Happy Birthday,Prasun

It was your destiny to be born as my brother.May be because God knew it very well that for a nutcase like me, a loving,matured and sensible brother like you were necessary. But no matter how older you grow, you better be my kid brother.




To know more about him,click here

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday,Prasun

  1. Aww wish him a very happy birthday. I remember the post you wrote for him with a pic of you two together. Lots of good wishes for you both. 🙂

    And there are awards waiting for you. 😉

  2. Oops I am late. But the wishes are fresh as ever. 🙂 A very happy birthday to your dear brother. May he grow up to be as sweet and smart as his sister. 😉

  3. Please pass on my belated wishes to him. It’s fate that all younger brothers are always supposed to be ‘Kids’ to their older sisters for ever, hahahaha.

    Isn’t he a photographer?….what hapn’d to that short-film project?

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