24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (2) – Kerala

    1. No..first and last pics were taken next to kappad beach..
      Second last pic from kadavu resort and rest of the pics were taken during a train journey from calicut to palghat..

  1. You know Bhavia, I read somewhere Kerala is one of the best places to be born in.. I always wanted to visit it atleast once, and my wish came true 2years back when I celebrated my birthday there, perfect weather, perfect place.. loved it .. 🙂

  2. Beauti-ful..!! 😀 What serene, lovely pictures. Kerala remains one of my must-visit lands. Lets see when fate decides its time to go visit…

    1. Visit soon..I didn’t know that you were yet to visit my mallu land..
      I am going to bribe R to take you to Kerala this year 😀
      by the way,what can I offer as bribe? 😛 😛 😛

      1. A bribe sounds like a wonderful idea. Perhaps you could treat him to a good meal. There are few things he likes better. Sigh. 😛
        Anyhow, whenever we get to go, I know who will serve as virtual guide. Deal? 🙂

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