Out of the Curtains of Anonymity

If you have ever taken the pain and pleasure to read the About Me section of my blog, then you might be aware that the current blog is my fourth attempt. Past two weeks I did read here and there about people hiding their original name while blogging because of various reasons. I have no problems with it. That’s their decision.

Back in year 2006 when I started my first blog, even I wore the anonymity cap on my head and kept my name as Kuttimalu which is my Grandmother’s name. I had no intentions to make my Grandmother popular but when I was filling the sign up form at blogspot, my heart uttered this name sotto voce.

The reasons for going anonymous were plenty. The biggest one was criticism. I feared criticism. I was not sure whether people would like what I write. But the first blog saw the heights of failure that I had to shut it down after two posts. I did give the URL of my blog to my very close friends and they were very kind enough not to laugh at me. I even restricted the blog’s visibility in Google search so that people won’t suffer reading my posts even by accident.

On one rainy morning in 2007, something struck my head and heart and I again started a blog with a different name, i.e Malu, which is my pet name too. I didn’t write any post that day but I gleefully told my friend about it. A very important lesson was learned that day; at times friends can be unkind too. Upon hearing the breaking news of my blog, she asked why I failed to learn lessons from failures. That was the end of my second blog. I closed it even before writing a post.

I didn’t have the strength make a third attempt, especially after hearing a lot of reviews about “those” two posts I had written. But I was not a person to give up that easily. So I started another blog in 2008, of course hiding my original name, but somehow that mood to write a post didn’t come to me. May be the mood signals were tired of inspiring me or they must have lost interest in me. And I performed the closing ceremony within two days of the blog’s inaugural function.

I have a friend ,Raji, who pesters me as much as she loves me, who irritates me as much as she hates me and who puts commonsense inside my head when I run out of it. She started a blog and this in turn seduced the writing-mood signals in my head. One day, I declared to her that I have started writing my blog. As a punishment to trigger my moods of writing, she had to undergo the pain of reading my initial posts and drop valuable, inspiring and wonderful comments at the comment section. Even then I had kept my name as Malu.

After a couple of posts, the office population somehow liked the crap I was writing. They suggested that it will be difficult for other people in office to make out that I’m that “wonderful” person behind those “wonderful” posts. That was the epic moment when I decided to come out of the curtains of anonymity.

Somehow I felt like being a responsible writer who writes interesting (yawn!) posts and  I started to love what I wrote.

It was then I realized, the problem I faced in my previous attempts was not fear but it was something very silly. In my fourth attempt, all I did was I loved my writing, I loved what I wrote and I loved myself. The third reason apparently forced my hands to put up a picture of mine,a smiling picture of mine, on my blog.

Rest is history.

PS: If you have a feeling that I shouldn’t have started blogging, please feel free to shout at my loving friend and my colleagues. They are the ones who encouraged me. Thank you. 😛


23 thoughts on “Out of the Curtains of Anonymity

  1. Wow! you sure have evolved as a blogger over the years and blogs 🙂
    Glad that you continued writing irrespective of whether anonymous or otherwise. Keep writing Bhavia…you are good at it 😀

    1. This is one decision which I’m really happy about.There are times when I wonder,oh what my life would have been if I had stopped trying to have a blog.
      Thank you ME 🙂
      And yeah loved your Rise of Peace post.An email about it is on your way.That’s why I didn’t post any comment out there.

  2. well I must say the with the way things have gone over this week I wish i was anonymous, I could have taken my revenge by writing what i want to .. but cause all know me I have to be decent to them while they can hide behind the veil of anonymity ..

    I would love to share a few more things but nature of my job doesnot permit me , hence my blog is only ABOUT ME .. no one else ..

    but both things have good and bad points , I am happy also that all know me I got nothing to hide 🙂

    and HEY dont worry your work colleagues said the right thing.. you and your blog are wonderful 🙂

    1. You are the cop of our blogosphere.You are the guardian.How can you feel down?Cheer up Bikram bhai.Let us show them that we are the owners of a big heart and let them mock by forgiving their blunders.There is no better revenge than forgiveness.

      And thank you 🙂

  3. I’m glad you did not step back another time and ventured out into blogging. Thank god for that. I think that should be one of your best decisions. 😛

  4. I will be honest here. I was unaware ( both by reading blogs or by own my common sense) to be anonymous. I had all forum names, mail addresses with my full name, initials included.

    Now, some years later I do wonder anonymity would have given me more freedom to voice honest opinions. But it has not motivated me enough to start over again. Partly laziness,mostly because I like taking responsibility for everything under the sun. An almost disease 🙂

    I am glad you wrote this down.. Stuff, I can’t ask anyone directly, you know.

    1. A lot of people are telling me the same thing that anonymity gives you more freedom to express yourself.now I’m tempted and I should start another blog and see how it works 🙂

    1. Like I said in the previous comments,I’m happy that I didn’t give up 🙂
      and yeah thank you so much for writing the post world is so small..all geared up to meet you soon 🙂

  5. There were two reasons why I never thought of going anonymous :
    a) It never occured to me
    b) My name is so common that every second guy in India is called Amit. So I was actually anonymous even after giving away my name. 🙂
    But yes, after a few years of blogging, I realised that I should not add my photos on my blog. So, I did remove all of them finally and replaced them with a lazy turtle.

  6. Wow…that was quite a story. You did not give up after 3 failed attempts did you? that was incredible! I too feared criticism initially and that is the reason I kept my blog a secret. Infact I refused (I still do) to share my blog url with people!

    1. oh I can very well empathize with you.It was very difficult for me in the initial days to let people know that this what I have written.Remember you had told me that you are on hunt to find out why women hide their identities on blog?got anything?

  7. Congrats on starting a new chapter for your blogging 🙂

    But i just couldn’t understand one thing. How could someone fail in blogging?
    I have never come across any exams or tests for measuring the blogging capabilities…
    If someone doesn’t like your blog, its their problem and not the bloggers. Visit per post and backlinks might say the marketing skills but i believe blogging is about venting yourself out.
    Please don’t look for someone to tell you the blog is good or not. Its just the feeling and not generating crowd.
    All the best for your new blog ventures 🙂

    VJ Eshwar

  8. Sometimes i wish I were an anonymous writer, just for the fun of it. But critics have to be given their due, we might not accept it but they do have a role in shaping us in the right direction 🙂

  9. I was anonymous for about one and a half years, initially. Then, I decided that I need to take some responsibility for my thoughts and utterances. So, I did the least I could – Shared my name!

    Even now I am tempted to use the name Anonymous in some blogs, but these days, I have stopped being anonymous and even the controversial comments go under my blog name.

    I guess no one is perfect in real life. Then, why act like one on blogs?

    Destination Infinity

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