5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Stay at ITC Grand Chola,Chennai


Our history text books in school did teach us about the great South Indian King Raja Raja Chola.Our book also showed us some black and white picture of the his palatial palace and other architectural wonders.Now if you are curious to see those grained and coarse black and white images in reality,do walk in to the brand new ITC Grand Chola Hotel which is situated in Chennai.This new pride of the city teaches us how much the king’s men must have toiled to build palaces those days.The hotel is a sheer beauty which flaunts its architecture to make people jaw-dropped.


Luxury is an addiction and ITC Grand Chola will make you go mesmerized and addicted to the plush and posh of the hotel.When you walk around the hotel,make sure not to stick to one place.The more you walk inside the palace;sorry,the hotel,more surprises are awaiting you.Keep walking and enjoy the surprises in store for you.


One problem that I have found with the luxury hotels is they usually don’t care much about the food they serve.I must say that things are different here.ITC Grand Chola has 10 restaurants out of which four are yet to open.The hotel can boast about its Restaurant Royal Veg which is exclusively for the vegetarians.Now this is something different because the strictly vegetarian people often find it difficult to eat to the brim of their stomach when they travel.I’m sure a lot of veggies are going to flock this place.


The hotel is vast but you will never get lost in this place.I was surprised when at every 10m distance there were people who guided me to the Indiblogger meet.They took the pain to walk with me until I entered the hall.The guides who showed us around did a great job though we got to see only one-fourth of the place in half a day.


When was the last time you felt like a King/Queen?This is the place where they will make you feel like Chola King/Queen.When you walk in the corridor,when you enjoy the spa, when you sit next to the pool side ,when you sleep looking at the most beautiful chandelier how can you not feel like a King/Queen.

Here is the contact details

ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

No. 63, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai- 600032
Tel : 91-44-22200000
Fax : (91) (44) 22200200
Email : reservations.itcgrandchola@itchotels.in

Now what are you waiting for?Walk in like a King/Queen to the new pride of Chennai city.

PS : Thank you Indiblogger for giving an opportunity to visit the place.Thank you ITC Grand Chola for treating me like a princess.Thank you Renie.

Images : ITC Hotel Official Website


18 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Stay at ITC Grand Chola,Chennai

  1. wow so u were in chennai?? so nice.. i have always looked at the hotel from outside.. didnt even know that there was a courtyard inside.. i never thought i would ever go inside too.. i still have that feeling.. its looks great from outside.. just waiting for chance to go in without burning a hole in my pocket.. 🙂

  2. Oh wowow… now I bet that must have been a awesome.. You know I dont want to boast or anything but I feel that if one is going on a holiday then no harm in living life king size.. I remember I had gone to india first time back and took my parents to AGRA , when the car went into oberoi the first reaction my dad was “HOW much have you paid”.. 🙂

    but its good to splash on oneself sometimes ..

    Beautiful hotel for sure .. One of my blogger friends DI also did a article on this one http://www.destinationinfinity.org/2012/10/27/itc-grand-chola-hotel-chennai-a-sneak-peek-inside/

    and you look lovely in the pic… so what all did you eat there He he he he he he 🙂

  3. Hey Bhavia, those are some really cool pics. Must visit once I’m back to Chennai. I saw one of my friend Kalyan Varadarajan (if you know) put up pics of the IndiBlogger meet. So you were there too uh. Must have been great fun na. I missed it.

  4. And Bhavia, whenever I visit your blog, I don’t find new posts on the front page. I just see the Big Bag post and return thinking you haven’t updated. Today I saw this post come up in my blog updates and hopped over.

    1. oops!!
      That’s because I switched the theme and it continued to show the featured posts in the front page.Changing it and you have lots of posts over due to read 😛

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