The Truths and Facts Behind the Gibes and Jibes About Kerala

Eight years back when my parents threw me out of the house to study(which I didn’t do) computer science,understand(which confused me) engineering and earn(college granted it) the graduation degree,I never thought then that I would end up making such a post.It is very hard for people outside Kerala to accept me as a Kerala girl as I don’t satisfy most of their criteria for being one.They put me in awkward situations by opening their mouth as big as they can to show their surprise(shock?),asking several(obnoxious) questions about both Kerala and I and praising the looks of people in Kerala(excluding me).Thus I ended up making comic strips to show my clumsy,embarrassing and awkward moments.

PS : I found the below piece posted online(I don’t know who posted it to give the credits)

1.I am not a Mallu, I am a Malayali
2.Shakeela is not from my state
3.Sreesanth is from my state,but I hate him.
4.My mother tongue is not Tamil.
5.I may like Rajnikanth or Shah Rukh Khan,but I always prefer Mohanlal
6.I love cricket,but I love football more
7.I am an Indian;yes Sachin is God
8.All my uncles are not in Dubai
9.I am not always a Nair
10.I am an alcoholic,unless I am gay impotent or just plainly scared of mom.
11.I may or may not be Marxist,but essentially a socialist
12.I may not laugh at your joke.No offenses.Blame it on Jagathy Sreekumar,I have already heard them.
13.You may not laugh at my joke.No offenses.Blame it on Sreenivasan,you would not understand.
14.I am a non vegetarian and yes, I eat beef
15.If you find me and another malayali shouting at each other animatedly at the top of our voices calling each other names,never bother ;we are just having a healthy discussion on Mammootty and Mohanlal.
16.When I was a student,I never bunked.we just called a strike.
17.Yes I use a lungi and play football wearing it.Now you can’t beat that.
18.I don’t understand Kadhakali.
19.I don’t like you much,I may look down upon you.Can’t help it,that is how we are made.
20.When you are talking to me,never mention Poland.Again blame it on Sreenivasan,you wouldn’t understand.

33 thoughts on “The Truths and Facts Behind the Gibes and Jibes About Kerala

  1. comic-strip has come out really well.. which software did u use??
    again i like the dialogues ( thinking part.. thank god i understood them)
    loved the shakeela statement.. in fact that is a news to me..
    nice that u almost covered everything from kallu,strike,dubai,gold,coconut etc etc..

  2. I have gone through this series of questions as well… with other one as well, “Why on earth that all Keralites so intelligent” and I end up saying, “Well, that’s manufacturing defect, can’t help it” 🙂

  3. Kollam bhavia, njanum many times vicharichatha ingane…
    ethayalum sambavam kalaki…
    malayalees rockzzz….. 😀

  4. Translations of the thoughts in malyalam,please. MY knowledge is very limited.

    Many people have stereotypes about people of a particular region/gender/religion/caste/etc. It would do good for us all to learn about things instead of making such stereotypical comments (in this case for Malayalees)

    As for the term Mallu, it is just an abbreviation and I don’t understand how derogation of any form got associated with it.

    As for the points mentioned by person X, said person has used few stereotypes as well, just from the end of the curve 😀

  5. Well written…. made me laugh and touched every points of a malayalee…… njanum vicharichittund ee sreenivasan um Jagathiyum, nammudae malayalacinemayum…….onnum illayirunnenkil nammal enthu cheithenaem ennu…….. malayalees rockzzz 🙂

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