Is This Story A NONSENSE?

The latest post of IHM reminded of a “viral” story which every mother,grand mother and great grand mother tells to the girls in the family to sow the seeds of fear,inferiority complex,low self-esteem and low confidence.A million thanks to my mother for not telling me this story.

The story goes like this…

Once upon a time,there were two neighboring countries Trichilakkode and Maamalakkode.The people in Trichilakkode were very talented in Kalaripayattu,a south Indian martial arts.On the other hand,the people in Maamalakkode were timid and shy.

One day,a woman from Trichilakkode came to Maamalakkode and challenged the martial arts lions of Maamalakkode.She defeated all the men  who came forward to fight with her.After making the people of Maamalakkode stoop with shame,she called out again for the challenge to cement her triump.Before she finished her announcement,a lean – malnourished man came forward to the arena accepting her challenge.People went crazy,they shouted at him asking whether he has gone nuts.Once the cacophony ended,he made an announcement.He announced that he has a proviso before participating in a fight with her.

The condition was that he will fight with her if and only if she could imitate his act.If she fails to do so,then she should succumb the defeat.She readily accepted the condition and waited for his act.

He took off his vest to show his lean body and the crowd pitied him with awful noises.

He pulled up his lungi and then urinated in the public.

The Maamalakkode crowd celebrated his success.

The End.

After telling this story,the women would tell their girls.

“See,that’s all a man needs to do to defeat a woman.”


9 thoughts on “Is This Story A NONSENSE?

  1. Moral of the story: When a man hasn’t done anything to make his life worthwhile and feel proud about, he turns to the one thing with which he can boost his self esteem without him actually having to do something. Poor insecure chaps 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton Bhagwad.Do you know,I found it difficult to conclude the post?I couldn’t comprehend the moral of the story,so just left it that way.
      Thank you 🙂

  2. I have heard this story somewhere before. But I dont think this story is told by “every mother,grand mother and great grand mother tells to the girls in the family to sow the seeds of fear,inferiority complex,low self-esteem and low confidence.”

    Instead of taking it as something against girls, please take it as a joke.

    1. According to my knowledge,this story was a viral hit in the paternal side.I found this disturbing because the elder women repeat the story when the girl in the family wants to play with the boys or if the girl argues about the gender bias or if the girl show assertiveness.

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    I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

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