Flower Friday – The Fallen Flower

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club(CBC)’s Flower Friday series  initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.


In my third standard,I learned few lines of an epoch-making poem written by Mahakavi Kumaran Asan for the recitation competition for that year’s school cultural festival. The poem won no prize as I forgot most of what I had mugged up. The poem’s name was “Veena Poovu“.Veena,the musical instrument and Poovu,the Malayalam translation for flower.One of my classmates asked me whether I have seen this flower.My ego didn’t allow me to accept my ignorance.As she belonged to my rival gang,she forced me to bring the flower to the class next day.I told my parents to get me Veenapoovu to save my pride and status in the class.

Sadly,I came to know that there is no flower named Veena Poovu.The meaning of the title of the poem is “The Fallen Flower” because in Malayalam veena/veenathu means fallen/dead.

Nobody understood the tensions of an eight year old and still no one knows the brunt of losing a challenge;problems when we learn to recite poems without knowing its meaning.

Explanations of the poem in English could be found here.

24 thoughts on “Flower Friday – The Fallen Flower

  1. Same thing happened to me for “Senthoora poove”.Lot of people still think that such flower exists. But its only in myth. I was not 8 yr old then. I was good 14 years old when I got that bulb.

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