.



The feeling of oppression cannot be understood or empathized unless if undergo it. Oppression manipulates you, fakes you and defeats you.I do know a lot of people who lived without breaking their silence and the stories are horrendous.If only they had used the will power to live through the bad times to speak up for themselves.



Past is past but, is past always forgotten? Present is considered as a gift but, then even your past was present yesterday and why wasn’t it a gift?



Quilts make me lazier and the energy to beat out the temptation is always lost in the battle.



This word is as high as the sky, as deep as the ocean and as good as an angel. You get stabbed in front by the dagger of regret, get burned in the fire of guilt and then get into the state of redemption where you are healed from the wounds of mistakes.



I’m not an innocent person but, I can fall asleep in a flick of a second anywhere, anytime and anyway. Sleep and I go hand in hand everywhere making my life much simpler and easier. Now don’t be jealous, your green stares don’t touch me at all.



Not many people talk about toilets and for me, toilet should be cleaner than the bedroom. I compromise on everything else in a house but not on toilet. It is a big turn off for me when I’m forced to use unclean toilets.



I have seen uterus. Yes! I have seen my Mother’s uterus. Though I saw it in terrible pain, I still wonder how such a mass of flesh accommodated me.



This color makes me smile which even a red rose fails to do so. The beauty of my Mother is incomplete without the vermilion color on her forehead. If you ask me what the color of love is, I would say vermilion rather than red.



Work is LIFE. This sums up everything. I do take occasional vacations to beat the heat of work, but life without work is as boring as life without meaning. Though I rant about the tensions and frustrations of my work, it is still an essential part of my life which gives me a reason to start a day. Let me thank my work life for making me love weekends a lot.



This word was not selected to fit in for the alphabets X.I do have xenophobia and I’m trying my best to overcome it. If I was not suffering from this, I would have been writing this post from New York.



I shamelessly yawn and I know it is very weird but can’t help it. If you make me bored, you have no choice other than undergoing this one.



According to me, zodiac signs and readings manipulate our mind. If you read this post, you would understand why.

Image courtesy : VinodVV Photography and multiple websites

15 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge

  1. Loved your choice of things or whatever you call them 😛
    My fav ones are: A, B, E,F,G,L,M,N, O, P, S, U, V.
    All the letters in alphabets in just one day? isn’t that a good thing. 😉
    So your not lazy your just unique. 😀

  2. Oh! We have so much in common. white metals to the yellow one, darkness and night walks. Super duper post Bhavia! Adipoli!

  3. Now that was something. 🙂 All the words in one day.
    I don’t agree with the ‘Work is life’ part. Work is a part of life. It is one of the ingredients, not the dish. 🙂

  4. heyy ..
    anklets are lovely with the traditional dress..
    beach.. who does not love it..:)
    Darkness… well i dont like them..
    history… wow… i am crazy about it..:) lovely post! 🙂

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