What’s there in a NAME?

Q : What’s there in a name?

Me : There is a lot more in a name.

Since the birth of my colleague’s son,my past time has been searching a name for the kid.As per the astrologer,the name should not start with the first letter of the parents’ name,the name should start only with the letters s,t and d,the name should have the alphabet “v”.To add the flavor,my colleague wants his son to have a unique name.A very challenging task.

My mother once told me that she had browsed the book “Shabdhatharavali” before my birth to find a name for me.I don’t like my name,albeit I appreciate their efforts for searching various books,because it is not a very common name.Twenty years back,my name was such a matter of shame for me.I was embarrassed to tell out my name during my school days as I was the only one with the name Bhavia”.I wished my name were a common one such as “Vidya”,”Divya”,”Soumya” etc.Teachers gave me weird looks when they called out my name for attendance.Boys teased me calling Bow Bow Bhavia.Some people clarified with my parents whether my name is Bhavana.Some others complained my parents for keeping a not-so-common name.To increase the misery,in none of my schools I found another girl named “Bhavia”.But today,I am very happy with my name.Do you know why?

1)I’m the only one with the name “Bhavia Velayudhan”.

2)People always remember my name well.

3)People tend to have an illusion that I’m polite(Bhavia means “polite”)

4)My name cannot me tweaked or contracted to make a pet name.

5)Lately, people ask me whether my name has any connection with Sony Bravia.

6)I have seen some people searching online to find the meaning of my name after somebody introduces me to them.

Having said this,let me share some interesting factors which I have noticed about names of people.

1)Some names are kept for both men and women that just by hearing the name it is difficult to make out the gender.E.g. Surya

2)Some names are the concoction of the parents’ names.E.g.Daughter’s name of Sathish and Rashmi will be Sara.

3)Some kids share their name with their grandparents.

4)Some names are born out of incidents.E.g. Tsunami

5)Some names are the names of their birth place.E.g. Chidambaram

6)Some names are difficult to tell out.E.g Kshithij,Drushtadruman,Khasaq

7)Some kids are named after their parents’ devotion to celebrities.E.g. Sachin,Kapil

8)Some girls have their Dad’s name as their first name and some boys have their Mom’s name as their first name.E.g. Venkatraman Sreedevi and Meenakshi Sundaramoorthy.

9)Some names will not reveal their religion.(I love such names)

10)Some names reveal their religion/caste/sub-caste.E.g. Menon,Nair

11)Some names reveal their place of birth. E.g. Bijukuttan and Jishamol could only be from Kerala,Vetrivel and TamilSelvi could only be from Tamil Nadu etc

12)Some pseudonyms and stage names are more popular than their original names.E.g. Uroob whose original name is P. C. Kuttikrishnan and Rajinikanth whose original name is Shivaji Rao Gaikwad.

13)Some people have more than 3 names.E.g. His original name is Arun but he is called Kumar by his friends,Unni by his family members and Akku by his wife.

14)Some names have weird meaning. E.g. Vishadhan means a depressed person.

15)Both Gods and people share names.

Now don’t you agree with me that there is a lot more with a name?

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27 thoughts on “What’s there in a NAME?

  1. There is indeed a lot to a name 🙂 And I am glad you have begun liking yours. I am only possessive of mine because my FIL had wanted it changed after my marriage. Else, as you know from my post, my feelings are pretty bitter. And hey, thanks for linking my post 🙂

  2. I had gone through the same Bhavia.. :), when my sis delivered a baby girl. My sis n bro gave me the following instructions:

    1. The name should be unique.
    2. It should start with B. (It is something similar to ur name.)
    3. It should be something which can be shortened to a nick name.
    4. It should be easy to pronounce for EVERYBODY. (He works for an American company)
    5. It should not be too lenghty.
    6. And it went on and on and on..


    I second u. There is a lot more than ‘just a name’. It is something by which we are known all throughout our life. So I feel parents should do a lot of research before naming a kid.

    1. If you remember there was a viral joke about how the Chinese name their kids.they drop a vessel on the floor and the sound the vessel makes become the name..isn’t that a very easy task than breaking our head on finding a unique name?LOL!!

  3. Name is one of our unique possessions in which we really had no role… All its credit goes to our dear parents… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    A good line of thought.. and a great write-up!!

  4. well…..Everyone has one name, most people have a vague idea what their own means, but there are few who give them much more thought like you…an interesting analyze here by you about names…..
    BTW how about the names like Pappu, Bablu, Munni, Rabri, Jalebi etc….. what can be the logic behind these names……:))

  5. Hey nice post. Even I didn’t like my name as a kid. I was the only Loganathan in all 3 schools I studied. I was the only Loganathan at college. I’m the only Loganathan at office as well. But now I’m happy that I’ve been the only one all along. My school teachers still remember me by name. It has also motivated me to make a mark with this name all along.

    1)Some names are kept for both men and women that just by hearing the name it is difficult to make out the gender.E.g. Surya

    This point you’ve put down reminds me of a trainee induction that happened in our team when a guy name Kumar Vidya’s resume was forwarded to us. Many of us were expecting a girl when we had a guy coming in.

    1. LOL!!
      I wonder how we would call each other then.Yes I understand the plight of explaining people about the meaning and origin of our names

  6. haha! wattay analysis! That said, even I never liked my name (still don’t like it much. I prefer my other name – Meenakshi 😀 ) .Apparently I was named by my aunt and the other name is – you guessed it – shared with my gramma!

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