Tell Me Once More,Please

Psychologists are (in) famous for the kind of solutions they give to their patients. They advise us to collect the protons from our surroundings to kill the electrons which are giving us sleepless and snore-less nights. The protagonist of the story is a very loving husband who hates to give heart attacks to his beloved wife. He was in confusion about how to let her wife know that the machine bestowed by the nature to listen to the hits of A.R.Rahman is on its way of depreciation.The husband wanted a solution on how to make her wife know that her ear drums have stopped beating. The psychologist advised him to take a place at a 5 feet distance and fire away a question to her. If she answers, then there is nothing much to worry but if she fails to answer then cut the distance by 1 foot until she hears him.Then tell her the truth like a story. Running back home, he found his wife cooking in the kitchen. As he was too eager to try the plan, he didn’t take the effort to dig in for a measuring tape to find the 5 feet distance. As engineers are taught about distance and angles, he managed to find a place almost 5 feet behind his wife. He asked,” What’s for dinner?” He was shocked as his wife didn’t reply. He kept reducing the distance by 1 foot but failed to get an answer from his wife. He was petrified realizing the condition of his wife. He geared up himself and determined not to lose heart when his wife breaks down. He walked up to her and kept his hands on her shoulders and asked,” What’s for dinner?” “Didn’t I tell you four times that I am making chicken curry for dinner? Have you gone DEAF??!!??” Now coming back to the post, are you wondering why I told this story as a preface? Few weeks backs, I started feeling that the voice of Yesudas was not the same anymore, the Castle of Glass of Linkin Park failed to give me the nirvana orgasm and the beats of Remember Shakti begged me for not making me cheerful. I underwent an awful series of weeks as the background score of my life was getting under my skin very badly. The feeling of the beats slamming on my ear drum chafed me so much that I even started throwing my music gadgets on the bed and at times on the desk. During this mess, my brother took me for a bike trip to cheer me up by showing some places around Chennai. The Old Mahabalipuram Road, which is fondly called as OMR, is an added feather on the beautiful Chennai (Hello, I’m not sarcastic. I love Chennai even though I hail from Kerala).Though I am his only sibling, my brother still thinks that he is the younger brother of Valentino Rossi and he rides his Yamaha FZ at a speed of 70-90 kmh on OMR.So by the time we come back from a drive and wash out the dust and mud on me, I would turn from the darker girl to a fairer girl like they show in the promising fairness cream advertisements. So I made it a habit to wrap my body above the neck in a scarf to protect myself from the carbon mono oxide which the buses exhaust by parking right beside our bike during a traffic jam, the various forms of dust and minerals which stick to my face and the strong gush of air which blows to my tiny fragile face as my brother flaunts his bike in front of the beautiful BPO girls who work on weekends. Then after coming back from a long bike trip, over the coffee my brother asked me whether I have any hearing problems. My nightmares turned into reality but I defended to my death to prove him wrong. Looks like he was telling me some story during the ride and I didn’t know that he was talking to me. He told me that he will get me an ENT appointment. I stopped listening to songs.I dreamed of a handsome guy falling for my deafness like Prithviraj fell for Jyothika in the movie Mozhi.I even watched the movie to find out the signs of how he fell head over heels for her. My inner voice screamed that Shanker Mahadevan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are missing me like hell but I just couldn’t accept that the world music is losing a precious fan. I felt very bad thinking about the musicians around the world. Lately, one of my friends gave her ear phones to me listen to a new Tamil hit song. And then I realized the following things.

  • Yesudas is getting older and it is high time that I accept that he is old.
  • Castle of Glass is not as great as Numb
  • Samsung tablet’s sound system is not very good
  • HTC ear phone sucks
  • Samsung ear phones suck BIG time
  • Nobody can hear anything if ears are filled with cotton, covered with a scarf and on a 70-90kmh bike ride and that too in Chennai traffic.
  • Once in a while, getting your ear cleaned is a good thing

“Priya, did you tell me something? Tell me once more, please…”  😀

20 thoughts on “Tell Me Once More,Please

      1. Aiyo, Aiyo. @susan she was looking good and it was an awesome shot. Have tried that, but no model, just my friends.

        @bhavia, sure some time later or as you please 🙂

  1. I hope you have recovered now since this post was written a long time ago. If the symptoms still persist, I can give you the name and address of a fine ENT in the city 😛

    Joy always,

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