From a Maniac to Sanity

Finally that happened. I was out of my house; to be very precisely I was thrown out of my house on the pretext of going to college and get a degree and eventually a job. This wonderful moment happened in the year 2004 and I happily moved out to the hostel. But after waking up the first morning in the hostel, I surprisingly realized that moving out of the house is not a cool (and Yo!!) thing like I had dreamed, wanted and expected. When I woke up I missed whacking on my brother’s butt which served as both the revenge for losing the computer game which we played the night before and to wake him up too. I missed the scene of seeing my Father carefully reading the national daily The Hindu when I come downstairs and terribly missed the smell of breakfast from the kitchen. I badly wanted to talk to them and there was no way to do so.

Yes, eight years back cell phones were a rarity.

May be parents have the ability to know when we are distress. Suddenly somebody came to my room and informed that my parents have called the hostel land-line. I broke down like a kid. I wept telling that I shouldn’t have fought with my Mother to get a permission to stay away from home. Finally to solve the problem, they planned to buy me a cell phone. The following weekend, they gave me my Father’s cell phone and thus I got my first cell phone.

Little did I know that it was the beginning of a maniacal era.

Making calls were expensive then but still I spent most of the money on recharging my cell phone. Slowly cell phone became common among the first years. I exchanged numbers, sent text messages by leaving out many of the letters to save the cost and made calls to every dog I knew who owned a cell phone. My first cell phone looked like an alien’s phone with a weird text pad and a small antenna. Customized ringtones were yet to born but still we flaunted those annoying ten ringtones we were bestowed by the cell phone manufactures.

Suddenly it was a BOOM that happened in the cell phone culture. The cellular service providers came up with a lot of recharge offers which made us spent sleepless nights “with” our cell phones. Hello tunes came into picture then and we did irritate our family by making them listen to metals, raps and supposedly loud – cool songs.

It was a revolution that happened in the following years. I gave headaches to my Father by the non-stop pleas to buy new cell phones. The โ€œalienโ€ phone of my mine had out fashioned by then. I doubt whether there is any recharge option or facility that I have not used. Those were crazy days that we talked about SMS packs rather than six packs. I could type text messages without even looking the type pad or the screen and I think my college had epitome of people who could text message while cycling, eating and may be even in sleep.

The decision of the service providers to cut the call charges and introduce booster packs to promote talk more and more on your cell phones was a boon to the love birds of the college. They discussed about everything under the sun and walking the corridor with a cell phone attached to your ear showed your relationship status. The time the couples talked on the cell phones was more than the time they spent personally spent with each other and the duration of the call was the benchmark to measure their love for each other. Secretly, there was even a competition among the girl friends to see who talked more on the cell phone.

Later the entry of smart phones and Indian’s sudden realization and craziness about Apple products did a rejig in the cell phone culture and industry of India. This culture made me into a maniac spending many hours on comparing the pros and cons of various phones. Before going to the store I would be having a phone in my mind and always I end up buying some other phone after seeing a lot of new choices. Mobile network, 2G, 3G and video calls ate up my salary. I downloaded ringtones, bought themes, watched movies in phone and sat hours with it to make its interface look good. I boasted about the applications that I have downloaded and did create a scene in front of those poor souls who were still wondering what smart phones are.

Then a year back, something happened to me. I realized the amount of money that was flowing from my account due to recharges and new phones. Slowly sanity crept in. I took off my Hello tunes. I stopped wasting time on my phone. I uninstalled the applications that I have no use other than show off in front of others.

Today, I use my cell phone to attend calls and at times to send text messages. It took eight long years for the common sense bulb to lit inside my head.

So, whatโ€™s your call on iPhone 5? ๐Ÿ˜€


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23 thoughts on “From a Maniac to Sanity

  1. I’m hoping that this will happen naturally with more and more people. But not everyone’s built the same. Personally I can’t imagine talking for too long on the phone with anyone. But others seem to enjoy it…

    1. Even I feel the same.A lot of people I know are actually using their old basic model mobile phones to start the withdrawal process.
      I used to enjoy talking over phone during graduation days but now it is such a pain to do so much talking

    1. Yeah…I remember waiting for the 11 to tick so that I can talk over the phone.
      sms was a weakness and the sms counter gets reset very often.text-ing was fun and now I’m lazy to type.I would rather call up than text-ing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I never had this craziness about cellphones. Like you, I too got my first cell phone when I went to live in the hostel. After I joined my job in delhi, we were not allowed to bring camera phones to office, hence I have been living with a 1700Rs basic Sony Erricson. It has ten ring tones and can be used only for talking. Fortunately, Geet has an Iphone 4, so I use it as a substitute when I have to play Angry Birds.
    If both of us take out our mobiles simultaneously in a mall by mistake, everyone thinks I am her driver. ๐Ÿ˜

    1. yeah,people of our generation got to taste the flavor cell phone when we moved to hostel.You can walk into my office if you want to see the latest model cell phone in the market.
      PS : patent the last sentence of your comment.classic ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I too got my first cell phone when in 2 year of college! Infact it is the one I still have! I have not yet bitten by the smart phone bug. Maybe because I am a miser ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. First I couldn’t afford the new models and then I couldn’t handle the new fangled gadgets, I am still using the basic phones and happy about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well said and its true. Now a days Mobiles are used more for the purpose other than for what it is invented. Even excessive usage of these Apps will trouble the mobiles and even made CALLING itself a difficult job.

  6. I seem to think the other way. My iPhone has made my life easy – especially when it comes to work. Be it my putting down my ideas or taking down simple notes or even connecting with my mail instantly, smart phones have made my life easier. I sometimes work at home on a weekday with my phone and ipad. I see the problem is how you use it and the ability to stay away from your gadgets whenever needed (there is an app for that :P)

    The other thing is the way I can connect with my friends abroad – imessage or whatsapp or skype. Taking in to consideration the number of conversations I have with few people, if I use a normal phone, I would end up paying more than I earn…

    I can stay off my gadgets when I can. It’s a skill that we need to learn rather trying to shun away a technology that can help you sometimes…I use iPhone 4s and iPad

    1. It depends.In my case I did “waste” a lot of my time with my phone doing nothing useful.I do use the above apps which you have mentioned even now but there were a lot of apps which looted my time.

  7. I’m glad that we spent our student days peacefully. Only when I was doing my Post-grad in 2002, I got a mobile phone. Those days even incoming calls were charged and Nokia 3310 was a huge hit. I used to feel embarrassed to talk over the phone since only I had a phone and everyone used to stare at me whenever a call came. Those were the days. Now every kid has a phone, that too a smart phone. The phone, if used judiciously is truly a useful gadget. But most of them use it for anything but talking. I can go on and one about the mobile phone. My smart one always lies somewhere buried within stacks of papers or books and when it rings, I spend at least two minutes locating it.

    All said and done, glad that you became aware of the mobile and its addiction. Good for you.

    Joy always,

    P. S. Long ago, I wrote a post on mobiles, please do check if you have the time.

  8. I have mobile phone number which is older than my elder son. The current no, older than my younger son.
    Glad that you noticed those fine details, good for you.

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