Silence is Beautiful

When was the last time you sat in “COMPLETE” silence?

Last night,during the bed time read,I came across the word “silence” and I asked the question to myself.I couldn’t come up with an answer because I don’t remember when was the last time I sat in complete silence.I even feel that I have never experienced complete silence.

At home,even if I switch off every electronic appliance,I get to hear the noise from the street or the adjacent flat.In office,there is no chance of experiencing slience.Even during the “moment of silence”(In my office,if any of the employee is passed away,we observe two minutes silence),I hear cell phones and extensions ringing non-stop.Temples!!!NO way;so forget about it.Doctor’s place is never silent;meditation centers too.

Now is there any place where I can find silence?

The only option to try is the park next to my place at the break of the dawn.I don’t know how much effort would the nocturnal creäture inside my heart take to wake up early tomorrow.

Silence is indeed beautiful but how do I find it?

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10 thoughts on “Silence is Beautiful

  1. I have experienced it many times during treks. It usually happens when I walk alone at the back of the group. Its a special experience and really scary most of the times. Sometimes it makes me realize how insignificant I am.

  2. i dont think there is any place where u can find silence.. in true silence i think i would feel scared too.. but i like listening to just one sound at a time, like sitting on sea shore and listening to sound made by the waves.. its my best time moments..

  3. Lovely post! Yes what you say is true finding a serene spot with no sounds can be soulful. But when there is sound all around and still we can keep our minds ‘coool’ in silence that’s something isn’t it??

  4. resist nothing……. change nothing…… be attentive…… accept yourself, accept the now…. gradually, a steady stream of bliss starts to flow, inner chatter is quietened, and at that point, external noise doesn’t seem to matter that much

  5. I’m sorry I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find silence, I love silence and it always is around me, except crowded places which I try to avoid. At home – no silence? Plastic windows do the job – silence. I don’t know, I’m from Russia, maybe that’s why I can’t get it.:))

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